Monday, February 28, 2011

The day I became a fan

This is so girly... but whatever here I go. I don’t necessarily care that my state team is the Vikings. I cheer for them because they play here, but if it were another team, I’d cheer for them too. You get how it works.

When I was younger, I used to hate when football came on. I didn’t understand it, and it was just a waste of time to me. My dad and my uncle would watch it together on Sunday and holidays. I always wished they would change the channel...

As I grew up, boyfriends of mine would be really interested in it, which would make me less interested in it. Until... somewhere in the middle of high school.

I was dating my “high school sweetheart”, it was Thanksgiving in... I don’t know 11th or 12th grade. We were flying out to his mom's house for the holiday, and this was my opportunity to meet her. While we sat at the airport, I did my usual search in the news stores (candy, magazines, puzzle books), when people started talking. As we listened in, we were starting to understand that one of the F gates, I believe, was blocked off for some very important people.

So we walked down a little to see. There were these huge men, all dressed in suits. Nice black suits. Ties that had diamond encrusted pins on them. They had diamond earrings the size of walnuts. That’s when it hit me, these men definitely were important... and BIG.  Literally, big men. We sat like a couple teenagers (as we were) and gawked. Words like “football” and “sports” were being thrown out by onlookers. But this time I was truly interested in anything that came after, or before those words. As we decided to keep walking down the hallway of our gate, I looked up...

Standing right in front of me, was the reason, a reason that you, or most other people would say is a bad reason... but it was MY reason, for loving football...

It was Dante Culpepper. Who at the time, I had no idea, who he was, but knew this: He was big. He was tall. He was hot. (Most girls never agreed with my last statement... but I thought he was.) He looked down at me and said "hi". I smiled, and maybe said hi back... I can’t be too sure anymore. My boyfriend looked at him, like a guy would, and does the head nod, and says “what’s up man” and Dante said “what’s up” back.

That’s all it took. He walked on past us to their gate. I was officially a football fan. A Viking’s fan.

Courtesy of Google

Friday, February 25, 2011

Big step, destination... domestication

Steve and I went to dinner at his parents house on Sunday. Where, as I know I’ve stated, the food is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! There’s a lot of pressure there, well, because his mom and his aunt actually... (ugh) like cooking. They really enjoy it... See, a lot of pressure.

But, I weirdly got kind of excited when she handed us a cookbook she wanted Steve and I to have. (I’m sure she was mostly thinking of him, when she gave it to us... knowing very well, my cooking abilities were limited.) But, this was sort of fun for me to page through, and see what Steve and I could do TOGETHER.

I think I’ve shared with you previously, cooking is much more preferred in my world if done in pairs, or more. Solo cooking, is just not my cup of tea.

I already found our first item we’re going to tackle, and I’ll be sure to capture that adventure when it happens. We’ll see if my “excitement” remains after we’re through...

Update to come.

Oh, p.s. This girl just bought a car yesterday! Another big step, more details to come on that later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My life captured

Taken at Bridget and John's house after Greta came home.
Based on that expression, you'd think I just told her some juicy gossip.

Flash: Off

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A shameless plug, and it’s not even for me... but it’s shameless. One of my favorite artists that has come around in a long time, is Adele. No, I am not one of those crazies... I mean I’m not gonna start crying when I talk about her, or frantically scream her name at a concert. But she’s awesome, and I know many that would agree. Her new album is coming out today (Adele 21)... I preordered it back in November... So this is me... really... excited!
I’ve been to a couple of her concerts and each one gets bigger and better. I only have one video, because the last one they wouldn’t allow video or photography. So here, enjoy!

Go buy her albums, they are truly great! Expect a full report after her next tour through the MPLS, because I’m going to be there!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dragon Drop

In light of a previous post on my hearing... my coworkers and I decided to test this one out in our downtime. Conveniently enough, we had all the materials, to make said dragon... drop... I thought I'd take you through his journey...

In the life of a dropping dragon.

Everyday he gets up, and checks out his gear... must go through the
daily safety checks, to be sure his life isn't at risk.
After all checks are in place, it was time to do what he does best... drop... he started at safe heights.

After feeling more comfortable with those levels, he has worked up the courage to take on greater risks... He lives for thrills.

After we decided, these heights just weren't great enough. We discussed with D that we needed to test our research elsewhere. We took it to the outdoors.

He did great! We were very impressed with his professionalism, and zest for life. He only had one stipulation after all the dropping was said and done...

Friday, February 18, 2011


Ideally, I'd like to sum up our trip with mostly pictures, to keep things interesting.

We arrived late Thursday evening, so we didn't do anything when we got home. Friday we drove like 2 hours (supposed to be an hour and a half...) to Jerome. In this little town, all the artists who sell their things in these shops, also live here. It was a lot of fun to see the stuff they had!
I always joke about alpacas, so I was pretty stoked to see these scarves (which I purchased a blue one). The store structures were pretty cool themselves.
We ate at this cute little restaurant that had these great sandwiches.
?? Not sure what this is, my mom said they do plays down here, but it looks pretty creepy...
The "House of Joy", this was an old brothel, turned into store of brothel items... So I ended up
purchasing some "all night" coins.
Seriously... haha
The streets were lined with stores.
The weather was great the whole time we were there! Most of our days were spent by the pool.
When we weren't by the pool we were at some form of a store, shopping.
Even got a piece of my moms jewelry while I was there. Isn't it cute!
She makes and sells this kind of jewelry.
We went out to great restaurants!
The Good Egg (or something like that).
The Cheesecake Factory.
Went to a "local" art fair. These were about the coolest things I saw there...
Saw a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-guy...
Got a little Pug fill (Samsonite) from a neighbor.
Took some time out of one afternoon to do some corny pig shots.
Drove out to Scottsdale (Old Town Scottsdale) for some bead shopping (for Susie).
While she shopped I got to know some of the locals.
We walked every morning...
Played Scrabble every night...
We were pretty wild out there...
However, daiquiris were made...
We had a blast out there! It was definitely a nice break from a typical MN winter.
And, I'll leave you with this piece out of the "community events calendar"...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memorable AZ "quotes"

Mom: I hate the dark, I never know where I'm going.
Me: That makes me feel very safe while you're driving.
Me: Why do you put soap on it before putting it in the dishwasher?
Mom: I don't know, the good news is that I didn't use THIS soap in the dishwasher...
Me: OH, is that a cheap shot?
(This was a slam on me, after in college I put dish soap in the dishwasher... the kind that should not go in the dishwasher...)
Mom: My silverware is hot...
Server: You're in the sun...
Mom: It's kind of nice to have the option to cook. (laying out in the sun)
Me: That's the kind of cooking we both can enjoy.
Mom (early in the morning): Will you bring the garbage in?
Mom (later that afternoon): Did David bring this in? (referring to the garbage can)
Me: Mom... come on...
Mom: Oh yeah...
Mom: I've been thinking about boycotting food, and drinking just liquids...
Me: I think that's like, not healthy...
(This took place days after I walked out of my room to my mom... nude... putting her clothes in the washer)...
Me: How late is the pool open? (curious cause no one was there but us, and it was about 5:00).
Mom: Why? You want to go skinny dipping? (just joking around). HEY, we should do that, that'd be fun!
Me: I think the nude show you put on the other day was all I needed to see...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My life captured

While basking in the sun today, I was thinking about starting an ongoing post (weekly+), to share my photographs. If you haven't already figured out... I love the camera, and like to see what kinds of shots I can take, or how I can work with programs/apps to make the photo exactly what I want... This may be annoying to others, but for me I love it!

This is my way to document things in my life through the eye of the camera, along with a short bit about the photo.

Taken at Luke's cabin (August 2010), while the boys were fishing.
Lens: Kaimal Mark II
Film: Kodot XGrizzled
Flash: Off

Pat downs or not

I love taking vacations, but really, who doesn’t. I love them for more than the obvious reasons... warm sun, beaches, a body of water... I love them because I genuinely like packing, and getting up early to get to the airport. I don’t mind standing in line with my bags to go through security (pat downs or not...)
photo3 photo2 
There is a joy in finding your gate, and then looking around for the nearest trashy food spot... Order something to eat while you wait for your plane. You watch all the people walk by... judging, if they are coming home, or if for some godforsaken reason they chose MN as a vacation spot. Everyone kind of tells a story, and you try to read them for what it’s worth... 

After guzzling down the fat food and creeping people out, you walk around to a news stand and buy some candy, puzzle book, Sudoku book, and of course a few rag mags (if you forgot to buy them already). These are essentials to any well planned out flight. 
I went a little over board... I don’t even mind a shortish flight. Yes, I’ve been on a long flight, and yes they suck... but a short one isn’t too bad. You just turn on the iPod and flip through those pages.

There is a lull in the excitement for a portion of the flight, but it quickly comes back when I see palm trees out that crappy airplane window... (this only applies if your destination has palm trees). To walk around in a new city, taking in all the smells and sights, just feels so good!


Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

In the spirit of this pointless holiday, I thought I’d give my BF a shout out... (like I don’t talk about him enough). We don’t really take this holiday serious, so I was a bit surprised that he seemed a little sad when I told him I’d be gone with my mom over this “just another day”. I will, however, credit his manliness... it’s not like he was crying and begging me to stay... but he seemed a little ‘what am I going to do’ish...

Which is another reason why I love that man...   
WARNING!! (This is part where it gets sappy). I am thankful to have known such a great person all this time, and now be given the opportunity to not only be friends with him, but call him my boyfriend. He balances me out. He’s calm and collected all the time, I’m a bit of a nut. It takes a lot to get him fired up, yet I irritate easily. He’s a mans man, but doesn’t really get into sports or video games... does that get any better... ? I like a good day at the mall, he likes a good day of ice fishing, but could still be convinced that he also wants to go to the mall... you HAVE to love that! He loves nothing more than a new pair of shoes, socks and tees. Very easy to please. He looks out for me, and will go to great lengths to keep me happy. In light of my cooking “issues”, he’s taken on the task of making sure we are full (even though we mostly eat out). And if you haven’t already read “Look we’re dancing”, then you don’t know how dumb we are together. We get each other’s nerdy sense of humor... just a couple of peas in that pod. He is really one of the best people I've ever met.

Since I will be unavailable for our valentine’s day we decided to celebrate last Saturday. We started with the Polar Plunge to support some friends of ours, and just generally watch the chaos. We both decided we will do this together next year. That made my day, that I had him committing to that, since I already knew I wanted to do it.

. . .
Chunks of thick ice they cut out of the lake for the event.
Look at those dresses...
A handful of cowboys...
Some ice bandits...
Laura and her boyfriend Eric did the plunge, very proud!
And Jaclyn did the plunge with her coworkers! Way to go : )
Hot tubs, for after the jumping... I don't know if that would feel very good...
Can't forget my favorite of the day, Gumby and Mario... that's gonna hurt M...
After the cold lake madness, we got ready to go to dinner... at one of the greatest places EVER invented, you all know it as Benihana, I know it as shrimp sauce heaven. We were sat with a family that occupied the rest of the table. They were celebrating 4 birthdays! Originally they tried to put us in the booth, meaning, we all squeeze in through one of two sides... this was not my idea of a nice dinner.

The mom, looked at us and asked if we were going to have anything with orange in it during dinner... We said no, she said she was allergic. She said something like “Good, cause I can’t be around that.”... What if we were there for strictly orange drinks and orange sherbet after our meal? Would she have asked us to eat it at the bar? Steve later said he wishes he would have had an orange shirt on, so he could have asked her if she was allergic to his shirt. After the allergy protest we were pleased to see her be the one to raise a stink about the seating... after all we weren’t to fond of it either. She said if she sits her mother down in that booth, she wasn’t going to be able to get her back up. So we were lead to another table.

Dinner went surprisingly smooth after that. Same tricks, but always amusing. Steve and I had normal funny/banter conversation. We weren’t even really bothered by this family throughout most of the dinner. I, quite enjoyed the wave from “grandpa”, asking who we were. I smiled, laughed, and waved back. What a cutie. No pictures at dinner since we both left our phones at home (I choose the word “left” like this was an intentional and somewhat grown up decision, but we both clearly forgot them)...

When we finished our dinner and finally got our bill, we paid and left. We decided we should head down to the “snowfort campfire event” some of our friends were at. We spent most of the couple of hours we were there talking with each other. Which I always enjoy, never short of something to talk about. 

The bonfire started out like any other bonfire... until they
decided to burn one of the christmas trees...
The fort got hot, really quickly. We literally ran out of there.
See how lit up that was. But, entertaining nonetheless.
View of the whole fort, it was taller than any of us, pretty cool. And, of course, a snow wall cooler...
Left early, and stopped up at cougar central (The Lookout) to meat his sister-in-law, and some friends for one more drink, and headed home. It was another great day to add to another great weekend with him.

Passed out...
Smelling his scratch and sniff dental sticker, he kept it on for the bar.
Nice hand grab babe...
Blurry, but it's my birthday picture, so I'm puttin it up! 

Happy “just another day” babe. I love you!


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