Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not your mama's pancakes

... well maybe they are, and I'm late to this party... 

I'm sure most would agree, but isn't breakfast the best food? I could eat it for every meal, probably every day.

The only reason I was going to make pancakes on this evening is because Steve was out, we just got a large box of Bisquik (I could have made them from scratch, but they are just so easy from the box) and let's face it, they are good. I hadn't planned on changing the recipe, until the simple ideas started to roll on in.

If I had to pick, I'd eat french toast over pancakes, all day every day. So... why can't I make pancakes more similar to french toast? I think we're onto something here.

I started with mixing together the regular ingredients, and then added a cap of vanilla, and sprinkled in cinnamon (just winged it). What a difference these two ingredients make. Seriously.
Because I can, I added in chocolate chips in one, peanut butter chips in another one, and both in another one. I was on an experimentation trip. I still can't decide which ones I like better. The regular was perfect, and the combined chips was perfection as well. To each their own. Try it out.
IMG_8868A IMG_8869A
Next time, I'm sticking with cutting up a banana on top instead.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny weekends, off to a great start

I feel like it's been a while since I've done a good show and tell on my whole weekend. There is so much to share. So let's just get at that.

Saturday, Steve and I had a day planned to head out downtown, walk along the river, grab lunch, and hang out. He got tied up all day working at his parents house, so I made my own nice day. After running some errands, Harper and I hopped in the car and it was girls day out. We went to Pet Smart, and saw 2 other pugs there, and drove around so mommy (me) could find some great spots to take pictures. Which we came up extremely short... all I got was a shot of the Mississippi River from inside my car cause where we ended up driving, there were no parks to park and walk around at. It was a flop, but hey, I tried.
After our journey we went to Reka's house and walked the dogs around the neighborhood so she could show me this long wooden bridge.
IMG_8812A2 IMG_8814A2 IMG_8820A2 IMG_8822A2 IMG_8825A2 IMG_8823A2 IMG_8826A2
I swear this walk wasn't that long, and it wasn't that hot out. Harper is so dramatic... we were still on a walk here... 
When we got back we sat out on the patio and soaked up some sun (everyone except the nugget).
IMG_8832A2 IMG_8834A2 IMG_8836A2 IMG_8838A2IMG_8844A2 
Our evening was spent grilling, hanging out with friends, and eventually celebrating our friends 30th birthday. Happy Day Steph!


Sunday, we went to one of our favorite places, the dog park. The dogs loved it. Harper and I said hi to two other pugs that we've seen there before. We caught up, and took off. Only to find that our second lap around, Harper got more courageous and jumped into the muddy pond... She's growing some balls these days. I couldn't help but be a proud mama. You go girl, throw that sheet to the wind Harper!
IMG_8848A2 IMG_8853A2
Not to mention the look on her face when she walked out, and I called her name. I could just hear her yelling to me 'MOM! MOM! I did it!'. Seriously, that dog's ridiculous.
IMG_8857A2 IMG_8859A2 IMG_8860A2 IMG_8862A2


p.s. For the last week or two I've been 100% addicted to the app "Draw Something", if you are on it, come find me and we'll play "Brifor", if you do not have it, get it. I got the free version, but am thinking I will buy the one up because I've been seeing a lot of words more than once. Words to the unwise, do not just write the word out for people... that takes the fun out of the game, and means you're lazy and should get the "write that word out" app. Here are some of my favorites words I've picked and drawings I've done...


Friday, March 23, 2012

Breakfast can be healthy

Or at least healthier.

Most everyone loves a good breakfast sandwich, right? Well this one got the seal of approval from my Steven, so it's got to be pretty decent.

There really isn't a recipe, my mind just went through the things we had at home, and I came up with a basic, but tasty, healthy-ER sandwich.
What we used:
-Thin wheat bagels
-Egg whites (can add a tiny bit of milk, pinch of cheese if you want)
-Turkey sausage links
-Laughing Cow Cheese (tomato basil flavor)

Scramble your eggs, add pepper. Cook the sausage. Toast the bagels, and spread the laughing cow on them when done. Then load them all together.

I swear it seems too easy to be good, but it is, and as far as I'm concerned those are healthy ingredients so it's good in my book.

p.s. Be sure before starting, that this:
Looks like this:


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Off to a great start

I really wasn't sure how this whole knitting thing would go (if you haven't figured out yet, this post is about knitting...), and to be honest after the first lesson I didn't think my fingers felt right doing the things they were doing. I made a premature button hole... as much as I'd love to say I meant to and that's how awesome I am at knitting... I cannot.
Despite our month to practice, I barely got any knitting time in, and to my surprise when I did, it went much smoother than I remembered.
Last night, Crystal and I went to the next part of our lesson, the pearl. This just doesn't feel right, although I liked the turtleneck reference, that felt right... Although my fingers didn't compute the movements they were making, it worked. A few rows later, I was understanding what this was supposed to look like, and we moved into our next lesson, 2 knits and 2 pearls. To some, this means absolutely nothing, to others this is a pattern to knitting your next scarf.
IMG_8798A IMG_8796A 
(Kind of looks like a mitten...) We left with the assignment to keep practicing what we learned, and when we meet next time we'll move onto our real yarn and the beginning of our scarves. Just in time for summer...

Either way, I think they are going to look pretty damn good if I say so myself.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My life captured

I feel like I should start calling this ongoing post "My Harper captured", since she owns most of the real estate on this blog idea.

Just another day at Grandpa and Grandma's. After my parents had hoarded her for 4 days, it was time I picked her up and took her home. I missed this face. Who wouldn't!?



Thursday, March 15, 2012

One afternoon, 2 dogs, and a Steven

I spent most of the day yesterday dreaming of what it would be like to walk through those doors, and head out to my car. Would the wind catch my breath, is it even windy? Would it be hot, will I sweat when I get in my car? Would I immediately smile at my surroundings, and look like a weirdo? In a non-cheesy sort of way, I did the latter of the three. I can't help but be swept away by these perfect days. Not too hot, not cold, no wind or a light breeze, sun to go on for days... a perfect kind of day.

We didn't quite make it to the lake to walk the pups around, but we did mosey through our neighborhood. (I know, sounds like a blast... but it's not so bad when it's the four of us.)

Our dinner was had out on our very large patio, with the pups.
Photo4A Photo5A
Fake smile...
Photo2A Photo3A
Perfect kind of day. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phase 2 and 2 1/2, complete

When someone says "it's a process to get you from red to blonde", BELIEVE THEM!

I don't know why I thought my hair would be any different, nor should I really complain because we've done this faster and better than most could. It's been a lot of work, but it's definitely changed. If you see this post, you will see how red it was this winter, and how much it lifted after the first session.

Saturday we got together, and bleached it again, and even bleached part of it twice. My hair can apparently take a beating. A really good one. All was done, until we had one more session to tone. I promised I would keep it like this for a week or two, hopefully more.

We will reconvene at another day to continue the process, no we're not done yet. Don't get me wrong, it's really blonde, but what I want will take just a little more. I'm just glad we're over the hard part.

(Ignore the obnoxious wrinkles. That's right, I know they are there.)
IMG_8668A2 IMG_8644A2


Friday, March 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I feel like I've been on a scavenger break for some time now. Two weeks off and I couldn't wait to get this weeks post... posted. So much so, I already had my pictures, and I'm posting on SUNDAY!

This is a first, and probably an only for a while.

I am cheating just a bit here (ok, completely), as I was gone on vacation, and have a few pictures from it that match really well with the prompts. So I'm going to use them.

1. Water:

2. Light:
IMG_8597A2 IMG_8342A 

3. Chocolate:

4. Animal:

5. Crowded:

I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Monday...


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