Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No go Adele show...

After all this bragging and boasting about my Adele show, we didn’t get to attend. I was hoping I would be sitting here typing out some great and memorable stories of my 3rd, yes my THIRD Adele concert for you... but not this time.

Even though, all stars will align again June 22, when her makeup show comes around, it was still hard to gulp that one down. I’ve never been a freaky fanatic person when it comes to an artist, and while I’m not freaky, I’m definitely fanatic about her. She’s that one artist throughout my life, I can actually say is my favorite.

Instead of calling our night a wash, my sisters still came out and met me at my work. We walked down to Grumpy’s, and grabbed some drinks and apps and caught up. While we catch up a lot, we still weren’t short of heartfelt stories, updates on our beloved men, and just general jabs at each other.
Needless to say, I filled the canceled concert hole with my own concert on the way home.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A not-so-recipe, recipe

When you're hungry and you gotta eat, then you just do it your own way. No books, no rules. Just the way I like it. The best part is... it was actually ok.

Between the long hours, and after work schedules, my evening isn't left to much for figuring out dinner lately. So before our playoff volleyball game (yes, I play volleyball, how random) on Tuesday, I decided to make myself some spaghetti.

I had left over whole grain pasta, and chicken...

Went to the store purchased some cheap marinara sauce, sliced up the chicken into small pieces (this is the same frozen chicken used in the taco meal). I cooked them together, instead of ground beef or meat balls.

I decided to use english muffins as my garlic bread. This brand I found is way better than the popular brand, I can't remember either of their names, but it's delicious. So that's helpful, just keep guessing. After toasting my muffins... just added butter and some garlic powder.
Like I said, for throwing something together just like that, it was a pleasant surprise. Just sayin. Sorry that this is the most exciting thing I have to talk about today, it's been another one of those weeks, and I can't keep up to save my life. The only thing keeping me going is... today is my Friday, AND I get to go see Adele tonight! So yeah, be jealous.

There will be lots to talk about next week!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My life captured

Not that I really need to explain why I love this photo, but this was taken 2 summers ago on our way to Rock the Garden. A show that is held at one of our awesome partially outdoor art museums by a local radio show (The Current)... for those of you that are unfamiliar.

The sights were perfect, the show was perfect, but the day was hot... I'm talking, you're not even moving, but you are definitely sweating... hot!

I just smell summer when I look at this photo.

Sony Cyber-shot
Flash: Off
Retouched in
picnik I think, it's been too long
to remember. Just distorted the colors.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Only way for me to remember, is to stumble upon it

With the shit weather this weekend, we found nothing better to do on Sunday than go thrifting. That almost sounds like I'm complaining, but I love this stuff.

My girl friends and I would do this all the way back in jr. high. Our parents would drop us off in uptown or downtown (that sounds like that's probably a bad idea... and maybe it was, but we were tough chicks) and we would go to the huge Ragstock warehouse, or salvation army. Anywhere our little legs could take us in an afternoon.

I remember walking into Ragstock all those times like it was yesterday. Now, the items I search for have changed quite a bit, but I remember the looks, smells and sounds of the store so well. When the memory replays back in my mind... I see my feet stepping off the curb and into the entrance, the sounds of Bjork "Army of me" ringing in my ears, but I loved it. The new stuff pulling me to the left, but the racks and racks of used gems are where I end up gravitating my time to.

Always wanting to buy endless amounts of striped tube socks, but rarely doing so. Trying on anything I could get my hands on that were different. Back in 7th and 8th grade it was sweaters, all of the sweaters we could find. Some of the weirdest and oldest sweaters.

People used to always comment about how could we shop at used stores. To some people, the thought was cringe driven hell. I always thought, we wash it before wearing, and it's not like I'm buying underwear there. Which by the way still boggles my mind that thrift stores sell used underwear. I will go commando before shelling out cash for some creepos used grundies. But thanks.

So anyways, these are some of my favorite memories growing up. Luck would have it that my boyfriend loves thrifting as well. He's always on a mission for a good tee. Socks and tees, that's all he needs to be happy. Well, and me : ) Back when, he stumbled across what has become the infamous quad pocket shirt at one of the stores we go to. He's been on a mission to complete a wardrobe of these shirts. They are pretty awesome. He even has coats with quad pockets.

When we arrive, we walk in together, take in a little bit of what's right there. Then split off, him to the men's tees, me to the woman's clothes. I usually struggle to locate him after finding, trying on, and returning what didn't work for me. But he's still in the tee section. Sifting through each and every one. This time, he stumbled across something for me... Couldn't be more awesome. I'm going to take it in, so it fits me better...
We walk through the rest of his section together, and over to the home items. Another regular search for him is a good glass. This time at one of the stores he bought a boot glass mug. Only to go to the second store, and find a matching one for me.

As we looked through each row of what most would see as crap, I stumble upon old memories. Who would have thought you'd find something so random to some, but so fond to others. I looked over, and immediately rifled through all my memories for which one contained this.
I thought, I believe this was Bridget's growing up. It sat on the shelf that bordered her room. We had a split level (half sunken in basement), all the walls were lined with a permanent shelf. One for which I grew to know very well, when I noticed a crack in my room, wide enough that someone, a previous resident, had put change into. I spent many hours digging out the change from the crack between my wall shelf and wall.

Once I placed the item with the owner, I still couldn't be certain, and had to check. Did this item have crack. Crack, you ask... You mean like a crack pipe? No, of course not. Like a chip or crack in the side or back... No.
Crack? Check.

I contemplated buying this item as we walked through the rest of the aisles of junk memories. Only to find another fond memory. The bowls I remember eating cereal out of as a kid. 
How weird, I never would have remembered that until I saw it. There are so many memories I'm missing as a child, and was extremely excited to conjure up a few while walking through this particular store.

It was a good day for thrifting. On another note, this week is finally the week that Adele comes to town and plays at 1st Ave. I can't believe how quickly that came up on the calendar, but couldn't be more excited. So more to come on that.

Oh, and... I wish I lived the Pug Life...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick chicken tacos recipe

Since the picture is pretty blurry, I'll have to type this out the old fashion way...

Start to finish: 20 minutes    Makes: 10 tacos

1      16-ounce can refried beans (we substituted light beans)
2      6-ounce packages refrigerated cooked chicken breast strips, cut into bit size pieces (we  
        used Market Pantry frozen strips)
1      10.5-ounce package 6-inch flour tortillas (10) (we used whole wheat tortillas)
2      cups shredded Mexican-style four-cheese blend (8 ounces) (we used fat free/light)
2      cups packaged shredded greens or iceberg lettuce
3/4   cup chopped tomato (1 large)
1/2   cup bottled salsa
1/2   cup dairy sour cream (we used fat free/light)
Lime wedges (we skipped out on these)

1. In a saucepan cook refried beans over medium heat until heated through, stirring occasionally.

2. Meanwhile, heat chicken breast strips according to package directions. Spread about 2 tablespoons refried beans on each tortilla. Top with chicken, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Fold tortillas over filling. Serve with salsa, sour cream, and lime wedges.

PER TACO: 286 cal., 13 g total fat (7 g sat. fat, 0 g trans fat), 50 mg chol., 959 mg sodium, 25 g carbo., 4 g fiber, 18 g pro. EXCHANGES: 1 1/2 Starch, 2 Lean Meat, 1 Fat

p.s. you're lucky I like you, that isn't like typing normal posts. All that rubbish at the end... ugh.

Easy chicken tacos

As promised, I made another meal last week... but couldn’t take the time to write to you about it. This one much simpler than the others. Barely any cooking, so technically I should probably not say anything to you about it. But since we put the time into going to the grocery store and making it, then you get to hear about it. And I’m pretty sure some of you like easy and effortless, right!?

This as well as the chicken salad came out of the Better Homes cookbook. We also substituted most of the ingredients for their healthier counterparts.
Wait what is that... there in the back... on the right...
Oh yeah... that's Crystal's penis baking pan... you perv. It's at my house whenever you would like it. For the record, I didn't use it, and I'm only a mule for it's safe return to Crystal.

I started with chopping up all the innards of the taco, the greens, and veggies. I didn’t measure out the cheese, sour cream, salsa or lettuce. Because, well... why should they or I tell anyone how much you put on. We just put them in separate bowls, and garnished our tacos as needed.
After this was done, I put the refried beans in a sauce pan and heated that up. Let me tell you, I’ve never done that before, and found it awkward to watch. Because it didn’t fill up the pan, and it’s just pasty, you don’t feel like there is much to stir. So I just let it heat up, and mushed it around.
Oh, we've come a long way with this guy. All the way back to the beginning.
While that heated up, I took out my new favorite thing, pregrilled, frozen chicken strips from the freezer. I love these! I always complain about eating grilled chicken wraps/salads at home, if I always have to cook chicken, but am the only one eating it. Yet I want to make things like this more often. These are made by, I think, Market Pantry (Target brand). Let me get up and check, ... ... ...

Yep, Market Pantry.
Oh, hi Steve! Damn camera, no flash son of a bitch. Ok, I'm done
complaining. Soon enough this won't be a problem.
You just take out what you want to eat and put it in the microwave for like a minute. Then let it cool down, or just eat it warm. Sometimes I’ll throw some in the fridge, and eat it the next day, and it’s cold (if you want it cold), you don’t have to put it in the microwave. Just a little hint. Otherwise I would just go for the rotisserie, like I did with the chicken salad. That was better for that recipe. Unless you on the other hand like cooking chicken. If that's your thing...

Back to this recipe, yeah that was pretty much it. Turned the stove to low, when the paste was done, and Steve and I dished up a couple tacos a piece. Start by spreading the beans on your shell (for some reason this is starting to sound dirty), and add chicken and the rest of the toppings as you want.

As a special treat we also cut up some broccoli and carrots to eat on the side.
Obviously the end result would have tasted better if we had used all the good stuff, but we’re trying this thing... it’s kind of like being healthy. I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes.

Recipe will be posted after this.

One (I stress ONE) visit to the dentist... Fail.

3 times at the dentist this week, and all in a row. If only that were a record, then I may win some prize for it, but at the least I walked away with my toothbrush, floss and toothpaste bag... It's not exactly the most surprising grab bag to take away from a trip to the dentist, but hey, I excite to the little things.

I've been going to this dentist since I was just a tike. It was in the same mall, but at the time it was an indoor mall, only to be converted to a strip mall. I would get to pick a toy out of the buckets they had at the end of my visits. This time no one offered me a toy...

It started with an irritation on my gum, and what I thought would be a cleaning on Monday. Went in, was told I just had to let it run it's course. Before you think I have some weird mouth "issue", I'll just clear this up now, and let you know it was pretty much just an irritated scratch.

For some reason the cleaning was not scheduled for Monday, so I said why not make this a double header, and I'll just come back tomorrow for the cleaning. Which resulted in a couple of cavities... 3 times the charm, right? Coming back Wednesday.

It definitely felt like a touch of deja vu this morning, as I walked through the doors and smelt that familiar smell, a combination of a Subway sandwich and toothpaste-n-drills... or whatever way you can best describe the aroma of hell.

This shouldn't be that bad considering, dare I even say this, but I hadn't been to the dentist since... 2005... OH MY GOD, that is horrible. But before you judge, I keep my teeth plenty clean. I just really don't like the way they poke and prod at you. And to be honest, I completely forgot I should be going. I was reminded quickly today, why I've steered clear of there. While getting 2, yes 2 cavities filled.

I thought the numbing was done with the gauze pads, but quickly came to discover that was just to lighten the pain of the huge ass needle they stick inside your mouth. I had to close my eyes, as if doing so would lighten the tension. That did not work.

I don't know how I forgot the sounds. The drills, the grinders, and the scraping. I've had my fair share of cavities as a kid, so you'd think I'd remember that... but I completely forgot...

So as they did what they do best, I sat there staring at the ceiling. My eyes gazed over to the posters they always have. They hadn't changed. I wondered to myself, do they have like a catalog, just for them, where they purchase all the posters that are hung to their ceilings? They are so detailed and involved. Almost like they are made to distract you, keep your mind focused on that rather what they are doing. Todays poster was a beach scene. There were waves crashing into the shoreline, and a light house I believe... a warm beach scene... Dicks. That's what you thought would comfort your guests...? To be reminded that I'm not on that beach tanning in the sun, nor am I going there afterwards. 

They should have like a dark cold looking cellar poster, that just by looking at it, you can hear the dewy drips of water, dropping down into a forming puddle... with a shadow of a guy, not too short, but not too tall, standing in the corner holding a rusty hatchet, now that will make me feel lucky sitting in that chair... listening to that grinder... while staring off in complete dismay. Should reconsider, just saying.

It's now 12:00 and my face still feels like a balloon on steroids. Wait, that's not right, I have no feeling in the right side of my face. Also, today was the day my boss picked to order pizza for everyone for lunch. Don't think a little numbness is going to stop me from eating pizza.

Did I mention that I have to go back next Wednesday for the 3rd cavity to be filled...

That's it, I swear! Don't judge... did you floss today?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My life captured

I really like this picture, but not so much the occasion. I remember the day, we were all sitting at our desks, working oh so hard, when we heard the sirens blaring past our building. The row of windows along Washington shined with red and blue lights as they rushed on by. Wasn't much longer after that we heard the news that our beloved Maxwell's had burned down. Well down may be an exaggeration, as the building was still standing, but everything inside burnt to a crisp.

This was probably on the coldest day of the winter that year. We walked down to our other beloved lunch spot Grumpy's for lunch that day hoping to see something... but no. We couldn't get close because they had blocked off the streets near by. So a week later is when I took this shot. Ice still lining the building from the fire hoses. Windows shattered out from the pressure.

Sony Cyber-shot
Flash: Off

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What do you gnome about Pine Cawny (County)?

As I did or did not mention I had an unstable week at work last week, and made up for it greatly this weekend. That being said, it does not change my opinion about 5-day work weeks. They just shouldn’t be 5 days...

So anyways, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for this one.
Cabin coozie, I got at the flea market last summer.
Jamming at Ed and Marlin's down the way. Tik and I are going to start a band
with maracas, tambourines and guitars. That's it.
There's always a fire.
Amy's Cafe, really good home cooked breakfast.
I found this movie at the Pawn Shop out there a year and a half ago. I didn't buy it (nor did I even know it existed), but have been talking about it ever since. I think it was the only Will Ferrell movie I have never seen. So naturally, I had to own it. Not sure why I passed it up the first time, but it became mine this time... Needless to say, it wasn't really good, but I don't care, I heart me some Will.
It's like Pine Cawny's version of shoes over the telephone wire... 
I have no idea what these things are, but they look creepy, like they are going to open up and
take over PC. They were everywhere.
Up north, if you're not from around here, there are rows and rows of perfectly spaced trees. Makes for a nice drive as you wait for each opening to come. Kind of like the lines of a corn field.
Perfectly kept "abandoned" church. Not sure how true that is, but it was nice to look around. 
I'm really not a churchy person, so it's weird that I have so many pictures, but it was weird being in there.
My attempt at getting the cheese curds/squeaky cheese my coworkers always bring it. But it was
pretty much just cheddar cheese... good cheddar cheese.
Stopped off at the Squirrel Cage, (YES THE SQUIRREL CAGE) for a drink, and the boys pulled a
$100 pull tab... actually (heh heh **wipe nails on shirt**) I pulled it : )
Harper poses like a model.
Rubes rarely even looks at the camera.
While the boys spent time chopping wood for us this weekend, and for Memorial weekend...
... I scolded Harper for smoking again.
As always, the mimosa shot...
Silk worms Hhweevin a silk Hhweb. Ok so it was impossible for me to get a
focused shot of these guys, but they were weird.
Double Bubble! This is what happens when Harper is exhausted... she A) drools... or B) blows bubbles.
You know you're small town, when this is the gas station, and it doesn't even sell gas anymore...
The bar.
If there is a crane game, Steve will be playing it. He has gotten me
AT LEAST 6 animals/items out of there. I said at least.
Another fire : )
He's not sleeping, I told him to close his eyes... Not sure why I tell him to do that, and then
tell you it's fake... So, let's just go with he's sleeping.

We heart Pine Cawny!

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