Friday, September 30, 2011

The inevitable list

Ever since Steve moved in, we've realized a need for the things I've learned to live without... (and by learn, I mean I was ok with it...) At least regarding the things in our kitchen. There are so many small pieces, and a few big pieces we are finding out I don't have and we need.

So we've compiled a list. 

To make it on our "list" you must help us with cooking, or baking. You must help us clean up more smoothly. I'm proud that there is even a need for this list. We've both taken quite nicely to the kitchen and what it's worth. Most nights we each take on a dinner duty, but some nights one will take full responsibility for what fills our bellies. Only to be exchanged with the same favor by the other the next night.

We come from two extremes, and I think we're doing a really good job at finding a middle ground and sticking there. We've learned to talk about dinner before dinnertime. We'll make frequent trips to the grocery store (and I mean frequent) to be sure we have what we need for the night, or the week.

I am going to start tackling this list more aggressively. Each time I get paid I will try to purchase at least one item from this list. That being said, I should probably check back to the list to make sure these are accomplishable items to get on the go. Some may take more consideration, or saving. But I'll try.

I was just sitting here thinking, it's been a while since I've posted a really domesticated post (I mean, they all are in some way or another, being they are my journey to the ultimate domesticated lifestyle), which brought me to my list.

p.s. We're heading off to the shithole this weekend, and Saturday we're taking a day trip to Duluth, I love it there, and am pretty stoked to go. Steve and I were just talking about when we would take another trip there. Here we go! Happy weekend!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My life captured

After running these dogs tired at the dog park last Sunday, Ruby apparently hadn't had enough on the ride home. She wanted, she needed to be in the front seat with me. Since we were on our way out of the park, I'm still not sure why. She was more of a pain on our way in.

But she was on a mission to get in the front seat, and when I least expected it, she uncoordinatedly jumped over my arm block against the seat, and into the front. Dirty, muddy paws and all... On top of that, she landed on my camera, the only thing in the front seat.

That car was quick to pull over, dog was scolded, and properly seated in the back... where she belonged. All things were looked over, and this once stopped car was moving again...

It was miles down the road, that someone felt bad for someone... (how does that always happen). And had to get a pic of the pup, cause she couldn't stop staring at her in the mirror.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leukemia Light the Night Walk: In honor of Kelly McPherson

It's been a long awaited event. I've posted about the fight, the loss, and now our fight with Leukemia here, herehere, well and here. It's overwhelming how much people have reached out in the name of someone special. I set a goal of $200 for this walk, and ended up raising $208.62. More than half of my donations came from very generous coworkers, family and friends who had never met Kelly, but if they had, they'd love her. Thank you to everyone, for finding it in your heart to help out a great cause. 

Our whole team managed to raise $4,189.00! Talk about fabulous, not that I'm patting ourselves on the back... but I am! I haven't heard the totals of the entire event, but I'm sure it will knock your socks off.

I wasn't sure what to expect as far as the walk itself goes, but knew either way we had a large and warm group of people waiting to hold her honor up high that night.

We started the way anyone would start once walking into a baseball field... with food. Picked up our shirts, and got into our walking stances... or just using up time before the ceremony started.
IMG_5255A IMG_5258A IMG_5261A
Once we heard a band, covering Adele at the moment, we worked our way back towards our section and took a few seats before the walk.
IMG_5264A IMG_5266A IMG_5268A IMG_5271A
It was at this point, that the sun peaked out... and shortly after that I noticed a slight rainbow in the sky... I wasn't the only one to take notice to this either.

Balloons were lit in honor of loved ones lost, loved ones struggling, and loved ones that survived. It was moving to say the least.
IMG_5272A IMG_5273A IMG_5279A
We walked, halfway around the inside of the field, and when it started pouring we all got a little skeptical... until only seconds later, it calmed and stopped. We made our way outside to walk a large portion around the field. It was then people thought the walk was over... but I was sure I saw people that walked back into the field to continue the walk. I had to convince the few I was with to keep going... and I'm glad I did. 

That was when we walked down to the field and then onto  the field. When do you get to do that... can't say I have.
IMG_5283A IMG_5287A IMG_5292A IMG_5294A IMG_5298A IMG_5301A IMG_5307A IMG_5309A IMG_5310A IMG_5313A
I touched and saw things that I will never get to feel and see in that way again... in a totally appropriate way. It was amazing to speak lightly of it. I was taken back completely.

The evening had come to an end, and we were on our way back to our car. It was a success.
IMG_5318A IMG_5319A IMG_5325A IMG_5329A IMG_5331A IMG_5333A IMG_5276A
Thank you Light the Night, and Target Field for sponsoring a great cause.


If you can't beat them, join them... Not advised in this case...

Steve started our weekend off with a nasty cold. He had been slightly complaining about his throat since our anniversary. I was hoping it would pass quickly without a commotion, since I had yet to be sick since we started dating. (Note: That was in past tense.) He on the other hand has the immune system of an ant... (If for some reason they have extremely great immune systems, then replace that with something of the opposite idea.) (Also, if for some reason I've used this reference before, it's because it's true.)

I wanted to keep myself separated from him as much as I could. You know, keep him quarantined. Our bedroom... "The cesspool" was a place I was not going to go into unless I had to.


Saturday, I woke up (from the guest bed) and continued on to run to the store to pick up some missing breakfast items. I had told Steve late the night before that I'd make him breakfast the next morning. As I promised. I did.
He didn't hang out much after breakfast, Steve was off to the cesspool, and I laid on the couch catching up on some shows. The sun was full force and I knew it was going to be a nice day. A day I didn't want to waste on the couch... but regardless, probably would...
I decided instead to have a puppy photo shoot. Like I didn't have enough photos of them, I needed more.
IMG_4997A IMG_5013A IMG_5018A IMG_5023A IMG_5026A IMG_5043A 
A little drippy Rubes?
IMG_5047A IMG_5054A IMG_5068A
Harper trying to steel the spotlight over Rubes... still drippy.
IMG_5070A IMG_5074A
They are too much fun for me to be around, I have to keep capturing them.

Anywho, so after more lazy time, I finally got up off the couch and went on with my day. Leaving Steve quarantined. I had a baby to see!

She just gets bigger and bigger every time I see her. Which is to be expected, but still, it's amazing to me.
IMG_5085A IMG_5098A IMG_5144A IMG_5146A IMG_5151A
Before I take too much credit for these block structures... they were pictured on the packaging. The same packaging that greta would rather play with than the blocks.
I went home to check on Steve and he seemed in higher spirits, which is good. This means he's feeling better, and almost over this crap. On top of that, I'm still feeling fine, so this is going quite well if you ask me.

We laid around (on separated couches) for a bit and contemplated dinner (i.e. 9:00...), he decided he wanted to head to Applebees. We hadn't been there in quite some time, and they vamped the place up (well, enough for it to still be Applebees, but it looked nice). When we walked in, I felt 10 years older. It was like high school hang out. Back when we were in high school, we were sitting in a parking lot somewhere trying to figure out who's parents were out of town, and where we might get some alcohol... So apparently these kids have a better future coming.

So we picked at some food, and had a drink (weird), and headed out as soon as we were finished.
IMG_5158A IMG_5160A


Sunday came, and I went out with Steve's cousin, her boyfriend, and his aunt to the dog park. It's hard to refuse a nice day outside where the dogs can run around. The weather was perfect!
IMG_5161A IMG_5163B IMG_5165A IMG_5167A IMG_5169A IMG_5180A IMG_5183A IMG_5186A
After getting home, and Steve clogging the tub to give Ruby a bath (she got a little muddy), I decided it's probably time for a mini shoot... Starting with Steve.
IMG_5398A IMG_5202A IMG_5211A IMG_5223A
It was this point we were waiting for Crystal and Ryan to leave for our Leukemia walk for Kelly. Post to come shortly. It was quite an event!

During the walk, my throat felt funny, by the time we got home... it was a full on sore throat... damn him. We had just cleaned up the cesspool... apparently just in time for me to use it. Steve was sure to call me out on my quarantine and all it's glory when he got home from work yesterday... tissues everywhere.


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