Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas dress

Tis the season for the inevitable dress shopping. Every year Periscope throws us a memorable Christmas party. I have yet to miss one. And every year I buy a new dress. This year the party just so happens to fall on my birthday. So the dress is that much more important to me. Ok, it's not the end of the world kind of deal, just that I love a reason to shop, and this seems like a good one.

Problem is, whenever I have an idea in my head of what I want, it's almost impossible to find. Last year I ordered the cutest dress from Modcloth. Maroon satin, one sleeve (1/2 sleeve), with small black bows holding the sleeve together. Only problem was the fit was not right at all... for anyone... unless you have one boob 2 cup sizes saggier than the other, a man-like shoulder (emphasis on the one), and a waistline that is about is curvy as a set of ski moguls (to stick with a winter theme)... and for those of you that are... it would have been GORGEOUS. I thought about tailoring it, but there wasn't much time, and chances are it would have been a total catastrophe. I had to return it and find another one. I want that same style, or something similar. BUT I have to make an attempt to go tonight with an open mind. We will see what's out there.

Any fun Christmas parties you are looking forward to?


Monday, November 28, 2011

Harper and Ruby updated shots

As I mentioned in a recent post, I took part of my afternoon over Thanksgiving weekend to get some updated photos of the pups. Why I haven't created that photo collage of them yet... I. do. not. know. But here are just a few of the pups from that day.
IMG_6313A IMG_6322A IMG_6316A IMG_6256A IMG_6237A IMG_6221A


Video from our trip to the dog park, (meaning not even there yet... but TO the park...)


p.s. I found my dress yesterday, yay! Although, I could have done without the sales lady.

Lady: Can I help you find anything?
Me: Um, I'm looking for a dress for our holiday party. Something with some texture, a 1/2 sleeve type dress.
Lady: Did you think about maybe going the 2-piece route, and do a cute pencil skirt with a top and it would look like one piece.
Me: No, I'm looking for a one piece dress.
Lady: Ok, we've got some dresses back here and more formal ones in the back. What about this one?
Me: No, I'd like something that has some type of sleeve on it.
Lady: You know, you can do something like this and wear more over it, layers.
Me: I understand that look, but I'm looking for a one piece, long sleeve type dress.
Lady: Well we only have a couple of those options. (points me to the rack).
Me: This one looks about what I'm looking for. But it's an XS.
Lady: Don't be fooled these are adult sizes, they will run a little larger than the juniors.
Me: I'm an adult, I understand that... I just don't think an XS is going to do it. This, right here... (points at belly) is quite deceiving.

That bitch was right, it fit. Damn it. But just a warning, miss, I may look young, but don't be fooled by your customers, and don't belittle them. I'm almost 30. I think that definitely qualifies for "adult". She's lucky I still came back and bought the damn dress.


My life captured

It's been some time since I've posted one of my reoccurring posts as well. This one gets it's own post because it seems I struggle to get the perfect shots of Rubes. Maybe I'm biased (not biased at all), but I think Harper is so photogenic that any shot of her is a keeper... ok, I'm completely biased, but she's one of a kind. 

Ruby, on the other hand, is harder to read, but since she's moved in I've seen so much of her. More there than I knew originally. Before I decided to take photos of both of the pups, I started with just a couple of Ruby, and this was one of the first, and one of my favorites.



Thanksgiving weekend

We had a lot of time off this weekend. I originally had Wednesday off from work, but as luck would have it, I was working due to our load. Fall push, nothing like it... well except Spring push... Needless to say, leaving work finally Wednesday was a much needed break away.

We actually spent a lot of time in this weekend. We went out on the busiest bar night of the year... Wednesday. I don't think I need to spell it out, but it. was. busy. Butts to fronts, fronts to butts... You get the point. Awkward and cramped.

Thursday we got up early and started making the best mac and cheese out there. Heart Attack Mac and Cheese. It's superb. A recipe we got from Steve's mom. Not sure if I'm aloud to share on here, but if I can, I definitely will. One of the dishes we brought to my parents Thanksgiving that was almost gone.
IMG_6154A2 IMG_6163A2 IMG_6166A2 IMG_6159A
Suz played photographer for a second, but the focus was a little off. I'm going to post it anyways, cause I don't get too many new pics of me and GBW.
We spent a few hours at my parents house, and a few hours at his. Family visiting went into the evening. Where we eventually lit a small fire. Can you believe it was in the 50s on our Thanksgiving. 30s maybe is average, but 50s is a little unheard of. Weather was a large topic of the day. We enjoyed every second of it.
While Steve worked on Friday I took some time to take some updated photos of the pups, and take them to the dog park. Which, they loved.
Saturday, I was invited over to Steve's sister's house to decorate something green for the holidays. We quickly decided this was going to be a yearly tradition. Since I knew Steve and I would procrastinate on picking up a real tree this year and a ton of ornaments, we opted for the mini tree. This way, I could bring it with and decorate that as my green thing. I put about as much into it as it was worth. I am excited however to next year get a larger tree and some coordinating ornaments. I did purchase Steve and I our first Christmas together (ie. living together) ornaments. Found a camera for myself, and a rein"deer" for him.
IMG_6342A2 IMG_6344A2 IMG_6358A IMG_6359A
Sunday, I spent the day putting together the rest of the decorations that I have for Christmas, and some more shopping, wrapping, and movie watching. A nice day to myself.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and a nice long weekend!


Homemade Chili

I put this on the list about a month ago, or more possibly. I've been wanting to try chili for some time, and finally did. However, I have learned that with 2 people, this is a lot of food, so possibly better for a group, unless you like chili for dinner all week... not this girl.

It turned out great! I've got some thoughts for next time we make it. Just some things to spice it up a bit.
IMG_6118A IMG_6119A 
We got all the ingredients ready, threw them in the slow cooker, and went out and ran errands all day. We stopped at home periodically for things, and stirred our dinner. It smelled delicious!

Later in the evening, I wrapped a few presents, we watched True Grit, and had ourselves some chili. Quite fitting for the first snowfall.
Out of the Better Homes Cookbook


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Apparently it's been a little slow over here... but completely the opposite in my non-blogging life.  I have had no time to really get on here and write. I probably could have made some effort over the long weekend, but still no internet at our household, so we wait.

Onto another set of photos for this weeks hunt, as I link up at Ashley Sisk's blog once again.

1. Waiting:
Waiting, patiently, for dessert after our 2nd round of Thanksgiving dinner at Steve's parent's house.

2. Foliage:

3. Candid:
Incase people don't notice Rube's in photos Steve has decided he is going to point at her. That way people can see how pretty she is.

4. Knife, Fork or Spoon:

5. Rules of Thirds:

Thanks for stopping by this week! Hope everyones start after the holidays wasn't as slow as mine was this morning...


Monday, November 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I missed this last week, so I'm really excited to jump back in and post this week. Linking up over at Ashley Sisks blog again this week.

1. Mainly One Color:
I went with this one because I was in the Christmas spirit on Sunday. Steve and I were doing some Christmas shopping, and I picked these up in the "$1" section at Target... so when I looked at them on the counter against the red wall, I figured, eh why not.

2. Around the Home:
These two are always "around the home"... so I figured I'd get them this time.

3. Reflection:
I really had not intended to do "reflection" with "mirror" because well, I wanted to get more creative with it, and had another option. But I really like how my reflection was not really the subject any more being out of focus.

4. Writing:
I made my first pot of chili on Sunday, so I thought I'd get a little evidence for writing.

5. Water:

First snow fall of the season started on Saturday, and since it's a form of water, it was only fitting that I capture that one this week for this prompt.


Crystal's 30th Surprise Party

My sister has had a couple big events happen this year. Planning and celebrating her first wedding (let's hope the only wedding). And last weekend her 30th birthday. Her freshly worn in husband planned a great evening, full of friends, family, games and some time at the bar for her big day. She was clueless to this occasion.

Before they arrived we posted pictures of her youth, and some of more recent years around the house, for her and everyone else to enjoy. After getting the food and beverages set up, people were pouring through the doors.
IMG_6042A IMG_6046A
The photo above is our beloved Oldsmobile we shared in high school... This was the day we I neither of us totaled it... we were rear ended.

Although our timing was a little off between the arrival of the guest of honor, and our departure from the kitchen (easily viewed from the driveway), she seemed to be very surprised, and pleased with what she saw.
IMG_6051A IMG_6052A
A small game was put together. We had a list (not in order) of the top 5 songs/artists from 11/81 and the top 5 songs/artists from 11/11. They had to put them together, and in order. It was actually pretty hard. We played some of them in the background as they went through the lists. 
IMG_6053A IMG_6054A
We decided that the winners get to pick a truth or dare for Crystal to partake in.
IMG_6061A IMG_6062AIMG_6063A IMG_6065A
This did not go over very well... and whoever knew what the outcome would be... should have said something... oh my.
This is not the way you want to spend your birthday, especially your 30th... After a while, she slowly got a little better... But leave it to Suz to make sure she cleans up the sink immediately after...
After a little bit of recuperation time, she was ready to finish the dares... one being to sing and dance to Baby Got Back, and she killed it. The other she had to answer a question about getting busy in my parents house with Ryan, in front of our mom and his parents. John was out of town, so he missed the party, and we missed him.
IMG_6074A IMG_6079A
After that embarrassing moment we slowly filed out and to the bar, where we spent the rest of our evening.
IMG_6087A IMG_6090A
Not that anyone wants to see this... or maybe you do. Whatever you're into... This guy (we don't know), was showing crack all night. So I was advised to take a picture of it. And I do what I'm told.

Happy 30th Sis!


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