Monday, August 15, 2011

Crane Lake: take two

It may seem as though I've forgotten I stopped at "take one" for our Crane Lake post, but I didn't. I've just been too busy lately to get the 2nd post up. But here it is, I'm sure you're all waiting patiently to read it...

After our long day out to the Ash River, we were all a little spent. Well mostly the dogs...
Despite these issues, we all piled on the boat and headed out to a portage... I think that's what it's called. When we got there, we docked the boat and "hiked" through a short wooded area and other peoples campsite (awkward) and up the trails. We weren't entirely sure where our destination was. I was eager to pull Harper aside from venturing off when I found this.
Steve and I literally just saw 127 Hours... I wasn't taking any chances.

Once we realized we weren't sure where we were going, we back tracked a little and found a nice area by the water. This is a motorless lake, so it's quite peaceful with canoes and kayaks as the only transportation out there.

We grabbed some rock and watched the pups run around.
The sun peeked out for just a bit while we were out there, and it was a nice surprise.
After our early afternoon on the trails we were cabin bound. This was when the boys decided to trampoline off the dock, while the rest of us remained as onlookers.
It just wouldn't be right, for some of these guys to go up north and not shoot anything... So they pulled out a pellet/cap/whatever it's called gun, and lined up some cans.
Note: I'm well aware I hold the gun completely F'ed up, but this is the only way I can line up my shot comfortably. And I still hit shit. For being a non-gun person... I'm a pretty decent shot. Just so you know...
More food was eaten, more great conversation was had, and of course a few more drinks... It was another perfectly executed weekend in Crane Lake. I hope we get a chance to go again next year.
A "wop-like" drink Steve composed, he said it was awesome. I didn't try it, but believe him. Notice how the color has drained from the fruit.


p.s. I am really excited, I just entered 3 of my pictures into a local photo contest. Probably won't hear anything about it until late September at the earliest. Wish me luck : )

p.p.s. Thanks to Steve's parents! For his birthday they bought Steve us Steve new pots and pans. Definitely needed, and I joke, WE will make some good meals with those here soon.



Daina @ New York State of Mind said...

Looks like a great time!

Which photos did you enter? That is exciting! Good luck!

Nikki said...

You make me want a black dog! I can't believe harper swims!

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