Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crane Lake: take one

This is one of the coolest places you can find yourself, in the heat of the summer. It's just far enough away, that you're away. But close enough that you won't spend money on a plane ticket.

But this isn't where we started.

Our journey to the lake began with an overnight trip to the shit hole. We went to the End Zone and played some more crane game (fitting for the weekend), and had some drinks.


Thursday morning we were early to rise, in excitement for the last leg of our trip up north. This part includes a stop in Cloquet for breakfast. We found out quickly this was the same Perkins, same crane game from the year before. Last year the guys won these hats... Steve's was a polar bear, and Mike's was a moose. They were the most ridiculous hats ever... This year, there was only 1 hat that was catchable, and it was Steve's... The chicken hat. Don't think for a second that this only went on for the photo opp... He wore this the entire 2-3 hours we had left of our drive.
We were disappointed to find out when we left for home, the hat remained at the lake.
The trip was long. I shouldn't complain though, I wasn't driving. I was napping and started a new book... (I said started... not that I got far...)
Oh and look here, I got a fishing license! Didn't use it, but I got one!
There is a small town outside of our destination and when we pass it I light up. This time I made Steve stop, so I could get the picture to share with you.
When we finally arrived we got settled in, and almost immediately ran out to the boat. It was hot, we were bored from our drive, and needed a cool pick-me-up.
After our drive around the lake we checked out the equipment we were working with. That's when we found "WILD FIRE" (said with a fist thrown up in the air). Steve was quick to hop on this, as we went into town.
I think Steve made quite the deal about it, because after we got back and started dinner I found it was occupied quickly.
After dinner... wait, before dinner... we were surprised to find that 2 1/2 of our uncooked burger patties were gone, missing, eaten... RUBY! She was quickly placed in time out. (See first picture, Ruby tied to cabin). Bad puppy.

Ok, so back to what I was thinking here... after dinner Steve road off on a 4-wheeler. Some of us gathered in the driveway for cocktails, and complaints about the flies. When Steve pulled back up...
He's always up to something.

We lit a fire, had some cocktails and played some light up frisbee as the sun went down.


Friday morning started, early... like all of the mornings started.

This was our big trip to the Ash River day. Each year we take the boat out on a day long boat trip. Usually Kettle Falls for pink thangs, but this year we switched it up to the river.

This lake is like no other I've seen. It's awkward and large. By awkward, I mean, one minute it's 40 feet deep and the next you see a mini rock island with a seagull on it. There are more islands than I can count out there. It's really amazing.
Once we got to the Ash River we were quick to get off the boat at the first bar and stretch our legs. I was the first to run into the bathroom... to this, I witnessed...
When I came out and spread the word, I was greeted with a blue thang. Just as good as the pink.
We drank up and headed out to the next place.
On our way back, as we neared our destination we stopped so the guys could be guys and do some cliff jumping. One by one they climbed up and jumped off. Steve got antsy enough to do it twice.
When we got back, I needed a nap. I think I got about an hour and a half in, until I forced myself up. Just in time for dinner. Beef tenderloin was on the menu. One of the largest slabs of meat I've seen in a long while.

We finished dinner just in time to see the clouds roll in for a nice storm.
That brings us to the conclusion of the first couple days of Crane. Stay tuned for the next part.


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Nikki said...

That cabin is gorgeous! I love the chicken hat too. It really sets up the weekend for me ;)

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