Monday, October 31, 2011

My life captured

While I was going through my scavenger hunt photos, trying to be sure I had the perfect one for the set, it hit me... One thing I had to do for Halloween...


You didn't think I was above this, did you... ?


Scavenger Hunt Sundays

This time I was sure to get a jump start on this. It's hard when I get off work these days and the sun has already started to go down, or is already down. It doesn't leave me with many outside opportunities to take pictures. So I held off until Saturday. Steve and I ran some errands, then stopped at a nearby park to see what I could find.

I found it was a lot more easy for me to find last weeks images. I struggled with these more. So we'll see how this goes.

1. Macro:

I struggled with this one, as I really wanted to get one of Harper's face (showing all the detail in her fur and wrinkles), but it wasn't working out. I have a ton of older pictures of what I was looking for, but really wanted to follow the rules and take a new one. So I moved on to Ruby's paw... haha.

2. Found Texture:
I love the way the light and shadows really stand out in a field of sand. I wasn't sure which texture picture I'd use, because I just love texture, one of my favorite things when shopping for clothes. I went with this one because of all the lines it creates, but also because that is Steve in the background getting in touch with his inner child.

3. Home:
All of the images of our home ran through my head while I thought about what to do with this one. I could pick my favorite room or angle, I could find a fun creative piece I'd like to show off... these thoughts just weren't doing it for me. It wasn't until I went upstairs and remembered that "home" is the place that I throw subtle hints to Steve when it could be time for him to do his laundry...

4. Cover:
This is the covered slide they had at the park that takes you from the park area down to the beach. I remember playing on this as a kid. You'd have to pour water down it, so you're butt didn't stick on your way down. It was always really hot in the summer.

5. The Tree:
I love taking a good tree pic. If you don't already follow my Instagram account, you should check it out "blf". I have a few fun tree shots. One thing I notice is that I'm a sucker for a b&w tree shot. I can't help it. They just look creepy, and you really take notice to each branch and how many curves and angles they each have. This one caught my eye because it's growing through the deck at this park, and at quite an angle.

p.s. This post is my 200th post! I just noticed yesterday I was at 199, and thought I should probably give this little thing a shout out for it's 200th.


Friday, October 28, 2011


I've probably mentioned how cool the place where I work is... right? Well, it's pretty awesome. I know I've mentioned on more than one occasion Harper being here with me. Which is any random day. Bring your dog to work day... everyday you ask?! Yes.

Yesterday our "fun committee" put together a party for fall October festivities. Just to say thanks to their employees, and help everyone kick back. They came up with "Scopetoberfest".

We were greeted outside with t-shirts. I'm a big fan of swag, but then again... who isn't. Only to make your way to the keg.
Photo5C Photo2C 
After stopping off at the keg, you could swing on by a friendly game of hammerschlagen that was set up for everyone. They had two stations, each station was warmed by a good old fashion parking lot bonfire.
Photo1C Photo3C 
When you were done, not winning at hammerschagen, you were welcomed to the table of apples, heated carmel, and nuts. NUTS! It was delicious, and I'd be lying if I said I did not scrape the remainder of carmel out and eat it after the apple was gone...
It was a great time!

Have a great and safe Halloween weekend! I hope to see some great pictures next week!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sundays

So, I've been looking around for a while for just the right link-up for me. I knew it would be some kind of photography link-up. There are just so many. I recently started following this blog Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. She has great advice when learning the elements of photoshop, and it's nice to see others hard at work in the same hobbie-field as your own.

I finally figured out how to do one of these (let's hope this works). They give you key words each week, and you go out and shoot your creative portrayal of them. I kind of cheated this time, since the deadline is today. I quickly found some favorites all from my Duluth trip this summer that fit each of the keywords so I had to add them. Plus I think all my Duluth pics were deleted off the blog in "the mishap". This just works out for everyone (or maybe just me).

1. Words: 
This place had so many great items on the menu. We both splurged a little on our food, but it was worth it!

2. Under:
I made sure after we checked into our hotel room, that the gnomes (Terry & Jerry) got comfortable under the covers.

3. Orange:
Constructions... Need I say more. MPLS is full of these orange cones all through the summer.

4: Fly:
It was quite easy to catch these seagulls flying around on our trip. They get fed a lot up there, so they don't stray too far.

5: Bright side: Bright SideB 
Look on the bright side... you could have to go out here...

I hope you enjoyed these, and I'm going to try to join the link up each week (hopefully... that may be kind of a stretch).

Happy Tuesday ugh... Too early in the week to be wishing days. Sorry! 


My life captured

While my mom and I were in Stillwater the other day I mentioned that we ate at a bar called the Mad Capper. It was a narrow, one walkway between the tables and bar kind of bar. It was dark, and uninviting to the afternoon luncher, as most small bars can be. 

The waitress asked if we wanted the table in the front. When I took a look, I eagerly accepted. It was like a table out of a movie. It was this tiny nook, just big enough for two people to sit and talk as we gazed on everyone outside. This may seem subpar to some of you, but I thought it was great, it helped meet my expectations for the day.

The little things.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday in Stillwater

If you are not from around here, or you are, but admit you're crazy and have not been to Stillwater. You need to do so. It's such a lovely town full of such character, great shops, a direct view of the river, and of course some 'small town feel' bars.

The car trip didn't take us long, which is good, cause I don't know what's worse... Riding with Suz while she drives you somewhere (it. takes. forever.)... OR driving her around while she gasps and clutches the door when the guy in front of you turns on his blinker to get OUT of your lane... Conversations run hard on these rides.

BUT, despite her lack of faith, and because of my professional-like driving skills we made it there, and much quicker than if she had been driving. Did I mention how great the weather was on Saturday? It was gorgeous, sun, few clouds, 60+ temps.

We parked the car and headed out to the river to walk around before we shopped.

IMG_5627C IMG_5629C IMG_5631C IMG_5633C
We made our way up the street and to the shops. This town is full of antique shops. I get really excited to rummage through them, although it's rare I purchase anything. And I might say, once you make your way through 2 or 3 of them, the last few are a little less interesting. They all start to look the same...
IMG_5635C IMG_5636C IMG_5640C IMG_5641C
It's no surprise that the jewelry counter is right where she heads... That's her thing, she loves her some good jewels, inspiration, or beads to make her necklaces (she has made some great pieces, if you didn't know).
The walls are lined with old items. Each room (and there are many) is filled with some interesting pieces. It's so hard to really take all of it in... and this is just one store.
IMG_5647C IMG_5650C IMG_5649C
I always love these old hats, and they had a ton of these pointy old boots. Which would have been kind of cool to own.
We made our way further down the main street, from shop to shop. Eventually making our way into clothing boutiques. Usually the small boutiques with only a couple sizes in everything can start to get spendy, but some of these were decently prized. So I made a couple purchases. Keeping myself surprisingly in check.
We were seated at the Mad Capper for lunch. It was more of a bar, but served food as well. It wasn't until after lunch I realized how dumb we were for not getting a spot on the large deck on the river at The Freight House... oh well, there's always next time.
IMG_5658C IMG_5659C IMG_5672C
After we ate, we walked around some more, checking out older buildings, some of the river sights, and more shops. We couldn't leave out treats and ice cream from our adventure!
IMG_5665C IMG_5664C IMG_5668C IMG_5669C 
IMG_5670C IMG_5671C IMG_5674C IMG_5666C IMG_5679C
Seriously, it was more than a perfect Saturday. I am glad I took a moment to think of something different to do for once. Also glad that my mama was more than happy to join me.

As we were pulling out to head home, I had remembered the train cars I saw on our way to one of Crystal's bridal showers. I wanted to see them up close this time.
IMG_5675C IMG_5676C IMG_5678C
I gotta get Steve back here with me soon. I was disappointed to tell him that Ruby Begonia's had changed to another bar... He was sad, poor guy.


Money games

To Steve, some of the most ordinary things become a game. This started a couple weeks ago, when he owed me his half of the mortgage money. Well, good thing it wasn't his whole half. He actually only owed me $100 of it. Any normal person would hand it to you, write you a check (if they are above the age of 50), place it on the counter with a lovely note. Not my Steven... he wants me to work for my money.

I thought this was a one time thing, until I got the warning last Friday that it was on... again.
IMG_5608A IMG_5614A IMG_5615A IMG_5620A IMG_5625A 
Thank god he doesn't try very hard.


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