Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Another week another photo, linking back up at Ashley's blog this week.

I barely made it in this week, and to be honest two of my photos are from the archives... (whoops, don't tell Ashley... or maybe I just did). They were pulled from Steve and my Duluth trip, so it brings back great memories.

This week I chose not to edit any of the photos, so you get what you get here. Hope you enjoy!

1. Smile:

With your eyes.

2. Stand Alone:

3. Rusty or Something Old:
On the pier during our Duluth trip, really getting to know this camera on that trip.

4. Artificial:
The red, 100%, completely, artificial.

5. Repeating Pattern:
From a tunnel on our way back from Gooseberry Falls.


Monday, January 30, 2012

My life captured

I love the days that I can sit in bed and the little nugget will just plop down next to me for a long afternoon of cuddling, watching tv, and me snapping some quick shots. I have so many shots of her, yet every one seems new to me.

A favorite moment, in a day, in my life.
IMG_7600C2 IMG_7603B2 IMG_7602B2


Friday, January 27, 2012

Only because I'm so obsessed

I may have a hard time saying no to sweets, or any food you "shouldn't" have, but that is nothing compared to my impulse to shop... For anything... Mostly clothes and accessories, but pretty much anything I buy, I'm over the moon. Just the thrill of the purchase... I'm being completely serious.

I know I'm not alone on the above observation.

So when I set out on a mission to find a new phone case (yes, this actually excited me), I got quite gitty when I thought of a small medium sized list of things I could look for on this journey.

I may not have walked out with a new phone case, but I definitely found some other goodies.

One being my favorite for the day. Back in that magazine my photo was featured in, I found an article of this shop in my area. Juniper. I had never seen it or heard of it. I needed to go there and find things "not" to buy.

I was trying to be on the straight and narrow with my cash flow, which proves hard when tackling a medium list as I now had. So I knew when I came across this gem on sale, I had to take the bait. 40% off... are you kidding me, why?!
And now for the obligatory shot in the mirror, I know, what am I 12, no, I'm surprisingly much older than that. I didn't feel like putting the timer on and setting up the focus, and blah, blah, whatnot...
Being on the Pinterest train now, yes, I know, I'm a late comer... reminded me how much I love the old fashion hair scarf. I made sure to pick up a few of these as well.
IMG_7579A2 IMG_7594A2 
On a 'different day, different shopping tale' note...

This was my eager Pinterest order (besides the scarf I ordered with in 10 minutes of signing up... ugh... still have not received it). Within a day or two of being on Pinterest I fell in love with a necklace like the one I'm about to show. When I found a page on Etsy that sold them, I made that happen.
IMG_7552A2 IMG_7553A2 
So, that's really all I got for you today. No I'm not joking, that is seriously all I have for you today. Running low on stories for now. I have just been really excited about these lately... So now you have to be really excited about them.

Happy Friday, I am ecstatic that it's Friday, finally!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My life captured

Steve and I frequent Benihana, well, frequently... as I'm sure most of you know (here, minus the pics)... it's probably the single best place to eat. Hands down. If you are not in the know of this life fulfilling slice of heaven... you need to figure it out, now.

Only problem is that we usually only make it there for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. Not usually on the fly. Saturday we were out, and hadn't decided what we wanted to do that night, or even what was for dinner. Steve made a comment about Benihana's, and my face lit up. We called to see if anything was open... all booked up. We will from time to time find a spot in the sushi bar and order off the menu, but we decided to go a different route...

Take-out! Got a bottle of wine (still slowly warming up), plopped ourselves on the couch and pigged out. Best Saturday night, ever.

IMG_7443A IMG_7445A


Greta's first birthday party

The big day came, for all of us to gather and celebrate Greta's big birthday. And she was ready to party!

We quickly ate food that was put out for us, and moved onto the presents. Greta isn't so much interested in the gifts themselves... as much as the wrapping.

 IMG_7365B2 IMG_7370A2
Moments of sleepiness set in from time to time...
... but were quickly fought off with the distraction of boxes, bows, and blown up box fillers...
Any princess knows that she must wear a crown on her birthday (if not every other day).
It's not until it falls off, and placed back on that stink eyes are passed around the group.
IMG_7407A2 IMG_7413A2
This beautiful cake was made by her Auntie Jill! Can you believe that. It looked and tasted incredible! Such great detail.
IMG_7423A2 IMG_7424B2 IMG_7429A2
Mom, Dad and Greta, Happy Birthday little girl!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I had a good time this week tackling the items on this list... as you will see in some of the photos. Although I did have a hard time getting sunset... cause I didn't take it. By the time I remembered that was a prompt, we didn't get sun for there to be a "sunset".

1. Sunset:
This one I had to pull from archives, since our sun was MIA this weekend.

2. Black and White:
My pup in the snow is one of the best B&W photo I can think to take.

3. A Day in My Life:
As most of my photos are really "a day in my life", I thought maybe I would just take a selfportrait (selfie) that captures a little bit of my character.

4. Four (a set of four photos that go together)
I knew when I saw this prompt that it was to be reserved for the gnomes. Terry and Jerry are just a regular couple of gnomes. Doing things gnomes do... exercise, play dress up, go on the internets, and have snowball fights. Pretty typical.

5. Colorful:



Friday, January 20, 2012

My life captured ~ collage day

I feel as though I have exhausted my post ideas for the week. Nothing, empty, done. I ponder a few, type a little, throw some out, save some to drafts... eat a cracker. Repeat. 

After thinking a little bit (again) about my photo fail, here. I decided I would do a different "my life captured" post today, and throw at you a collage OVERLOAD post. That way some of the photos you might be missing are now here again for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday, enjoy! (All photos processed through Instagram, find me at "blf".)

Photo8A Photo9A Photo10A Photo11A


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Polar Plunge and other nonsense

So, on a much lighter note, and probably more interesting than anything I may or may not have said in my last post... I'm doing the polar plunge this year. I told you last year I WOULD be doing it, and I'm following through with my promise and also crossing off another line on my pre bucket list... Ok so I lied, I guess it wasn't on my list, but it was on this post here. I swear it is! But now that I looked at that list, I'm reminded of so many things I still have to do, and also realized I can cross (semi-cross) some of these things off:

5. Go to some shows (concerts, plays, musicals)- Of course as you know about me I will go to any Adele concert and have been to 3 now, but I've also purchased a ticket to go to Foster the People this summer. Also one of my good friends has gotten into acting, and has been in a few musicals that we've attended last year, and more to come this year. Proud of you Earl!
11. On that note... Finally attend one of the pub crawls my friends have always invited me to over the years.- This year we attended the Zombie Pub Crawl with a group of our friends, and it. was. a. blast! But I guess I already wrote about this here... and here. So oops, repeat offender.
12. More hobbies. Advance in current hobbies (volleyball, photography), redevelop old ones (drawing, music- piano, guitar), start new projects around the house.- I'm keeping this one open, because you can never have too many hobbies, but as far as my recent post, I'm taking up knitting, started some DIYs at the house, and my photography is always advancing.

I feel good about physically crossing off some of those, and need to work on some other. I was looking into Bon Iver, to see if they had any tours. I found concerts in WI and Chicago. I thought how great, I'll force Steve to take a road trip with me to Chicago. Two bird... one stone... a road trip and a concert... After all the excitement set in, it quickly wore off when I realized this was the schedule they had last summer... So we wait.

Anyways, totally off track here... so the point of this post was the polar plunge, we're doing it this year. Minus Steve cause he's a baby. But me and a group of girls I know are all taking the plunge. For those of you south of the freezing-winter-weather-line... this is an event that takes place at different destinations around your city weekend after weekend in the winter. You raise money for the Special Olympics, put on your best outfit/costume/barelyanything and jump into a hole in the ice... into the lake... into the freezing cold water. I used to think these people were crazy, but now that I am one of these people, I'm going to replace "crazy" with "AWESOME".

So, this is the year. If you'd like to donate (which I would totally appreciate and think you're extremely generous, and of course also awesome) click HERE to go to the page! Even the gnomes (yes we have gnomes) scrounged up some of my cash from the couch cushions to donate! Seven dollars and twenty-nine cents to be exact.

I'd like to surpass my goal, so just fill-er-up : ) Thanks in advance. Ok, enough pushing.


Regret weighs a lot!

Today, I'm just having one of those days. I'm not sure whether it was the point I woke up this morning to Steve doing everything in his power to be louder than a thunderstorm, moving things around, leaving lights on, bathrooming with the door open... Maybe it was the point I thought I may have burned the back of my throat on my cappuccino... Maybe it was the point that I recognized the same car on the road that I've seen 4 - 6 1/2 other times on my way to work, zipping through traffic blinkerless, racing to get downtown only to meet her at the same stop light after I managed to drive unrecklessly there...

I thought at this point today was going to be one of those day. But I pulled into work, and got my favorite spot (even though, due to traffic, I was late. And really, who has a favorite spot?), so maybe it will be a decent day... ?

I guess it's not a point of figuring out the difference of it being a good or bad day. Cause it's going fine, it's the point that something popped in my head, and I am having a "regret day". I'm not sure who, of all of you, has made it through this post... right here... It's long, but it's a big part of this story, actually it IS this story.

I want to be there.

It saddens me that I am here. Not enjoying the weather I would die for. Not enjoying the career of my dreams. Not enjoying the life I will never know. You may read this and think I wish away all the good that is in my life now. Don't get me wrong, I love my Steven and wish I could take him with me into this life that I regret not fulfilling (minus the noise, the lights, and the open call bathroom visit). I love my family, his family, our friends, and most certainly not least our pups!

I just want to be there.

I can't turn back time, and I'm not sure I would if I could. It's just that this is weighing heavy on my today, for whatever reason, and I can't do anything about it.

I sat this morning and thought about what I was going to write to you today, and trust me the pitty party was not in the cards for a post.


On another note, what's been on your playlist lately. I can't seem to stop listening to Bon Iver and Sara Jackson-Holman (specifically my favs Train Ride and California Gold Rush on repeat). Mixed in with some other faves. I'm always finding a new song to download. Thought I'd open up this topic for some latest faves of yours.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new (old...) way to occupy my time

I talk a little about this and that, and things I'm going to do... things I'm trying to do... things I want to do... things I watch other people do, and wish I would have the drive to get off my ass and do it. Yes that one sounds about right. My creative juices are in the right spot. I have no trouble thinking up fun projects, crafts, ideas... it's the execution that is the problem. It's like the little guy that brings those two forces together has been asleep on the job for some time. 

Well no more. I like busying up my time with said things. I have physically started my frame project, instead of talking about it (like I have for some time now).

My latest interest is learning to knit. Are any of you knitters? My mom used to knit like no ones business. Scarf after scarf, and just when you thought everyone was scarfed out, there were more. One of her good friends owns a yarn shop in town, so as far as convenience goes, we're a go.

Crystal, my sister, wants to learn as well. So we got together on Saturday and went out to the store. I want to knit a replica of a scarf I already own. I figured if I can look at it, it may be easier than something off a pattern, but also mixed in with some general guidance of course. Also, it's my favorite scarf, a red, thick, infinity scarf. Since we're learning together we're both going to tackle this style scarf. They will be fabulous... hopefully : /
I never pictured myself a "knitter". I do not color the greys out of my hair, I do not drink hot tea for fun, and I do not watch The Price is Right (well maybe if I had a day off...). Ok, huge generalization... but that's what you think when I say "knit", right?! I have vowed to stay hip and youthful throughout the process.

If you're into this sport what are you currently knitting, or what is your favorite piece you've knitted, crocheted, sewed?


Can we all take a moment to celebrate my nieces FIRST BIRTHDAY!

I would like to take this opportunity to stand on my soap box, and wish a warm, loving, and very special happy first birthday to my niece. She's been such a joy to watch grow up. Learning some of the many firsts in life is really a big deal for our family. It's a first for all of us. That baby train just came our way for the first time... and we have THREE girls in our family... all (most all) over the age of 30. We better get cookin.

Although it's hard to tell who she recognizes and what it is about them she may remember, she always lights up at some point of the greeting. She also loves Uncle Beard. Well maybe just the beard, which would be how he got the name. 
Besides taking an interest in beards, she also seems to love Harper. When given the opportunity to be around the pup, she points, and giggles. Harper tends to do a drive by lick or two ten, but that's just out of love. The look of confusion sets in, only to be replaced with one of the largest smiles I've seen when this happens. Baby loves the pup.
I still remember the day she was born. I don't remember many days (sad but true, not in a serious disability sort of way, more in a... I'm not sure what we're talking about...), but I remember this one like it was yesterday. Maybe it's because I blogged about it here... or maybe it's because it's just so significant. It was the weirdest thing meeting this baby. Wondering what she will be like when she's older. Realizing that one day, she will call me auntie. And I will do whatever is in my power to be a hip (but "still responsible") aunt.

I love you Greta Beta, happy FIRST birthday baby!
Austin Powers baby?

Photo3A Photo6A Photo7A IMG_7308B2 IMG_7301B2


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