Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting some things accomplished

I feel like I'm really on top of my current 'like a bucket list' bucket list. I have two things in the works, which actually did not make it on the list, but if I had been thinking when I wrote that list, they would have.

13. Plan trip to Duluth with Steve this summer
14. Do the Animal Humane Society walk this year

Within a day I have reserved our suite in Duluth... lake side... with balcony, and also convinced and signed both Steve and I up for this walk. (It didn't actually take much convincing for him, but he wanted to know the details before I did.)

I am beyond excited for both of these things. I went on about this just a couple days ago, and quickly made sure to get it squared away. I'm not joking about this list! 

While we were in Duluth last fall I kept telling Steve how I'd like to go back next summer, but also didn't think we could afford a nice place to stay. I looked around, and even though the place is a little over priced for what we want to pay, it is exactly what we want in our trip. So we decided we'll take it! We can sit out on our balcony in the morning and at night and watch the ships come in and leave. We are within walking distance of the bridge, restaurants and shops. I can't wait!

Onto my other accomplishment this week... this event went almost unnoticed this year, until I sat down last night, and saw a commercial for the Animal Humane Society Walk. It reminded me that in years past I wanted to do this. It's for a great cause, and I know Harper would love to see the other animals during the walk. I wish I could convince more people I know to do it. I'm sure Harper will love it for the first mile, then probably need a lift the last 4 miles... Rube's will pull her way through all 5 of those miles. Either way, I'm really happy to be involved in it this year.

Two things for me to look forward to and (add) then cross off my list. How these things were missed to be added in the first place is beyond me. Probably because I made that list in about a day and a half, and was clearly a little delusional when I wrote it (see #7).

If you'd like to donate to our walk please visit one of our pages listed below. Visit their website also for more information on where the money goes. Thanks for the support!

To donate to Steve's page click here.

To donate to Brianna's page click here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Duluth on my mind

I’m working on making things happen. Steve and I do a lot of talking, but never really nail things down. Ever since our trip to Duluth last fall, I've been wanting to go back. (This was the only time I recall ever going to Duluth... and I LOVED IT!) We had such a great time there with his family. The only down fall to our stay is that it was chilly out. I told him while we were there, that I’d really like to plan another trip, him and I there this summer.

We stayed at one of the nicest places I've ever stayed at. There was plenty of space for the 11 1/2 of us there to hang out, and not get in each others way. This place was about as gorgeous as Duluth itself.

His parents made sure we found plenty of things to do on this trip, including a horse ride in town, the haunted ship tour, alpine coaster, and seeing the local sites and restaurants. I don't think anyone could top my first visit to Duluth.

While our summer is quickly approaching us, we haven’t planned a thing. There are so many other things in the works, and no weekends have really been set as “available or unavailable”. Showers for Crystal’s wedding, bachelorette party, cabin trips with his family, Crane Lake weekend again, etc. It’s hard to plan this, if I don’t want to plan it on one of those weekends. But it will be done!

Either way, I made sure to remind him last night, that I really want this to happen this summer. I’ve been checking hotel prices... and um, they are ridiculous!! BUT if you want to do it right... which I think we do... you have to stay on the lake, not downtown facing the city. So I’m encouraging him and I to save what money is needed to make this happen.

We had so much fun last fall and I want to experience it again with some warm weather! I am consumed by this at the moment!

p.s. I would like to thank all my followers. I really appreciate the support! I realize every time someone follows through Networked Blogs I get an email. I click on the email and go “oh so and so (insert name there), thank you!” Haha, although this happens as an inside dialogue, it never fails to happen each time. Thanks!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why “Driving” ’s my middle name

Whenever I get into my car, or any car at that, I’m reminded at how great of a driver I am. I pride myself on my ability to accelerate and brake at a steady pace, so well that you could balance your screaming hot coffee on your knee with no spills... I said great.

I’m amazed at my skill and exceptional control. But really, who isn’t...

So much so, that I am also a little astonished when I'm reminded... that I’ve been in a handful of accidents. Most of which, actually, all of which took place in high school. I would also like to mention, that this does not discredit my driving skills, as these were NOT my fault... well most were not my fault.

There were many random rear-ends with the beast, until the one fateful run-in, in our high school parking lot. RIP.

With that being said... here are the two times, I may be at fault... One of which I was leaving to pick up my friends before school. I pulled out of the garage, saw Crystal’s car at the side of the driveway, and I made my usual cut (us driving professionals use this term...) to pass her car, but apparently this cut wasn’t big enough, and they skimmed each others sides a little. Minor damage, no harm done. In fact, I actually blame it on the Sunfires we both had, they have wide "trunks".

This probably would have been ok, had I not set out for her car on another occasion. (This one, only being justified because it was even earlier in the morning.) I had to bring my boyfriend to the airport, and I was running late. So I shifted to R, and gunned it. Literally gunned it. Not even thinking about Crystal’s car this time... drove right into the front right bumper, and broke her light, and left a few scuffs. I apologized profusely, but how well it was received is undetermined...

You know when I think about it, it was destined for these things to happen. I was cursed from the beginning...

It was the day of my 16th birthday. What a horrible day to go take a driving exam, hello... ever think about how you’ll feel if you don’t pass? I know it ‘wasn’t in the cards’, but um... it’s a possibility... Well, of course, not for me. I'm an awesome driver, remember. So, I got in the car and waited. The guy finally came and sat down. He instructed, and I followed.

Being sure to only stop slightly at the stop signs because most of them didn’t say “All ways” (this is a story for another day)... I pulled off a barely moderate parallel park, and a super awesome 90˚ back park. But these things aren’t my reason for sharing this information with you...

It was about the time that I was to finish my exam, and as I pulled up to an unmarked intersection I slightly looked both ways and kept going. As I did this, a small red car came barreling through the intersection and clipped the back of my moms Blazer. WTF!!

The instructor told me to pull over. He looked very confused... as did I. He asked me if I saw them coming, and if I looked both ways. I said I did not see them coming, and of course I looked both ways. He marked up his bored, and it had gotten pretty silent. By this time I slowly started crying. (... dammit again!) My mom of course was on her way out after witnessing what had happened.

At this point the instructor went over my test, told me that I didn’t stop all the way at the stop signs, and I should do that... Which at the time, really confused me... (again, another day). He gave me my recap... about my slightly (way) below par parallel parking, and my exceptional (exceptional) back park. After which, he continued on to tell me that I passed... I barely passed... wah? You were there, right? You know, when I got in that accident back there? Did you hit your head? Hey, I’m not going to argue, but wah?

We found out that the people driving the other car, were driving without a license or insurance... I’m still confused as to why they were there that day, and what they were thinking... But since no damage was done to my mom’s car, we weren’t too concerned.

To this day, when people are told this story, or reminded of this story, they will always chalk up my barely passed test to the tears. But I know it’s my super sweet driving skills.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My life captured

This was on one of her many visits to Periscope. She usually gets really excited when we pull into to downtown, because she knows where we're going. She knows that people (Julie) will give her treats, so she goes right to her desk to great her. She knows there may be other dogs in (Stella), so she always tries to get a peak around the corner in production.

The days get to be a little long, and she helps make them a little bit shorter... but also begs for my attention all day, so it's hard to bring her in when we're busy.

I occupy a little time, getting some great photos of her captured.

Lens: Helga Viking (one of my favorites)
Film: BlacKeys SuperGrain
Flash: Off (it's actually rare you will see this one, it sucks on
the iPhone, everything has glowing eyes)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not for lunchtime or the weak stomachs, the rest of you though, you're ok

I haven’t gotten sick in, I don’t even know how long. I really think that I’m totally immune to anything that is sick. Sounds pretty dumb, and I will “knock. on. wood.” after writing that, but for real. Steve always tells me how he’s never sick... which is total BS. He’s sick all the time. It made me realize since we’ve been dating he’s been sick onto AT LEAST two hands. Count it, that’s a lot. I have been sick 2 minus 2 of those hands. Nope, not once.

Weird huh. Because back in my junior high and high school days I got the flu once a year. It came like clockwork. Never had the flu shot, because I just assumed everyone was going to get it once, and that will be that... There was no science behind my thinking... and also, everyone wasn’t so touchy about the flu back then.

After thinking about this, I was reminded of a couple of those times. One was back in junior high, which just seems like lifetimes ago. I was a little light-headed before my first class, and so instead of going, I skipped and went down to the nurse’s office to lay down. After some time went by, she thought it was probably better that I just go home. So she called my mom, and had her come pick me up. While I was waiting, the nurse asked if I wanted someone to go to my locker and get my stuff. I said I’d be fine, and could go get it myself.

So I went upstairs and into my locker, grabbed my stuff, and headed back downstairs when it hit me. I was really sick. I tried to hold it back, but couldn’t... I puked all over the stairs in the front entry.

Gross. I didn’t know what to do so, I just continued down the stairs with my head down. I walked back into the nurse’s office, and mentioned to her what happened.

I was mortified! This was junior high people... kids love that kind of gossip!

I would like to just send out an apology to whoever had to clean that up.

Years later I was in high school... except it was a weekend this time... My girl friends and I had piled into The Beast... (one of the many nicknames we gave our sporty 1989, maroon Oldsmobile, 2-door, Cutlass Calais, that my sister and I shared). It was a dream...
So, like I said, we piled in and headed over to some guys house (a senior...). I really don’t remember who it was, but I know this... I didn’t really know them that well, and my friends did. Therefore, I was about to be very uncomfortable in the following situation.

After sitting on the couch not feeling my A game present, I decided I was going to go home, and my friends should just do what they wanted. I explained to them I wasn’t feeling the best, they decided to come with me. As they said their goodbyes, I headed out to the car. I sat there waiting as the car ran, and again this uncontrollable urge to puke all over came upon me. So I did what anyone else would do when you're a sophomore in high school, and senior guys are standing at the top of the driveway, while you’re in the car waiting for your friends... I puked all over myself, and turned on the headlights.

Regardless of what you think right now... I’m a classy lady. But at this time, it didn’t even cross my mind to open the door and do it in this guy’s driveway; I was at a loss of ideas. So my friends walked down to the car, and could not believe what happened. So they did what any good friend would do... They got in the car without making a scene, and we drove to my house with the windows down...

I went inside, cleaned up, and went to bed.

Crystal, my dear sister, got stuck cleaning out the car and getting it detailed... I really owe you one!

Just like clockwork.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A good cry

I wish I had millions of dollars... weird... I’m sure no one has really requested that. We all go through life, saying that we wish we were rich, well off, born into money, found a money tree, built a business, or won the lottery. (If you don’t... you must be rich.) There are many ways to hit it big. Either way, most-all of us have been there, said that.

I’m not going to lie, I too want it, and yes for selfish reasons. I’ve wanted nice, new things... who doesn’t. But I don’t say that entirely for selfish reasons. I have a good heart. I like to see people get picked up when they are down. I will not deny that I shed tears (of joy) when I see people getting a helping hand on. Sounds corny, but it truly makes me happy to a) see someone more fortunate help out, and b) see someone in need, catch a break.

I was watching “Secret Millionaire” on ABC a couple Sundays ago. That was one of the last days I had a good cry... Usually Sunday cries are saved for Extreme Home Makeover (and I know I’m not alone when I say that). (And yesterday's Sunday cry was due to The Notebook... not as many tears were shed as I expected, but enough of them were.) Anywho, the stories on this show are SO touching, and I walk away wishing there was something I could do.

I don’t do much because I always think that, the little I can do isn’t significant enough. That’s no reason... The lady on the show really caught my attention when she said “give a smile, give a hug, give what you got.” That really touched me. I thought, she’s right, just because I can’t do what she is doing, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do anything...

After hearing that and finishing my cleansing cry, I sat and thought of ways I can help out. I reminded myself that I have tried, and I know there are plenty of ways to do so. I donate clothes and other things to the goodwill all the time. In fact, I have 6 bags sitting in my kitchen (as you can see here) that need to go right now (they’ve been there for like 4 months...). Even though this was my sister’s idea for her Christmas gift a couple years back, I donated to two charities instead of a present for her. I helped a friend at Feed My Starving Children, but know I should be doing it much much more.

There are some causes I just recently donated to. These weren't just random causes... One is an old friend I've known since elementary school, Dana. Her daughter has heart issues, she was born with a congenital heart defect (tetralogy of fallot and pulmonary atresia). This is all really foreign to me, but breaks my heart. Another lovely lady I've known since Jr. High, Jen, her son Gavin was born with CF (Cystic Fibrosis). She writes about her everyday struggles, accomplishments, and just day to day activities with her little man on her blog Groettum Family. Both of these ladies touch my heart. They take what's been handed to them, and make the best they can with it. I'm amazed by both of you!

I know it’s in my heart, and I know I’m capable of putting the effort into it. There are many ways try and help out when I can, and where I can. Even if I have to start with a smile, or a hug, in hopes that some day I will be more well off than I am today, to help in a bigger way.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pre bucket to the bucket list

I can’t help but lately feeling the true age I am. Most of you would think that 28 isn’t so bad, it’s young, which is usually where my head is at. But I’m kind of having this pre-30 freak out. I wonder about everything in my life. What is in store for the rest of it, and did I do everything I should have in the past? 

I don’t feel I’ve done enough of the fun stuff I should have done, but don’t want to hold onto that feeling of missing out... When I look back at all that has been accomplished... or miscomplished (... not a word... I know), I remind myself, there was a lot that was done. There could have been more of some of it. But I just don’t feel like I truly got out of my box, and did it all.

It’s not like life is over, these things are still achievable, but as we get older these things aren’t as easy to execute. People are settled down, or in the process of settling down. I’m approaching the next phase of my life, where I won’t even be available to attend my own to-do list.

It saddens me to think of it that way. The immature part of me thinks the excitement ends when I enter that phase, but the mature person reminds her that there is so much more to come. Can we say, ah... conflicting mind of an ongoing quarter-life crisis...

Don’t get me wrong, all is going very well with the things in my life. So there is truly no reason to complain, if you want to call it that. It’s just hard to accept the 'getting older', 'next phase', 'big steps' that are to come. You only get one life right, so we should do it all.

In honor of this thought crisis... I’ve decided to come up with a list of things I’d like to do. Kind of like a bucket list, but not a 'to do' before I die... This list has a shorter deadline, 'to do' somewhere before I get married, or have kids. That’s a lot of pressure, but hopefully I can succeed.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far, but there is always room for more:

1. Go skydiving (This is a must.)
2. Go on a road trip with friends (A real road trip, cars, music, gas and friends... this one is very big to me! I could give 2 or 3 shits where we go, I just want to do this.)
3. Go on a vacation that doesn’t involve family, and of the non-driving type. (One with just Steve and one with friends.)
4. Have more girl outings- uptown/downtown (not just girls movie nights, go to favorite places, and try out new places)
5. Go to some shows (concerts, plays, musicals)
6. Go to Calhoun for an old fashion grill out/volleyball (I realize this sounds extremely simple, but these don’t need to be hard... Plus I’ve been saying this for the last 5 years it seems we still haven’t done it.)
7. Get my bikini body back... (Dare I even put this on here... for fear that not all of the items on this list will get done...)
8. Do the 3-day walk for breast cancer.
9. Go to new restaurants with Steve, not just the same ones (Except Sweet Taste, that one can stay in the roster. A separate list may need to be made for this. A.K.A. get out of MG)
10. Take off St. Patrick's Day one year, and go to an Irish pub early, and enjoy the all day festivities... even though I'm totally not Irish.
11. On that note... Finally attend one of the pub crawls my friends have always invited me to over the years.
12. More hobbies. Advance in current hobbies (volleyball, photography), redevelop old ones (drawing, music- piano, guitar), start new projects around the house.

If any of these are on your list, or about to be on your list, let me know. What else is on your list? Wait, do you have a list?

p.s. If any one has any information/suggestions on how I can get on top of some of these things, that would be awesome too!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My life captured

This shot is one of my favorites! I took it in Arizona, so I could send it to a coworker who had requested a picture of the nice weather. Love how the rays of sun bounce off the lens. I figured with the nice weather we've been having I'd throw this one out there today. Happy Thursday, hope everyone enjoys the weather and their St. Patty's Day! If you're off today, drink a green beer for me please!

Photo 1


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Not saying that any of my other grandparents didn’t mean as much to me, because they did. But this one, I knew the best. I got to spend the most time with him. My dad’s parents passed away when I was young, well his mom passed a month or two before I was born. His father passed when I was about 8 or 9 years old. My mom’s parents were around well into my teenage years.

When my grandma fell ill (she had Alzheimer's), and my grandpa wasn’t able to take care of her, we had to put her in the nursing home. To allow him a closer commute to her, we sold their totally awesome home in uptown, for an assisted living apartment in Golden Valley. My grandpa didn’t really want to get to know the people in there; he minded his own business. During the days he left his place, he would visit my grandma in the nursing home. He would go to the bank. And he would frequent the Perkins just up the street. All the servers knew him well because he would always tell them his stories. He had great stories!

I would try and drive out there about once a week, and eat dinner with him and my mom, and some times my sisters. My grandpa, with no sensor, would tell the waitresses when they came to take our drink orders that “this one’s my favorite” and would point at me... Most of you are probably shocked by this, but my sisters and I got used to it. You can’t change his mind, or stop him from saying it. Most know you aren’t supposed to say or feel those things, but he did it anyways. He would continue on to tell them that I’m stubborn just like him. Which is true.
As all would say of their own, he was the cutest grandpa ever. He wore these hats, you know the kind that snap in the front. Him and my grandma, when they came to visit, would always bring a big tub of Kemps ice cream for us. Those were great visits.

He saved all his coins. Every time we’d come over he’d ask us to put our fists in there and grab what we could. Each type of coin was separated into a different dish. If he didn’t think we grabbed enough (especially the quarters) he’d tell us to go in for more, and on occasion would put his own hand in there to get what was coming to us. Some times he’d send my mom home with a brown bag full of coins for us.

Eventually my grandma took the inevitable turn, and passed away. We weren’t sure how he would take it. How he would occupy his time... It seems that he did the usual, went to Perkins. We still met with him for our dinners.

One afternoon my mother tried to reach him, and couldn't get ahold of him. So she called to have someone check on him. He had suffered from a heart attack and stroke, and was lying on the floor for several hours. He was rushed to the hospital. After this it was hard for him to get around by himself, and eventually he also went into the nursing home.

He had his good days, and he had his bad. The good days were filled with him hiding his food in his coffee or milk, and snickering about it. While always eating the ice cream cup they brought him... (As I mentioned, there was a lot of ice cream around throughout the years. He loved it.) Although good days came often at first, there were always going to be bad days. These were filled with sad remarks, bowing his head for most of dinner, and sometimes making fun of the others in there. While some times hearing about the guy in his motorized wheelchair... (he was the "one", the guy that all should listen to, watch out for, or just look up to in my grandpas eye, you know since he had to power wheelchair.)
These days came more often until he as well took a turn for the worse. He passed away March 10, 2005, of old age, and dementia. I felt the pain. I felt that connection I had, was now lost. But, I will never forget that smile, and that laugh. He was a character. I like to believe that the phenomena of ghosts and angels actually exist, and so, I believe that he watches over me. He won’t be here to see my big accomplishments, but he’ll still “be here”.

I am reminded of him on a regular basis, but at this time, it comes with the passing of another year he hasn't been here. We acknowledge the moment as it passes, and continue on. This is my way of letting you know that I think about you, and I thought maybe I’d sell some of you, on a little bit of him. I love you G-Pa!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well, this was our weekend

Since I'm working on some other stories for you guys, I thought in the mean time I'd just make a general post about my weekend. I made sure to document what we did, and apparently I wasn't the only one with this idea. I've noticed some of the other blogger people did this as well. Well, this is a pretty typical look into our weekend lives, usually the same routine with a couple slight differences.

Friday started out the same. Steve gets off work, heads to my house and picks up the nugget (Harper). Brings her over to his house, so she can play with him, Ruby, and Grandma (Ellie, his roommates dog). He will then get ready for me to get off work and come over. Which typically never fails I get a few "where are you", "I'm hungry", or "what do you want to do tonight" texts before I get a chance to pack and come over. I get off, go home, grab some things for the night or weekend, and head over there. This is much more enjoyable to do without a dog following my every move. Also whining in the car because she knows where we're going, and letting me know we're not getting there fast enough. (Who is she to complain, she didn't do anything all day...)

Once I get there, I set my stuff down, and we immediately decide where dinner is going to take place. Like I said, we eat out a lot. It's rare we eat in on a Friday. As usual we decide on Sweet Taste of Italy. We love that place, and go there about once a week. Would be more, if I had it my way. It's the cutest and has the best food. We get the same thing every time, but really should try more from the menu. He grabs a City Pages, and I grab a Tidbits, and we wait for our food.
After dinner we went back to the house and hung out. Mixed a couple drink, and hung out with a couple friends. It was a quiet evening, which is rare, to say the least.

Saturday morning, we woke up early. It was probably 8:45 or so. Steve ran over to his parent, and then got us some BK breakfast. Yum, I love their french toast sticks. We got up, got ready and didn't waste any time at the house. Well Steve wasted a little... I mentioned to him when he grabbed a black sweatshirt that he always wears those, and that he should wear something else. Not that I truly give a shit, but thought I'd make that announcement... so he does what any normal person would do...
He put on 3 of them... and went to brush his teeth... Hahaha, what a turd... I told my sister, I couldn't help but be reminded of the Friends episode where Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes and says "Look at me, I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes." Gets me every time.

After that, we didn't waste any time... we had errands to run. I told you, if it's sunny and sort of nice out, I love running errands. It's an excuse to be out of the house and enjoy the day! So, the places weren't necessarily exciting, but we did go to Pet Smart and saw 4 pugs there on one visit. I was sad we didn't bring Harper, but it was an unplanned visit. Steve had a huge craving to make enchiladas for dinner, so we picked up the necessary ingredients to do so, and went home.

Steve spent the next while, prepping our dinner. It smelled so good, I was getting excited.
After that he went to the Redbox, and grabbed Jackass 3.5. which he had been wanting to see. That way we can waste time until we can put the food in the oven.

Once it came time to devour the gooey deliciousness... the movie hadn't quite ended, and we were clearly reminded why you don't eat food, let alone enchiladas while watching any Jackass movie... gross. (I'll spare you the details we witnessed during dinner.)
That's pre ate food, don't worry.
After dinner we cleaned up and made some drinks. This time, we (I) decided to celebrate St. Patty's day early and spice up our drinks a little!
Of course a mimosa for me...
A Corona for Steve
We spent the rest of the night, doing the same thing we had done the night before. Some drinks, a few friends, but nothing too huge. It was nice to do this for once.

Sunday, we slept in a little bit, but then realized it was DLS so it wasn't even that much. I... yes I got up and cooked us breakfast. I should have captured this moment, but didn't even think about it. Steve had our typical breakfast burrito, and I had a english muffin sandwich type thing. I can make breakfast, no prob... so I guess it's not that much of an achievement...

Our afternoon had been predetermined for what we didn't finish Saturday, or I guess, what it was too cold to do Saturday. We went to the dog park! Ruby and Harper love going there. But Ruby must know the directions turn by turn, she wouldn't stop whining on our way there, it sounded like someone saying "OHHHHH" "OOOOOHHH". She's so cute!
Rubes was pulling so hard, she couldn't wait to get in there.
Same went for Harper, but I think she just couldn't wait to smell a pee spot in the snow...
Both of them, just loving life.
The rest of the day was finished off with a well needed car wash, and plenty more to come. Purchased the unlimited deal at the local car wash. I've told myself that I won't slack on washing this car since it's new and should be shiny and clean. (After the hail damage to my jetta, I found it to look better dirty then clean, so this was a new routine I had to get used to.) Hell, I could wash my car one day and go back the next if a bird even just poops on my car. So... guess small things kind of excite me.

While Steve put in a new car battery in his truck, the dogs got lazy... and cute, and waited for him by the stairs. I couldn't resist a picture. They are so f-in cute!
So, there it is... a typical look into a weekend of ours. They only get better as the spring and summer near. So expect more of these.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Time for a cool change

Some of you may know this as something you live by here and there... it’s time for a change, any change, a cool change. And some may not know this at all... just stuck in your ways. I know this as a song that once topped my (childhood) charts as the most embarrassing moment, but has actually become one of my all time favorite songs.
I remember it like it was yesterday (trust me this was not yesterday). I was sitting in the upper living room of our split level home on Lanewood. Facing the wall, right in the line of the stairs, on the plush forest green carpet. Our fancy tape player/radio was plugged into that wall. Still not to sure how I received possession of this tape, but I had in hand, the original, Little River Band album.

Also recalling that tape players back then were tricky, some would only record on new tapes, or from tape to tape, but not actual sound. Then there were the ones that would record actual sound. Maybe that’s a little too ‘technical’ for you folks... Either way, I remember them being different. As I thought the one we owned was the earlier of the two.

So, I did what any other 5-6 year old would do and pushed that little red record button, while I played that tape. I could still hear the music... so obviously it wasn’t recording... I had my fun and when I was bored, I moved on to other things.

It wasn’t until a while later I was quickly brought back to that very day, where I sat in the upper living room of our split level house, facing the wall, touching the green plush carpet... But this time, I wasn’t in the house, or on that carpet... I was in the back of our Ford minivan. Our family was piled in there on our way to somewhere... This moment is a lot more fuzzy than the first recollection... My dad decided to pop in one of their favorite tapes. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the band of the little river, until the music cut out... WAH?!... and my voice came on... singing to the chorus of the song!

My face was hot... My hands were sweating... Dad is going to be SO mad at me. I sat there, I have no idea what they said to me, but I was so embarrassed that everyone could hear me singing, and I ruined one of their tapes. I don’t recall anything that happened after that moment.

It has been brought to my attention on many occasion as I’ve grown up, that that was probably one of the cutest things I had ever done. I’ve asked if they were mad at me when it happened. Every time they laugh, and said how could they have been mad at that.

I don’t think that tape still exists, but that would be awesome if it did. I still love that damn song.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My life captured

This image was inspired by... well, I'm not sure anything really inspired it... Except for sheer boredom. It was created when I was educating myself on photoshop, so I could create our "Christmas cards" from 2010. I got excited that I could do something that would probably be classified as something pretty basic, to a graphic designer. I didn't even do it that great during the trial and error sesh I had... ahem (below)... But it was fun. I sent Steve the picture from our trip to Italy... He must have been pretty wasted, cause he didn't remember that...

Google/Sony Cyber-shot

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art or awkward?

Despite my lazy tendencies, there is another side of me that enjoys doing arts and crafty things. So, whenever presented the opportunity for an elective in high school and college, I would choose drawing classes, ceramics, painting, etc. I love this kind of stuff.

There was one drawing class in particular in college that I got really into, and instead of just drawing, sketching to pass the time, I would do it to try and challenge myself to meet new levels.

I kept a sketch book, and would take things we learned (2-value, contour, shading, etc) in some of the lessons and test them out there. Usually starting with an actual picture, then moving to object that surrounded me.
We had large pads that we would do pencil outlines and charcoal drawings in class. We’d start something and every time they changed the subject, whether it be a piece from the room, or someone from the class... we’d just flip to the next page, and start over. I had to carry around a portfolio to this class every day. I loved it.
It was a little frustrating at times, to see what others were capable of, and also rewarding to see what others were capable of... But hey, everyone was there because they enjoyed it.

Here are just a couple of my favorites:
This was one of the girls in my class.
This was a clay head from class. 
The other weekend, Steve and I were watching Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell. One of the scenes was an art class where he was paid to come in to be a live nude model. Steve and I couldn’t stop laughing about how awkward he was, and it totally hit me... I’ve been there! (Well not there, not the nude model... you’re welcome...) But, I had completely forgotten about the 2 models we had come in on separate occasions in our class. One was a young woman and the other was an old male!

I don’t care how old I am, I will still laugh at childlike/awkward situations like burps, farts, and live nude models. It’s really hard to sit there and be mature and serious about it. I composed myself as much as I could. But there has got to be a reason why I had completely blocked that part out of my mind...

Maybe this was why...

The "he" better one of the bunch.
The "she" better one of the bunch.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I just recently purchased my first car... Isn’t that sad... I’ve owned 3 cars, but never have I gone through the buying process or loan process for this... I’m 20 f-in 8... Well, we all know how I handle in car situations... That was just a prequel of what was to come.

I decided long ago I was going to get a new car, but it kept getting pushed off. I just hadn’t saved up the money yet. It wasn’t until those major issues came up, that I seriously meant it when I said “I’m getting a new car”. (Ooow also, when I say “new car”, I mean slightly used, so save the ‘you lose this much value right off the lot’ jargon... I know the deal.) So that was it... I was determined to get a new car.

Ideally, I had planned on researching the one I wanted (the model was predetermined, but what year, features, etc.), and hoping that I would go with my dad or Steve to the dealerships and they would take it from there. This process is so much harder than that! A) You really don’t know what you can afford because you don’t know what their banks/credit unions will finance you for... that is a really big deal... B) Where do you even start?

I started with the AZ test drive... we know how that went. When I returned from my trip I was ready to go again. So Steve and I went out driving around from dealership to dealership. Landed at one that had a handful of the car I wanted. We test drove one, and liked it. It was a little older than I wanted to go. We listened through the guy’s shpeal about the car and what ‘he can do for us’... (Don't get me wrong, this guy was awesome! He had a business card with his face on it, and it wasn't, you know, in a box. His body was just floating on the card... this black shiny card... Awesomeness only begins to describe this guy.) Even with this fantastic business card, it was a bust. BUT, it was great to know where I stood in terms of financing (well, I knew the highest I would be offered...). It was also good to get in there and deal with these people (car selling people).

In the mean while, my dad had connected me with a family friend Gary. He’s my go to guy for stuff like this. He was my realtor on my house, and also helped my dad and I find the Jetta (my CA car). He’s definitely helped me out. So I was also in touch with him on what was going through the auctions. Gary led me to a longtime friend, Evan (Find them at Southern Auto Sales, if you can't find it on their lot, they'll find it somewhere else for you). These two did everything. Drove to my house to evaluate my car as a trade-in... Took me to the auction to look at what was to sell the next day, see if there was anything I liked... Did nationwide searches to find the right car, which we did. That is a little better than going from dealership to dealership... Don’t get me wrong it’s always nice to touch/see/drive your potential purchase, but you’re so limited, and you have to deal with the sales people. Helps when you know them.

Anywho, so this was squared away within a week or two. We found the car, and the only delay was that it had to be shipped here. And believe it or not, my dad and Steve played a very small part in the grand scheme of things. I got their opinions when necessary and Steve was my savior at the dealership the day we went, but I got this done, and I did it with only a few unnecessary tears (of course we couldn’t get this done without them)... ugh, I'm pathetic...

Either way, this is my car. Everything I pictured (these are the only ones I took quick when I had time, now it's dirty from the snow, so not worth getting better shots).

It's kind of a chameleon (darker in some light and bright silver in others). But awesome only begins to describe this as well.


This was an unexpected post. As I was tagged in Molly's post about handwriting. You can learn a lot about someone through their handwriting. In Molly's blog post she mentioned that her handwriting is always changing. As is mine. Not so much from sentence to sentence, as I try to stick with one. But sometimes I write taller skinny letters, and sometimes I write wider shorter letters. Are you taking notes? Cause I know this is really interesting material here.

Ok, so I thought I'd follow through and post the note that they passed along. The questions are:

1. What's your name and your blog name?
2. What's your blog's URL?
3. Write: "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!"
4. What's your favorite quote?
5. What's your favorite song?
6. What are your favorite bands and singers?
7. Anything else you want people to know?
8 Tag people
I don't follow many blogs, so my list is a little shorter. Please stop by Carly's, AJ's and Bria's blogs and check them out!

Another post to come later.

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