Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Early sign up for a 2012 summer cross off

I forgot to mention in my last few posts that as of yesterday, I am signed up for the Warrior Dash 2012. If you don't know, this is a 5K event that involves running and obstacles inbetween. Steve's cousin, Jill, did the dash this summer, and told me all her stories. I thought it sounded like a lot of fun, and was looking forward to hearing more info about next years. Little did I know only a month and a half later I would be signing up. Already?!

Well, that way I have plenty of time to "train"... err

If this race is any reflection of my normal being of a person, this is going to be interesting. People I know well, are surprised to hear I signed up. It's kind of on my pre bucket list (that seems to have been currently put on hold)... it's just not actually written out. But any kind of push-yourself-create-a-goal-and-achieve-it event, is in the back of my head. This one doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, so it was more up my alley.

After being invited to sign up, and actually signing up, this was the message I left my team with.

"p.s. I really suck at running, jumping, climbing, crawling, breathing hard, balancing on stuff, yelling while running. I'm really good at standing in place, and complaining. Just so you know."

They've been warned. I think this will be good; I got a positive reaction out of them.

"You're on the right team."
"That statement rules. Hard."

This will be fun. But now I wait.


My life captured

I've been doing these photo posts for a while, and it never occurred to me to mention that I post photos as well through Instagram, and have been for quite some time. If you also have the Instagram app, follow this link and check out my photos, or you can search for my user name "blf" within the app. Look forward to seeing you there.

There really isn't much of a story behind this photo. It just caught my eye as two almost extinct items coexisting together... and something I wanted to capture. We were at our friend's new place, a house warming party for a couple we know. Grilling food, playing games, sharing stories, and sharing drinks. Music filled our ears, and it wasn't until much later in the evening I looked over as to what it was.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Subject: How do I...

I made a very aggressive resolution this year... I don't make resolutions, ever. This being the reason... I don't follow them. I'm as stubborn as they come, and so it's quite hard to get myself convinced these are things I should do... "exercise", "eat right", "be healthy".

Yet, I will be the first to complain about not being these things. Hence, a conversation with my sister today via email:

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 1:17 PM (2 hours ago)
...get rid of cankles? I have noticed recently that the definition between my calfs and feet are not so much anymore... HOW DO I GET RID OF THAT!? Is there a work out? Am I forever condemned to the fat ankle group?

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 1:22 PM (1 hour ago)
Hahaha!  I'm sorry for laughing, but I don't think you have cankles!!  I just saw them yesterday and they look fine.  I am not aware of any execises that get rid of those, but I can look around.

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 1:28 PM (1 hour ago)
Look again on that pic you took of the guys buckling Steve and I in that bubble ride we went on. There is no definition...

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 1:41 PM (1 hour ago)
I don't think it looks bad, I just think it was a weird angle.

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 1:50 PM (1 hour ago)
I hope so because I've taken notice to these things lately.

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 1:57 PM (1 hour ago)
You worry too much!

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:01 PM (1 hour ago)
Well, I'm getting my old lady body now. I have acid reflex like a son of a b*tch. I get bad stomach aches over the dumbest foods... My ankles now look like my thighs... My thighs look like my stomach. My stomach looks like someone else's stomach, and not one I would pick. Seeing a pattern here? I'm growing into the dreaded version of me. And I'm not even going to start on the wacky waving arm fat that continues to grow.

You'd worry too.

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 2:05 PM (1 hour ago)
Oh, you do not look that bad!!!  I think you look great!!
"that"... huh... ?

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:23 PM (58 minutes ago)
I'm really not fishing for compliments, so when you hear of the cankle exercise, let me know.

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:23 PM (58 minutes ago)

Getting rid of water retention will prove to be hard...

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 2:36 PM (45 minutes ago)
Consume less food, eat less salty foods and drink some more water.  I think those things would help.

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:40 PM (41 minutes ago)
And wrap my ankles, you know like they do in the asian cultures to their feet. That would work...

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:41 PM (41 minutes ago)
And it's probably going to be hard to consume less food, and while we're at it less salt... So I'll just substitute more water in... You think that will work?

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 2:42 PM (39 minutes ago)
I meant less ALCOHOL

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 2:45 PM (37 minutes ago)
Oooww... Let me think about it.

Crystal Fortin to me
show details 2:57 PM (25 minutes ago)
Hahahaha!  I mean, I totally understand, I did type food... oops.  My bad!

Brianna Fortin to Crystal
show details 3:14 PM (7 minutes ago)
We can discuss the details later. Thanks for you efforts this afternoon.
So... moral of the story... cankles are alcohol induced... ? I'll just stick to what I'm doing and hope that my stubbornness doesn't get the best of me.


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