Thursday, July 28, 2011

My life captured

This photo was recent, but I love it. It's one of Rube's first times hanging out at my house, and now she's a resident. I'm sure she's making herself at home as I type this.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The BIG move

Today's the day! Almost 2 years after we started dating, Steve and Ruby are moving in with Harper and I. We've been talking about this large leap for a while, so it always seemed so normal, but now that it's actually happening, I realize how weird it's going to be. Not in a bad way, just weird, in a different way.

Besides back in the day when I still lived at home, I have lived alone. By myself... No one there. 

Now there will be two of us there and twice as many dogs. Good dogs, might I add.

I'm excited to see how we grow as a couple, now that we will be living together. I think we've so far seen the best and worst of each other. Let's hope the best gets even better and the worst doesn't get worse (not that it's even bad, but you get it). He's good at not pushing my buttons, unless it's just the little ones... He's sure to push those at least once a day.

The adjustment for the dogs will probably be greater than for us. Mostly for Ruby because she's the one that will be moving.

The biggest change for me, will be that I had to clean out half a quarter of my closet for his stuff last night. That thing is filled to the brim (and I mean to. the. brim.) with stuff. It's hard for me to really pick the right outfit each day if I have it spread across two three closets in my house. So I had to pick and choose how I was going to separate it... 
Steve's part of the closet... haha, I couldn't let go of too much space. I hope this will be enough!
My part of the closet...
The closet in the next bedroom down. See, I don't lie when I say I have a major problem.
If that isn't going to work for his stuff, then we'll have to go back to the drawing board... If I was smart (and I am), I would just make the "office" that isn't so much anything close to an office. A.K.A. the "Elliptical room", that isn't so much anything close to an elliptical room... into just a large closet. No one goes in there anyways. Ok, I'm getting way off track here.

So, um, yeah, big changes coming up tonight!


Before all the closet work started, I went to the pup store and finally got Harper her life jacket. This was on my list for the summer, but haven't been out on water with her yet. Going to try this weekend up north with Steve's family, and definitely will next weekend at Crane Lake. (She's proved she can swim, but it's not certain how long... she's a log, remember.)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrating Quinn's 1st birthday!

I've already seen this baby through 1 year of life. Where does the time go? I remember, going up to the hospital after work that day. Jess, excited to FINALLY have her baby. We walked up and we waited patiently in the hallway. By patiently, I mean we were all huddled right outside of the door, for our turn to go in.

When the doors opened, we walked in, and I stayed back just a bit. I hadn't hit my comfortable spot with infants yet. Not like I am today. I'll pretty much just grab your baby and walk around with it now... Not like on the street, but if I know you. That day in the hospital, I didn't hold Quinn at all... SORRY QUINNDALINE! I wanted to, but couldn't, you were just too little.
Quinn Born 2
Quinn Born
One of the first pics of her that Jess sent me. Also the time I found out infants only really smile when they are gassy... hahaha
It wasn't until the next home visit which may have been a couple weeks later, I sat on the couch, and had Jess hand her to me. I didn't move an inch. I just sat there. Oh my, how a year can mold a person.


Sunday we got there early, while Jess was making food and setting up. I got ahold of that baby, and wished her her birthday wishes, and played with the camera and some toys.
Jill's only job was to blow up the balloons and make balloon animals... Which apparently proved hard without the blower-upper-dealy-mabob-guy. So, she did what she does best... improvised.
Showing Jess the puppy she made.
Then Michael showed up out of the garage with this... we aren't entirely sure what it is, or what he was thinking... but he rocked it through the whole party.
We feasted on a delicious taco bar, and some of the best corn on the cob, ever. Then it was onto Quinn's presents.
Quinn's buddy. She was walking around with this balloon in her mouth, it was pretty adorable!
Gingo (great grandma) gave this hat to Quinn.
This is so precious!!
That was the talking computer bear Steve and I got her.
Her bike from "Aunt Grandma".
Her Radio Flyer from Grandma and Grandpa.
Grandma and Quinn!
After all the present excitement, it was time to watch her eat her cake!
She's sharing, what a good little girl!
It was quite the celebration. Jess said she decided to call off the helicopters... I bet.

Happy 1st Birthday Quinn!!


Crystal's THIRD and FINAL shower

The weekend had final come. All this planning was coming to an end. Now it was onto the execution stage. As I said Friday I had some preparing of food to do.

After this was done, I took a good look at my fridge... Wow, I don't think I've ever seen it so packed. Usually it's just liquids and condiments (which it kind of still is...), I swear I'm still working on the domesticated thing. My sisters actually said it seems to be working. So yay.
Saturday morning I woke up early, got ready and packed my car... This took maybe 6 trips in and out, and repeat. Of course, the nugget was no help...
The weather was not going to cooperate with us that morning, but we had to run around town and grab more stuff for the shower. So the lady and I were off. We headed from stop to stop. Getting caught in a down pour at the first. I grabbed the umbrella and went to grab the car, losing a sandal, putting it back on, only to lose it again... grabbed it without putting it back on to keep going. Only to lose the other... While shouting things and losing my cool, I grabbed the other, and barefooted it back to my car. Ugh...

Of course we get to the next stop, only for the clouds to part and blue skies to come through. I'm not going to complain because it was awesome, but it would have been nice before the sandal meltdown.
We went back to the house and got everything set up, and the guests started to arrive.
Bridget had this great idea to not only do the questions game... but that we should video tape his answers. It was a hit, we all loved it. It's nice to not just have someone read his answers, but hear him say it, with his own mannerisms. It was very "special".
After the games, she went through and opened some more presents. Her house must be full, because there were many generous gifts given, along with the others from her first two showers.
Very creative Charlotte!
... It wasn't even Shower #2... how did she figure it out?
Some of the ladies!
We had a nice afternoon, with plenty of great friends. Which is when our evening out was about to start...


Monday, July 25, 2011

"If I die young..."

As I laid in bed yesterday all my thoughts were pouring through, one after the other. I knew exactly what I was going to write in this post today, but as I sit here now... I'm kind of at a loss of words. So I'm going to put this together the best I can.

We pulled up to the church yesterday evening only to find that the front parking lot was already full... no surprise as I stated in my last post, it's going to be a full house. We turned around and pulled into the back lot.

Upon walking in, we were directed to the line... the end of the line. The line that wrapped around and around to sign the guest book, and look through the pictures, and up to the family. Everyone was sure to patiently wait in this line, for their turn to each one of them.

I held it together until I got to the picture boards. It was nice to see all the pictures of Kelly, young and old. Always the same sparkling smile. Remembering some moments, and learning about others.

I didn't get my chance to talk to the family before the service, as there were just too many people there, they had to get everyone seated.

More pictures were shown in a slideshow, along with a song that I was recently talking about. I lost it a bit more. Today as I got up, got ready, drove to work, put in jobs, and now typing this while eating lunch, that songs still is replaying in my mind. It holds so true to this moment that we are all experiencing with the loss of Kelly...

Soon after, her lovely younger sisters, hand-in-hand took the stage, and with great courage read a paper they found of Kelly's. She wrote it for a class, and I can't think of a better piece of writing for those two to have read up there. It had everyone in tears, and of course laughter.

Others found their courage to get up in front of us all, and share their heart warming stories, and it wouldn't be right if there weren't some funny Kelly moments in there as well.

It was a great tribute, for a great person.

After the service a large group of people headed up to Mama G's, a bar that Kelly and all of us frequented a lot, and grabbed some drinks and shared some more stories in her honor. She wouldn't have had it any other way.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming up this weekend...

Today marks the start of an extremely busy weekend. Much planning went into what is to take place tomorrow, Crystal's final shower, and the ever anticipated bachelorette party. UUH OOW! I hope everything goes as planned. I always say that I hate planning this stuff... but I realize that if it was for me it would be much simpler. Not in an "I'm selfish, and love myself so much, it needs to be about me" kind of way, but in an "I know what I want, I know all the guests" kind of way. It's just hard to coordinate schedules to get things all together, and to get everyone the information...

BUT, it's pretty much settled, and that's a good feeling. With the exception of some of the items on the menu. That is what my evening is devoted to... and let's hope it's not the entire evening that gets devoted to this. Cocktails and cooking... that will be my Friday night. I just hope Steve is feeling up to helping out. He's been sick lately, and no one needs Mr. Ishy Sick Hands in the kitchen. So we'll see I guess.

Sunday, is a day of mixed feelings. One of great excitement for Steve's niece QW (Quinn) is celebrating her FIRST birthday! I can't wait to watch her dive into the cake face first, and open her gifts, probably being more excited about the wrapping than the actual gift. She's such a sweetie pie! But Sunday is also one of great sorrow, as we say our final goodbyes to Kelly. I am almost positive that church will be bursting at the seems with people. She touched so many people in her short lifetime. It will be a hard day.

I hope everyone else's weekends are filled with joy and adventure. Have a good one!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took yesterday at a work meeting... An offsite meeting on the river. Filled with typical company info, new hire meet/greets, food, drinks and a great view.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Putting together a vase for your space

This is for those of you that have no idea what to do when it comes to adding accents in your home. I thought since I was putting this together for my home, I'd fill you in on what I did.

I wanted something for my loft area, now that the burnt orange is on the walls, and I have a green chair in there and a black mirror... Something... and not something in a knick knack form because I'm short on furniture for that room. I fell back on my go to... A vase like structure with a filler, anything that catches my eyes. If you want it easy buy a vase and buy a tall enough filler and just put the filler in the vase... if you want to get creative...

I walked around Pier 1, one of the greatest stores invented. After finding the perfect piece of art for my bathroom wall (will unveil soon). I found this wooden vase. I loved it and knew it would be perfect for the loft.
Without hesitation I walked by these grass like structure (also I might add, they were on sale), and decided these would be perfect. When I'm in the zone, I just grab and go, and know where and what I'm doing with it.
This pic was taken after I took the ties off.
When I got home, I started to fiddle with the items, come to find out the grass was not just tied up loose pieces, they were double sided taped/glued to these pieces of styrofoam... Not what I wanted to see... BUT, that wasn't going to stop me from getting this done.

I clipped some of the tape, and left some on. Pulling them from the styrofoam pieces.
After this was all done, I knew the grass was too short to just put in the vase. So my trick is to use bags. For more support, use paper bags (another good way to recycle). Ripping them in small enough pieces that I could twist them through the small opening at the top. Then shoving my hand in there to spread it out so the grass could lay on top of it.
After this is done, it's all about placement of the pieces. Since the grass ended up being more like sheets of grass, I rolled each piece up into itself, and placed them in there and pulled the pieces around until I was happy with the coverage.
This is the point where I would usually say this project is done, but I decided to take the ties (from the grass) and tie one of them around the top of the vase. Wrapping it around a couple of times, and double knotting it in the back.
Don't worry this won't show when you place it. Just be sure you put it on the side you want to face away. Unless you tie a "pretty" bow and you want it to show. Whatever you like.
And there you have it.
As you can see the grass has burnt tips, so it helped pull both the green from the chair and the orange from the wall together.

More to come from this room when pillows and others come together. Meanwhile, here are some other vases/fillers that were put together around my house.
This one, I didn't want the stems of the flowers to show, so I cut off the leaves and faced them out, inside the vase. Then placed the flowers in how I wanted them. Cheap and easy. You could also (I'll be doing this soon), buy a small amount of fabric, and adhere it to the outside of the glass (hell you could even use a small cardboard box...) and fill it with your favorite flowers.
Filled this red vase with plastic bags, and instead of cutting the ties we left them as is. Then placed the ivory leave fillers on top to add some extra detail, and cover the bags.
Found these leave fillers at IKEA and couldn't resist. The only problem is in certain lightings you can see through the bottom of the vase, and I didn't like how the leaves were just there...
So I finally found a use for the green grassy balls I got from Target before I even moved into my house. At first sight you'd never notice they were there, but that's what I love about it. It's the little details!
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