Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where do you see yourself living in the future?

There is one more item that could potentially go on the list, but I refuse to put it on there. It's the kind of decision that effects more than just me, and it would be a shame to put it on a to do list, and not cross it off.

I feel each year goes by and while the # in the age box slips a little higher, our winters get a little bit longer. A little bit more unbearable. To the point that all I focus on is, the fierce cold, and all that is negative. My mind becomes more and more fixed on a permanent residence that is located much father to the south.

I've held a very short discussion with Steve, on where he sees himself living in the future. He's not completely opposed to another state. Just not sure our minds are in the same city.

Yes, I want to move back to California. I don't know if I am qualified enough to say "back"... but you know what I mean. I don't particularly care where. Back then, I would have said LA still, hands down. But a few years back, I would say San Diego. But now, I'd just about live anywhere that is by the ocean and in CA. As long as the weather treats me right, I would be the happiest lady in the world. I would love that this time around it wouldn't just be me, it would be me and my Steven, learning a new place together.

There are plenty of important details that could hold us back here, our family and friends we hold so close to us. But really, we'd have to do that for us. I say us loosely, since I brought this topic up, and like I said it was a 'very short discussion'.

I'm completely jumping the gun on this one, as I've only just begun to write about Steve living with me here. There is much more to talk about on that adventure, then jumping ahead to this one.

At this point I'm dreaming. I like to believe that there is some reality to these dreams, but for now I'm just letting it all out. Palm trees, sunny days, winters without snow, drivable ocean trips... I've set myself in a trans just typing out those words. Damnit that sounds so good...

For now, I'll sit back and enjoy the good weather we are finally getting, and let the pieces fall where they may. This is a better conversation for a different day.

You can't teach a 2 1/2 year old dog new tricks... or can you?

I'm not sure Pugs are really the kind of breed for tricks. Well, actually I'm sure all breeds are decent if given a good teacher, but I wasn't sure I'd get her to do much.

I can't even get Miss Harper to roll on her back. Although I'm pretty convinced that she's just physically incapable. I mean we don't call her nugget for nothing. She's like a log, a sausage, she just doesn't roll gracefully. So I threw in the towel for that trick a while back.

My go-to crowd pleaser is shake. For some godforsaken reason, people are still impressed with "shake"... why? Almost all dogs know how to do it... But as long as they remain impressed, I'll keep doing it.
"So, where's the treat?"
This dog is actually super smart. I've named almost all of her toys, and for the most part (realistically 60/40) she'll grab the one I'm talking about. But even if it's just one toy sitting there and she's across the room, if I tell her to go get it, she'll look around frantically til that toy is in her mouth. She's never ceases to amaze me.
Same goes for her bones.
There was one lesson I heard or read somewhere before I got her. (If you are training a dog, this may come in handy for you as well.) When they do something you like, or want them to do on command, when they do it, praise them and give it a name. It's all about repetition, so don't for one second think they'll understand that after one praise.

Seems easy right? Well, it takes time, but I'm pretty sure it works.

Well since she was just a pup, she's been army crawling around my house like no ones business. No ones. Not you in the red. Not you in that weird blouse. Maybe you over there pickin your nose... I'll be getting ready and I see her in the mirror, crawling in my room until her reflection is blocked by a wall, then reappearing out the doorway and down the hallway, still crawling.

Clearly this was something that needed to be an 'on command' kind of thing. But every time I'd say "crawl" and good job, she'd stop, look up at me, and run to me... Not really the reaction I wanted.

This didn't prove successful until I finally taught her to lay down, which wasn't really until a couple weeks ago. That trick got put on hold, until I realized my 2 year old can't even lay on command... IT'S NOT EVEN HARD.

Either way, so the dog, she can lay on command, like a champ. Now I'm pretty sure, at least as of yesterday morning, she can crawl on command.
Damn I love that crawl. She's awesome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My life captured

I picked this photo today because, well I'm not really sure. I like it because A) I was 
really excited I found so many magnets at our last trip to Office Depot (big office supplies 
geek this one is), B) I really needed a plethora of magnets..., C) I just like the way the 
colors turned out in this one, oh and D) they were cheap.

Filter: X-Pro II

Round 2: Steven moments...

Me: Do you know how to fix toilet candles, and by fix I mean replace? Mine finally broke.
Me: And by candles I mean handles...
Steve: I can fix your candles.

Steve: Don't you know what today is??
Me: Nugget day?
Steve: No
Me: Airplane day?
Me: Donut day??
Steve: It's my half b-day I'm 26.5 today.
Steve: What did you get me?
Me: Love
Steve: Cheap ass

Me: You have to pay for consumer reports or sign up or something so I sent you the link I went to. If you are bored and want to paruse through it.
Steve: Paruse isn't a word according to iPhones
Me: Peruse... maybe it's spelt that way... I.D.K...
Steve: You're gonna have to choose a different word so I know what you're talking about.
Me: Shut your face
Me: Up.
Steve: I want you to rewrite the whole thing using actual words please.
Me: Shut your face up
Me: .

Me: I am purchasing the car!
Me: ...
Me: Dramatic pause?
Steve: YAY!!!! Call me after, I'm very happy for you baby.

Me: You're slow as molasses!
Steve: That's not true.
Me: It's true.
Me: Scratch that, you're slower than mollasses!
Me: Are you pooping?
Steve: I'll be there in 45 mins.

Me: Dick.
Steve: I'm not a dick.
Me: Maybe?
Steve: Most likely not, I'm a total gentleman.
Me: Ok.

Steve: Will you come over and feed Ruby?
Me: Are you gonna come over then and feed Harper?
Steve: No, why won't you do this for me?
Me: Are you upstairs on the couch?
Steve: Yes.
Me: And Ruby's dish is by the front door?
Steve: Yes.
Me: And I'm at my house?
Steve: You are lazy.
Me: You're probably right. I'm the lazy one in this equation.

Me: Someone dipped into my chocolate stash...
Steve: Harper?
Steve: RUBY.......
Me: Try again... (hint: dogs don't eat chocolate... except Gramma... but she's a rock).
Steve: You sleep walked to the fridge?
Me: Hmm, no... Maybe, I don't know... maybe y.o.u. did it... (gulp)?
Steve: It wasn't me! Maybe the person who lived there before you kept a key and snuck into your house and took your chocolate just to mess with you.
Me: But they are new locks, and I didn't make them a spare key. What if I told you I was glad "someone" ate them? I didn't like those ones. Then would you know who ate them?
Steve: Shit, I have them here.
Me: You brought them home with you? They aren't supposed to be roadies...
Steve: I didn't mean to send you that one.
Me: What did you mean to send?
Steve: Maybe your neighbor cut a hole in the wall in the attic and snuck them out of there when you were pooping last.
Steve: Maybe there was a tragic mishap or a sabotage from a disgruntled employee at the chocolate factory and they were never even put in the box in the first place.
Me: You know, those are both very probably scenarios. I'm really sorry I blamed you! Please except my sincere apology!

Steve: Love it, you are very talented.
Me: You are way talented.
Steve: Give me more compliments.
Me: You usually smell exceptional.
Me: I love your smile.
Me: I like that you don't wear cloths that are too big for you.
Steve: Why did you stop?
Me: I ran out of compliments.

Me: You're just not moving fast enough!
Steve: I'm gonna drive around the block a few times now.
Me: You're. A. Dick.

Me: "no more than an hour"
Steve: Who is this?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's our time, so don't rain on our parade... thanks

Every once and a while you just need a night in. Probably more than that, and we seem to definitely take advantage of that during the week. In making the slow adjustment into the real move, Steve and I get together at my house, instead of where he lives, and make dinner (like real domesticated people do) and lay around.
It's so much different than our weekend pace, and I'm really excited to see our new weekend routines once he's in for real.
Dinner discussions take place like normal people, grocery trips are planned more regularly. Doing our best to accommodate both our tastes and wants for the evening.

Plans are made for the house. Things we need to do. Things we'd like to do. To make it 'ours', to make it 'home'.

Adjustments are made in many ways. It's hard when you both have a pup of your own, and you are trying to incorporate them in the same space. It's like the Brady Bunch meets Beethoven meets 2011. Harper's more than willing to share her toys, and Rube's is more than willing to taunt her with them. Round and round Harper goes. Maybe out of spite, but probably out of exhaustion, that little butt drops and those hot laps start... never fails to be a typical evening routine for her. They are sometimes followed with a 'shhhh', but usually followed with a snicker out of the two of us... Ruby's always unimpressed.
Sleeping arrangements are slowly being figured out as we realize, given the chance, Rube's will hop in bed all night long until Steve gives in and spoons her. There will be a big comfy dog bed in the near future.
In the books, is an old fashion welcoming party. Which will be the first, after only living there 3 years, but will hopefully be the first of many. Joining both our family's for maybe one of the most cramped get to know you parties ever, but hopefully a hit.

Time has already passed by so quickly for the both of us. What's just a little more. We wanted to do it right, do it on our timing. Before we know it, the planning and preparing will be over, and everything in this post will just be second nature.

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Take a knee, sir"

This weekend was a little different than most, because Steve wasn't involved in any of it. He had plans for a guys camping trip, up past Superior Wisconsin. These weekends can be nice, he gets some much needed guy-time, and I get to stay at my own house and relax all weekend. But in the same breathe, I'll let you know they are disappointing to. We have such a great time together, that I like our weekends.

Friday night, I got off work and met up with some friends for some drinks, which turned into a lot of friends, for a birthday, and a lot of drinks. I like to think I held myself together, not too many were taken, but enough were had.

It was a late night. Later than I usually like to make it. Happy Birthday to the Lauseng twins!
Cheeseburger cupcakes
I made plans with myself and my tennies on Saturday, hitting the pavement. Intentions of jogging were higher than most this time, but still kept it to a walk. Not sure why I can't seem to kick it up, but I've been successful at keeping them long and fast.

Trying out new routes is a must. Seems once I've done it a couple times, I don't want to do it again. This time I tried out some trails in my own neighborhood. Mostly through streets instead of trails, but always interesting to see each of the houses.

It quickly came to my attention that the walk may have gone on a tad too long. I was going to be late. I quickly got ready and went to my sisters for her "invitation party". You could call it more of a "handwriting party"... the ladies were to come help her address her invitations. Leaving the men out because, well, we all know the way they write. So they sat in the back and had some drinks. We surprisingly got them all done in like 15-20 minutes. Crystal was extremely organized, and ready for everyone.
The early finish was nice so we could get in some baby time.
There was a wardrobe change : )
They grilled up some food and we all enjoyed the ok weather we were having.
Blaine Days had some airplane show or something...
The boys played with themselves... as usual... ok well, they played with each other... err... damnit.

After winning an intense game of bags, Mills and Ryan decided to do an excessive version of the victory lap(s)...
This went on for... ev... er...
Only to be followed up by taking a knee.
"Take a knee, sir."... "TAKE A KNEE, SIR."...
I left with enough time, to pick up the nugget, and head home. Only to pop in one of the greatest movies of all time. It's been a while, but nothings changed, I still find this movie to be just as awesome. "Anchorman"

Was early to rise on Sunday. Not usually my kind of thing for a weekend, but being that it was the day of Greta's baptism, it was a good excuse.

I just can't believe how big she's gotten. She did so well, she was quiet through the whole thing. I held her while all that holy stuff was going down. Crystal and I are her godmommies, so we were both up there to participate. That baby is a lucky girl!

After which, we went back to their house to fill ourselves with some much needed food, and of course more baby time.
I LOVE this one! 
Back to work today, and all I can say is, she never gets anything done while she's here...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who cuts your hair?

I don't know what it is about hair, but my belief is, it's meant to be experimented with. It's not much of the out there hairs styles or colors... even though I've always secretly wanted to have the extremely short fun hair, or some bright shade of pink or purple in my hair... But I tend to keep it pretty mild.

There are usually many months between a color or cut for me, and I say that not in an 'I visit my barber' sort of way, but an 'I visit my scissors and box of blonde sort of way'. So when I really take a good look at myself, I realize you need some change. For real, look at you. Fix yourself up.

I've taken that scissors to my head since 8th grade. Before that I had long long blonde boring hair. I don't know what made me do it. Maybe it was curiosity of my capabilities. Maybe it was teen angst. But either way I chopped it all off and started bleaching it super blonde. That was my method for years.

People still, surprised to hear this is my routine... "You cut your own hair?!" "How do you get the back?"... never fails to hear one of the two. I think since that time, I've gone to get my hair cut once... Cutting this particular style (I don't even remember what it was anymore) was going to prove hard for myself, so I went to a salon to achieve the goal... apparently it proved hard for them as well. Disappointment set in, as the new do was for my senior pictures. That's all it took to remind myself why I do it... I'd rather scold myself for cutting too much off, than someone else.

I'm not trying to steer you down the wrong path here... I'm not great, and definitely have fumbled with the scissors on more than one occasion, but I'd rather take the blame.

No formal training, just my hand, and a pair of scissors. I taught myself new ways to cut it so it didn't look straight, but ways to add depth and layers.

I'm a little more lenient with the color. The rule is, if I'm going to go darker, I need to see a professional, or if I want thin highlights I'll see someone else... But if I just want blonde, I have no problem drying the shit out of my hair with a box of blonde. After all, course dry hair is so much easier to style anyways. (FYI, this is not what any stylist wants to hear, and any of them are probably cringing at what I'm saying...) It's not that I don't know better, it's that I don't care. It works for me, and it has for years. The hair's still growing, so I'll take that as a good sign.

You wonder why I'm saying all this... Not really sure. I realized yesterday was one of the days I took one of those long hard looks in the mirror, you know the one with a judging eye... and while definitely not doing anything drastic, I grabbed my scissors and cut some layers, and chopped up my bangs.

It felt so good! Liberating in ways. I haven't done this since I cut it last fall. Not even the layers. It's kind of like an addiction. An alcoholic with a bottle in their hand. (Except this isn't technically bad for me). I have to tell myself when to quit, or I'll just keep going. Maybe an Edward saves what's her face metaphor would have been better suited for this. Either way you get the point.

I'd probably call my layer cutting form, some what of an Edward Scissorhands form. Theirs no rhyme or reason to each cut... they are just made, and have never failed to look somewhat normal.

Which results in a counter full of hair, but hopefully a less bored chick when I'm done.
I hate closeups like this... but took it anyways, for the final shot... ish.
Ok, now I'm just being dumb...
Here are some of the styles I've cut throughout the years... enjoy.

Not fishing for compliments (although they are welcome), I just have nothing else to write about today.
This one's an old one, but this is about how it looked for a couple years after I started cutting it in 8th grade.
There wasn't so much cutting around these times, but I was experimenting with box
colors and highlights. Chunky highlights...
This is the first time I really tried something different with my hair. Maintained
it for about a year or a little more, and grew it out.
I did not color it, but kept a short inverted bob going for a while.
This is usually the color I choose when I do my blonde box... Same cut as the
previous, seems I keep going back to that bob. 
Last summer I proclaimed I was growing my hair out. Kept layers, and curled it a lot...
... but then I got bored, and chopped another bob... Haha, but kept the curls, and the blonde.
p.s. Too many Edwards were mentioned in this post.

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