Friday, April 29, 2011

The dog days are NOT over

Today is definitely a dog day. Thanks to our photo studio, who asked some of us to bring in our fabulous pups for individual photo shoots. Needless to say it was a little chaotic this morning. But I don't expect anything less around here.

I don't have the finished shots, but will post some when I do. They did a good job. Especially since Harper was completely afraid of their large camera, so we had to do a lot of things to get her so sit still.

Too much movement in all of the shots, so they are a little blurry. Couldn't really get anything better, as I had to stop and help them out.
Happy Friday to you all, it's a lovely day outside here!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thanks for the contributions!

So... apparently I'm super awesome at raising money, and completely surpassed my original goal, my hopeful goal, and have raised... $290.00 for the Animal Humane Society Walk! Steve raised $225.39 for the walk! We both set goals for $100.

I should start raising money on the reg for stuff, just because. But in all seriousness, I would really like to send a huge thanks to all the people that chipped in a lot or a little. It all counts, and none of it went unnoticed. I just can't believe how quickly it happened, and how few people it took to reach our goals, and then some. So thank you to my family, to Steve's family, and to our friends and coworkers that contributed! We truly appreciate it.

Harper and Rube's will have their game faces on that day. I will be sure to capture some shots along the way. From what I hear we'll be working hard for this money... it's "supposed" to rain on Saturday, but hey, this is MN and that can always change. Even though, I was hoping for some sun to warm us up, and keep spirits high as we moved along the trails... we'll make the best of it, we always do.

Thanks for the support! #14 "Do the Animal Humane Society walk this year" will be officially crossed off the list this Saturday.

Harper & Ruby
(Brianna & Steve)

My life captured

My brain is a little mushy after a long week (which is still in progress), and long night at work yesterday. So instead of working hard on a post, I'll leave you with this... for now.

In the spirit of spring and thunderstorms, I'm reminded of the surprisingly quick, but extremely damaging storm that came through a few years back. I was just about to close on my town house, so I had yet to own a garage stall... My poor Jetta sat parked in my parents driveway, clueless to what was to come. We heard this storm was making it's way into our area, but really there wasn't much I could do. (I have a video somewhere, but my voice is so annoying I wouldn't put it up even if I knew where it was... ok maybe I would, but I don't know where it is.) It was literally raining hail... large pieces of hail, not like intermittently, but sheets of hail. If you think I'm exaggerating, stop. Cause I'm not... raining. hail.

My parents house was damaged enough that they got new shutters, a new roof, new garage door, new paint, and a new grill... I may have missed something, but either way that says enough... I got a ridiculous amount of money back on my car for the dents, that I took the "high" road and didn't fix any of it (despite my good intentions of fixing it), but if you read the above paragraph again, I was about to move into my NEW HOME! Who fixes dents when you need couches and a flat screen. So my decision was made.

Here is just a small piece of what was left after the storm, when the rays of sun shined through the black clouds.

Sony Cyber-shot
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Monday, April 25, 2011

DB&J (Diaper Butts & Jammies)

Saturday, we moved just a tad slower, because of our Friday. Got up and prepped our egg bake for my sisters house. We were doing Easter a day early to accommodate everyones schedule. As it turns out, Steve's family does the Saturday "Easter" as well. So we had a double header.

Steve and I picked up my dad (as my mom is in Argentina, what a bitch, ugh said with love of course) and headed over to Bridget & John's place. I was excited that I got to be the one to go pull Greta out of bed, and bring her down to join the party. I had my own photo sesh with her.
And my Steven.
Before we ate, as the lamos watched sports on the tube, the rest of us awesome people decided to decorate eggs. I haven't done this in years. It wasn't until Steve looked at the stickers and said "you can put a football sticker on yours and make a football egg." that I decided "I could make a FOOTBALL EGG!"
Which is EXACTLY what I did!
Best egg, EVER.
After which, I needed some more Greta Beta time. How could you not love a baby with a bunny hat...
Happy baby... not so happy babe... Take notice to who is holding the happy baby...
and who is holding the not so happy baby...
Later we prepped for all of the food that was going to be inhaled. There was no rhyme or reason to what we were filling our stomachs with, but sometimes that's the best way to do it.
You didn't think we'd do it without Mimosas... did you? Really? It was all so good. I don't want to think about it, I'll get jealous. After which some couch time was had by most of us.
And then Steve and I were off, we had to make it to his parents to do dinner... DINNER! I just ate. Which usually doesn't stop me from filling up some more... and it didn't. 

We walked in and there sat 3 more of the cutest babies. All right around the same age, so they were all adapting to the same things, crawling, rolling, grabbing their toes, spitting on themselves. Did I mention 5 dogs... ? It's like a day care and dog park rolled into one, when we do holidays at Steve's parents, but it's a lot of fun.

It wasn't until Quinn had on her polka dot jammies, that Steve mentioned her diaper butt in her jammies, and Michael dubbed it the DB&Js... classic.
Quinn and Logan, with Grandma Pam and Grandma Patty.
Our Saturday night after a long day was debated, but still executed. Not sure why we thought that was a good idea, probably because we hadn't seen our friends all weekend. It was a short one to say the least.
This beer tub picture is actually from Friday, but it got lumped into this post. Just ignore...
Sunday was the day I was waiting for. Usually that's just not right. I would never wish a Sunday on anyone... don't get me wrong, I love having that day to do whatever I want... but if you didn't know, Monday comes after Sunday... BUT this Sunday was the highlight of our week. 60s and sunny, I don't think I need to say more...

But I'm going to...
To the dog park, but really what's new... This time, back to our usual Elm Creek. Harper and Lucy were pretty boring the whole time. Harper stops at pretty much everything to sniff, and then we stop, and call her name to get her to catch up with us... and repeat.
After the dog park we thought about the rest of our day, and of course food was involved. We skipped the bbq, due to Steve not feeling so well. We stopped at Wild Bills for some unexpected sit down food. When we sat down, I saw a plastic egg in the corner of my booth seat, and almost left it. The thought of some kid gumming the outside popped in my head, but quickly remembered that it takes a lot to gross me out, and picked it up and handed it to Steve. I told him I got him an egg. He opens it up, to humor me... inside was a slip of paper that said "$10 off" and the other side had a stamp of the restaurants name. Huh, did we just score $10 here... ? Yep, the waitress confirmed we are to use it on our bill, and we gladly accepted the offer. Thanks Mr. Bill.
After our lunch we headed back to the house where we sat down with some tired puppies.
I couldn't take being inside for long, that when Steve had to run an errand, I decided to go home, grab some healthy dinner, and sit out on my patio for the first time this spring and read... again yes, I said read.
Tree buds coming out. That is a good sight!
We probably sat out there basking in the sun for a couple hours, and I decided it was time to take her on a quick walk, and head in to call it a night.

"Do you want a Twins hat?" "no..."

Although I'm slightly (extremely) disappointed that this post doesn't begin with a detailed encounter of my Twins game extravaganza, or a play by play recap of what I know to be baseball... (since it was cancelled, on a count of 'barely raining'...) I did however manage to have a pretty decent night.

We arranged our rides ahead of time, so both Steve and I could have a great time, and not worry about driving, or leaving our cars downtown. We headed to Kieran's for the typical pregame drinks. 
We stepped outside to enjoy the "awesome weather", and when we went back in, the guy stopped us and told us they were at capacity... umm, pretty sure we were just in there, but you know, we were glad to see their system for "step on our patio at your own risk" was working...

Anyways, so we decided to stand in the rain and finish our drinks, and head to the game early to eat the food Periscope graciously got for everyone.

We were early enough to get the giveaway, which this time, instead of an poster, we got green Twins hats. Excitement level went through the roof... I love this stuff!
After shoving the hat in my purse, I noticed that everyone seemed to be going in one direction, and it wasn't the direction I thought I'd be seeing... but we forged on anyways. I stopped in the bathroom and Steve grabbed us beers. Then we realized the game was in fact, cancelled... Boo. I was really looking forward to going to that damn Budweiser desk... But as I hear it, we will still be able to partake on a later date.
We hung around for a little bit to finish our $7 beers, and figure out where to go from here. Hopped on the light rail and headed out.
I love that outside my work there still lies streets of cobblestone, masked with tar. I just love
the sound the tires make as they glide down what's left of the stone.
We ended up meeting my coworkers at Grumpy's just down the street from my work, for some drinks and food to fill us up. Big mistake... that place was not prepared for the crowd that showed up, and it took forever to get anything. 

While we waited, we stepped outside again (this time, not to be shut out due to a capacity issue).
Steve decided he wanted to give his hat away to a little kid that missed the game, or get the hat. Intentions were great... Execution... not so great. The only kid he asked, I'm not entirely sure even made eye contact with Steve... not to mentioned when he asked the kid he didn't even have the hat in his hands... He might as well been wearing a trench coat standing in front of a black windowless van, asking the kid if he'd like to step inside for some candy, and that his parents told him to do so... The kid said "no"... then I felt bad for Steve so I handed him the hat, so the kid could see he actually had it. He said "no" again, while still actively walking away. Just after him came his parents, smiling and laughing as I looked at Steve and said "this looks really bad, I don't think he wants your hat." They thought it was funny, thank god. Hahaha.

After what seemed like a year, we got our food and ate, and heard there was an after "hangout" at the scope, and went back to finish our evening.

In the end, I was right... I told Steve when we were locked out of Keiran's... "you know what, even though it's raining, some of the best nights come from when you would least expect it". I had a blast! Can't wait for the make up game... whenever it is.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When you really wish you would have had your camera...

I thought I would share the abnormalities that was my morning walk this morning. Camera was not there, which is rare, or these would all be provided as visual-aid (proof) for you...

It all started with the least rare thing I've seen of them all, which is hearing the slightly (extremely) annoying tone of the goose honk. It echoes off the houses in my neighborhood, and you'd think it wouldn't... due to the fact that they are actually standing on the houses... This may be very common where you come from, but I had never seen anything like it, until I moved into my house almost 3 years ago. Now, this is my norm. So anyways, these geese, they perch themselves on the top point of the townhouses, and squawk all morning. You can tell when they are on top of your house when you're laying in bed. It's usually one, sometimes two. Sometimes one will stand on one house and another on another house, and they just go back and forth... it's soothing...

Well today I thought it was just one... until I rounded my next corner on the back side of the houses, and saw the other. Who apparently hangs with a duck. No jokes, this guy was on the rooftop standing there with a duck. They've gotten the ducks into it now. This is when I was really kicking myself for not having my camera.

So as I looked down from them, a f-in goooopher-like animal crosses the street, and stands right in my path. (Steve and I have been practicing our extreme Minnesotan accents lately, so I thought I'd add that touch.) He stares at us as we draw closer to him, or her. (Though sex isn't the issue here, I kept thinking about my damn camera.) He scurries off into the pond area where I see the prettiest white swan-like birds landing in the pond... again... camera...

I kicked myself a little bit more, and pondered the option of going home, grabbing my camera and doing it all again in hopes for the same events to take place... but let's face it I had to get to work, and I'm pretty sure I just saw a used condom on the side walk, so it's time to call this walk a wash.

Happy Thursday. It's going to be a weird one.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Complaining about not complaining

I promised myself the other day that when the snow came (since we all clearly new it was coming... no surprise) that I wouldn't complain about it. Not on Facebook, not to my coworkers, not to Harper, not to anyone, and definitely not on here. Yes, it's April, and we all would LOVE us some spring weather, but shit happens. Ok. So no complaining.

This is my non-complaining post...

I took Harper out this morning to enjoy a typical morning bathroom break (for her, not I). We clearly saw the expected snow on the ground. We kept our opinions of the scene to ourselves. When we got in, we (I) got ready, she sat on the floor and waited. She doesn't get into much since she knows she will be fed soon. And she knows exactly when. For some reason (still undetermined)... I started to pour her food when I had finished putting on my mascara... Maybe it's because I wanted my lashes to dry before I started with the eyeliner... Maybe it's because after I put on my mascara, I dry my hair (if it's wet), and want her to be preoccupied while I'm out of tune to what's going on around me... Maybe I'm just a little crazy, and have absolutely no idea why I do it... But, like clockwork once she hears that squishy sound the wand makes against the opening of the mascara tube, she's up. She's in the bathroom, and she's sitting right next to her container of food.

As I left for work, I said my usual "see you later sweetheart", (yeah I talk to my dog...) as my everyday routine is scheduled. And left, without a complaint.

It wasn't until I got about halfway to work, I thought wtf, this is pretty shitty, it's April, and there is a perfectly plush coat of snow all over the ground. My personal goal for Wednesday couldn't even last into the rest of my morning... I broke my no complaints rule... And I did what any safe driver would do while driving on the freeway... started snapping pictures (A: don't try this at home, and B: I took a shit load in hopes that some would turn out as I paid close attention to the road).
Today was a hat and scarf day, it was just gloomy out, and snowy. So I made the rest of my drive to work only now half complaining to myself on the weather. Thinking about my weekend plans and hoping this doesn't continue, and ruin my plans to be outside as much as possible...

Pulled through downtown, surprisingly without yelling at anybody, flipping anybody off, cutting anyone off (usually done because I saw them do it to someone else, I'm out to teach people lessons... clearly not my job, but I do it), or in general throwing my hands around out of road rage (it's gotten bad)... If you see me on the road, it's probably best to steer clear.

I stopped at a stop light, and as I turned my head, I witnessed someone being pulled into an ambulance on a stretcher... 
I felt so bad, and it made me think of this book I'm reading... yes you read that correctly... Brianna is reading a book... I don't particularly like reading, and do not like to be quizzed on books, or talk about them much in general. But, every once and a while, I like a good suggestion, or try to find something that I can put on my phone and flip through when I have some time. I'm not particularly thrilled about the quality of the writing in this book... but the story itself has kept my interest, in which involved an ambulance, and it made me think of the book. Kind of sad. Very sad for the real life scene I witnessed today. Don't know the background in their story, but I hope they are ok.

Got to work and like Monday, we got dumped on. This electronic post-it (love them) is my personal list of jobs, and it is still ever growing with work.
That being said, I shall cut (yet another) lunch break short, and get back to work.

Consider this complaint, over.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My life captured

This one may be a little late, but either way it's always justified. If you know me, you know I have a huge love for mimosas. If I was to meet Mr. or Mrs. Mimosa (clearly, that would be their names), I have no idea how I'd show my appreciation. Anyways, this year I bumped up my mimosa status for St. Patty's day and added some green food coloring. One of the best ones I've had yet.

Flash: Off
In the spirit of this, I also bumped up Steve's Corona status and added some to his.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

One step closer to an actual spring weekend... but this one will do

We had a rough start to our morning today. Well that isn't much different than any Monday morning. Surprisingly the rough part of it is actually more Harper than me...
This is probably because once again the weather didn't get us down, and we had quite the eventful weekend. Friday flew by, and I showed up to Steve's house with Spaghetti just about ready to eat for dinner. We had a quieter evening than usual. This is because we knew we would be out celebrating my friend April's birthday on Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast. Our favorite breakfast place has been put on hold, due to horrible service the last few times we went. Which is sort of (really) depressing, but I'll get over it. I love breakfast no matter where it's being served.
The girls hanging out with us Saturday morning.
After which we went to the grocery store, and the UPS store (where I almost died)... Ok, I'm being totally dramatic, and I think the lady that works there will forever agree with me on that as well... Walking in, the door started to swing shut before I could get a good grip on it, and the metal thing on it (cause you know what "the metal thing" is...) scraped the skin in between my pointer and thumb. Leaving it to gush (slowly start bleeding) blood. As I told Steve about this the lady took a look, and after a couple minutes of me laughing, but still complaining about it, she went in the back to get me a bandaid... which is more than likely her way of telling me to shut the hell up, put it on, and get out of there...

Later on we hung out at the house with his brother (Mike) and his brother's wife (Reka), and smoked some food for dinner. After that we all went up to Wild Bill's for some drinks with April and friends. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY APRIL!!) It was a fun night. We don't have too many real bar nights anymore. So I enjoyed it!

Sunday morning we were up early, but started a little slow. Grabbed a quick breakfast and went to the dog park. We've been trying to venture out to ones we haven't been to. Which each time proves a little less successful. Last time it was flooded and this one... just kind of sucked...

Instead of having trails for you and your dogs to walk around in, it had an open area... and that was about it... Where it would/should be fenced off, was only done by plastic fencing, and it had stretched out or broke, that it was just laying on the ground. Which is when Ruby took it upon herself to find the one and only mud puddle there and jump in... of course.

So let me back up to when we pulled in... this "parking lot" if that is what they actually call it... was seriously more of a mogul hill than a parking lot. I couldn't believe what it looked like.
And this seriously doesn't do it justice. I have no idea how cars got in and out of there.
The walk up was nice with the long bridge (which Ruby took the opportunity to jump off of on our way back to the car... because there was water down there...)
But... once we crossed it and walked up the hill... we were quickly disappointed. So we created our own trail and walked around, so I snapped pictures...
It took me like 5 minutes to get her to listen to me to sit and take this photo... they were naughty on Sunday.
Please ignore the double chin... that wasn't supposed to be there.
After this we quickly decided this dog park wasn't for us, and it was time to leave. And also to call that our first and last time there. Oh well, there are plenty more to choose from.

Later, we were going to enjoy the sun a little more while it was out, and do some grilling for dinner. Since we both think eating healthier should be in our vocabulary we were off to the meat market for hotdogs and turkey burgers.
You ask and you shall receive. I love this : )
We had to go to two different meat markets, because for some reason one of them isn't open on Sundays... Don't you do, I don't know, probably the majority of your business on the weekends, and you just decided to cut that in half... Nice work Osseo...

After grilling we played some yard games, and had our first impromptu bonfire of the season.

After all the events of the day we were exhausted, but made one more stop. Which is when I found out Harper knew how to drive this whole time. I'm a little disappointed she hasn't been driving me around, but pretty impressed with her skills.

That was about it. The weather could have been better, but we still did what we could with it.

Some new "family photos" of Harper and I. I thought I'd try and get some shots of her, or her and I.

Also, I was pretty excited to eat my lunch today (not that you particularly care, even though you should). When we went grocery shopping on Saturday, I got those healthy frozen lunches people are always eating. I never get them because a) they get expensive, and b) they give you like 2 f-in forkfuls of food... I would like a little more than that. So anyways, I found this one that gives you a good portion, and it was actually REALLY GOOD! I'm excited for the rest of my lunches this week. I should probably check the box again and make sure it was actually one of those health meals...

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