Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 things going on in AZ right now

As you may (or may not) know I'm about halfway through my vacation in sunny Arizonaland with my mother. I have access to the internet, but haven't taken much time to sit down and write a post this week. My apologies, but I'm just too busy enjoying the sun (and thanking everything on this earth we picked this week to leave) to write anything.

The mpls is experiencing quite the snow storm today and tomorrow. I've heard anywhere from 5-12 inches (or possibly more?) depending on where you are. But since someone knows that would have probably been the straw that broke this camels back, we are lucky enough to be out here.

Now that you know what is going on in Minnesota (unless you are there now... I'm sorry, you already know... infact, more than me...), I will direct this post elsewhere.

I have picked five things to share with you so far on my trip here.

1. It's sunny here... and they have palm trees. As much as that is probably a given to you and I, I still feel the need to share this.

2. I workout here. I have absolutely no problem spending my time walking/jogging/biking in the cool morning sun. Oh what it would be like to have all the time in the world to enjoy life.

3. They have a pet shop here in a local mall... and since I can't walk passed something like this... I walked into it. Found the cutest tan/white french bulldog. After showing love for it, it showed love for me, and licked the window... hardest walk away, EVER.

4. They were having hot air balloon rides right by my parents place this morning. Although we did not sign up for a ride, we watched from afar.

5. Yesterday was trash day.

p.s. Sorry the formatting is so wonky on this post... this computer completely blows.
p.p.s. Photos edited through Instagram, if you also use that app, come find me at "blf".
p.p.p.s. I didn't say this was going to be a good post.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

3 days til my sanity comes back

I've been pretty excited about going on this vacation with my mom for some time now, but I don't think I realized how much I need it physically, mentally and emotionally until this week. 

I'm drained.

I know I've said things like this before, but I'm done... what have I done to get to this point? I have no idea. Seriously, I can't match feelings/emotions to the actions/thoughts at any point. It just doesn't happen. I can't place it.

I'm just drained.

I'm willing to put myself through a few repeat conversations with the lady. 
I'm willing to ask her numerous times next week if she was even listening to anything I was saying. 
I'm willing to remind her what we're not there to do, and what we are there to do on more than one occasion.
... if it means a good time, and recharging these batteries of mine to get me back to what I want to be.

One thing that always seems to bring me back to a positive state, is shopping, and I plan to do plenty of that. I think the vitamin D from the sun will definitely do it's job (it's vitamin D, right?). I picture myself, having a nice cry when I get off that plane and see my first palm tree. It's totally normal, people do it all the time, don't question.

3 days... that's all that is left.

Here is a small taste of our trip from last year. Only pictures I could find, our trip to Jerome.

3 1 4 5 2 6


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My life captured

As most other weeks, a weekend does not go by without a few new pictures of Harper. Obsessed? Yes, I am.

IMG_7903A IMG_7912A


Non-girls night...

... girls night. (the late posted edition...)

It's rare we have a good old fashion girls night. And the ones I'm usually involved in are of the week day, make dinner and watch a movie kind. This one was supposed to be so far from a typical girls night, and well besides the pillow fights and nail painting it wasn't.

We ate enough food for a small city.
We played us some games.
We took pictures.
IMG_7847A IMG_7851A
We talked about the men in our lives...
IMG_7837A IMG_7840A
We danced til our bodies could take no more (which didn't take long).
We watched old horror movies. And discussed how these wood sticks reminded us of something out of the blair witch project.
We all slept over, because would it really be a 'non-girls night girls night' if we didn't... and well drinks were consumed as well.
IMG_7834A IMG_7830A
Hangovers were nursed as the hours passed Saturday. It was a rough morning and afternoon.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest post!

I was graciously given the opportunity over at Krista's blog Crescendo to write a guest post on being a Midwest girl. Krista's a very sweet lady with a very sweet blog. She's got lots of knowledge on hair and great recipes to boot, not to mention she touches on a little bit of everything else in between. 

She's having a spotlight this month of bloggers from the Midwest. Cause, you know... we're people too! I always think that people from much "cooler" spots than MN think we don't do anything but sit on our farms, and count our chickens before they hatch, which apparently you're not supposed to do... BUT how would I know, I've never lived on a farm, believe it or not. What? You ask... you don't all live on farms up here? No.

Ok, so anyways, please check out her blog, and you can see my little post by clicking right here.

Happy Tuesday!


Greta photo sesh (of course I had to)

This past weekend, I was able to watch my little niece for the first time solo. I was a little nervous, only for the poopy diaper cleanup and feeding her (incase she started choking...). Neither of which happened (phew), so it was a breeze!

When given an opportunity of a few hours alone with her, I can't help but at some point take out my camera and start snapping. How could anyone not... have you seen this face? This is pretty typical even when people are around, but when she is distracted by only me, it makes it much easier to catch some great shots.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is, my sweet niece Greta.

IMG_8073D2 IMG_8165C2 IMG_8091E2 IMG_8118C2 IMG_8116A2 IMG_8100D2 IMG_8096A2 IMG_8119A2 IMG_8146E2 IMG_8156E2
I can't help but smile after running through all of these. She's such a sweet little girl, and I was really happy to have that time to bond with her. Us girlfriends just talked all day. No, literally, I sat there and talked to her all day... Like she was adult... I may (or may not...) have said things like "I couldn't agree with you more Greta.", "You are wise beyond your years." or "You said it girlfriend."... I have problems.

p.s... in case you were wondering (I'm sure you were just dying to know), I leave for AZ with the lady (my mama) in 5 days! It is such a good feeling to think about that. No, really, let's all just take a second to think about how I will be in Arizona, where it's warm, where they have palm trees, and sun, and just really take all that in. Right now.


Monday, February 20, 2012

My life captured

Dana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana... BARKMAN!

It never fails, I always laugh at my song for him, and always sing it to him when I see him.



Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week I was lucky enough to test out my new lens for this Scavenger Hunt post. Lots to learn, but definitely enjoying doing it.

1. Love: 
2. Duplicated: 
3.Trend or Trending: 
IMG_8235A2 IMG_8236C2
I am a huge fan of the big, colorful cowl neck scarf. So much so that I am going to start knitting one of my own as soon as my practice rounds are over. So I consider this to be a huge trend right now. 

Something that is not trending right now, and thank god it's not... 80s bangs. (I was in the process of getting ready when I took these pictures, so no... I did not leave the house like this.)

4. Paper: 
Nothing says beautiful photo like a b&w shot of tp on our bed...

5. Plastic: 
One very good reason why "my Steven" is my Steven. I told him one time how I wish I had a slinky... and as part of my birthday present he threw in this one.


Friday, February 17, 2012

I want what I want, when I want it

I feel since at some point I started sharing things I've purchased through Etsy lately, (or I guess anything I've purchased lately that is worthy in my eyes), that I should continue.

I received this a couple nights ago in the mail and was meaning to post about it, but was too busy. I've been finding all these fun things as far as accessories. Like the watch necklace I purchased recently, post here. After finding this, I kept thinking of a skeleton key necklace. Of course when I thought where would I find something like this? I thought, this is an obvious answer... Etsy.
IMG_7954A2 IMG_7955A2


In other news I also made the big lens purchase. I've been waiting some time to save the money, finding gift certificates that were once lost to the camera store. I may have jumped the gun on the purchase, but I knew there were plenty of nice pictures to be taken when I am in AZ with my mom in a couple weeks.

I may have also jumped the gun on working my way to the top. I want what I want, and I don't want to do it half ass... so without further ado... I give you...
IMG_7957A2 IMG_7966A2


And in other news, here are more pictures of my pup (cause I just can't get enough, so I can only assume that is the same for you... no... well sorry I can't control the urges). And also Steven hasn't resolved this flower issue, and apparently I can't take care of them very well...
IMG_7972A2IMG_7960A2 IMG_7969A2


Hope everyone has a great weekend, we have some fun things planned. Including my first few hours alone with the G Baby. This auntie's doing some babysitting tomorrow. This will be interesting... more to come.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A different kind of vase post

Most of us pinterest fanatics find many new items on a daily basis. Some stick in our heads and some pass right through until the next time we look through our picks.

One find that I can't shake is this vase picture I found, see post here.

I thought, this is so easy, and cheap to make, and what you get is completely adorable! Why would I not try this?

So I did.
IMG_7695A IMG_7696A 
What I didn't realize was how long this would take. My chosen sticky choice was the glue gun, but there might have been something easier I should've tried. I could usually get done about 2 bottles a night. They each took a half hour! It didn't help that I upgraded from beer bottles (as the picture shows) to wine bottles. And it didn't help that I was only going to do 6 and then I decided to do 9... haha, so this ongoing project took a lot longer than I thought it would.

Long or not, it kept my mind busy, amused, and helped me stay focused on being crafty.
IMG_7921A IMG_7924A IMG_7927A 
I love the way they turned out, and can't wait to start on my next project!


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