Monday, April 30, 2012

What one day can do

Years have passed, and with each one these subjects become more desirable to find. Steve and I took a day to ourselves to explore this old barn, bomb shelter, and quarry park.

That is all.

IMG_9291A2 IMG_9295C2 IMG_9298A2 IMG_9320A2 IMG_9300A2 IMG_9303B2 IMG_9305B2 IMG_9301A2 IMG_9308A2 IMG_9314A2 IMG_9335A2 IMG_9337A2 IMG_9338A2 IMG_9340B2 IMG_9353B2 IMG_9344A2 IMG_9349A2


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm playing some catchup since I haven't participated in the hunt in a few weeks. So I'm trying to jump back on this horse.

1. Yellow: 
Next to and above the yellow couch, while babysitting Steve's niece, we built a fort. And... it was awesome.

2. Something That Makes or Made You Smile: 
Pug. Pug in a sweater... even better.

4. Splash: 
This came from the archives, but nonetheless I love it. Gooseberry Falls, what a gorgeous place.

5. In the Sun: 
In the sun, pugs grey beard is quite prominent.

3. Ancient or Antique: 
Not really sure where I'm going with this one... huh? Or why it's out of order... huh? Surprise trip to the jewelry store to look at engagement rings was on our agenda today. Hand may be empty now, but "antique" style rings were looked at and well noted. No pictures for you though, until that ring resides on my finger.

I'd say that makes for a good Sunday. Hope you're weekend was just as good!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pugs not drugs pug

I started my morning working from home, in bed... not ideal, but hey I got to lay in bed while doing it, so ehh. The pug and I had yet another photoshoot. I feel like it's been a while, but really let's just get honest here, it has not.
IMG_9224A IMG_9094A 
I got to doing laundry this morning, and holy jesus, this is what happened...
Yes, that is what a laundry room should like, and I just want everyone to take a second to enjoy that picture...




I haven't seen this since... umm... Steve moved in... LAST AUGUST! Holy crap, that is not ok.
Anyways, that is quite a monumental moment, but no, that is not why we're here today. We're here for way more important reasons.

As I was folding said laundry, I ran across my cabin tee. You've all seen it here, or elsewhere... but either way it's advice we should all live by. I said to my pug... "pugs not drugs pug" she looked at me like seriously mom, you are so embarrassing (and the coolest mom ever... ok I added that last part). So I got a little crazy, hopped on the internets, and purchased something that I'm not sure why I hadn't yet... it's totally normal, healthy, and only the right thing to do...

Found here. 
I'm not going to lie, I maybe have been cooped up too long. A little stir crazy if you will, or maybe just crazy. My mind has been in work mode for just too long now, and if I have to purchase my pug a matching tee for the cabin to let loose... haha... then so be it.

Happy Saturday friends, hope you are enjoying it not doing work, not doing laundry, and not purchasing pug tees off the internet. If so, then I'd say you're off to a good start. I can only go up hill from here.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life captured

Saturday mornings with the pups are the best. Woke up to sunny skies, 70 degree forecast, two beautiful black pups, and a large agenda.



A CSAD kind of weekend

Friday the 13th did not only bring random acts of chaos at work... it brought another round of Chris Spanjers Awareness. Except this time we felt as if we'd celebrate instead of teach. Ok, he's been quite good for a while now, and honestly it's probably time to call this meeting adjourned, or pass the torch to the next good sport in line.

This is really just an excuse to get all of us in one of our old hangout spots, Mama G's. We spent many nights screaming karaoke songs into a microphone. Many Tuesdays were occupied playing uncoordinated beerfilled volleyball. Some of the best and worsts nights we've spent at this bar. Not to mention our favorite bartenders!

We gathered early and stayed late. I think it was a successful party.
IMG_9017B2 IMG_9020A2 IMG_9027A2 IMG_9028A2 IMG_9030A2 IMG_9024A2


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheers to The Lady

I would like this time to stand on my soap box, and say a special happy birthday to my mama! 38 years ago today... she... was... brought... into... this... world... errr... My calculations may be a tad off, but she has the spirit of a 38 year old, that is for sure.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to over load this post with pictures of my lovely mother that she wouldn't approve of... no... I'll save those for a rainy day. 

Did I want to out a few great Suz quotes for everyone to read... yes... but I'll spare her the embarrassment, and all of you the 'what the hell is wrong with your family' thoughts... Cause we clearly find these funny, and I'm not sure some of you would... (this was decided based on her most recent salad reference).

So, that's it. Just me and my box (soap box people), just here, sending a little wish to my mama, that today treats her the way she deserves to be treated. Happy Birthday mom!

Love you,
Brianna, Steve, Ruby and Harper


Monday, April 9, 2012

Second round egg bake, new recipe

A small group of my coworkers formed a Friday breakfast club. You pick a day and make/bring breakfast for everyone. A small price to pay for free breakfast on the other days, right?

Well... I'm just not sure after last Wednesday night.

The breakfasts have become so elaborate, and delicious, that you don't want to disappoint. I remember the days when donuts and bagels were perfect. Now there is peach french toast, fruit, oj, mimosas, omelets, egg bakes, etc.

Since last friday was my day, I decided to use one of Pam's egg bake recipes that I had not tried yet. This won't be so hard...

Wednesday night was shopping night, since Thursday was prep night, and Friday morning was cook morning.

After leaving another tiring day of work. I gathered my list, dropped off the pup, and headed to one of two stores. I was hoping I could get everything at Target, as I needed to buy a couple other things unrelated to a typical grocery store.

I was delighted when I was finding more than what I needed there. I shot a text to Steve's mom with a couple questions. As I waited in line I found out some of the items I was purchasing were wrong, and went with it regardless. We decided to up the order a little bit more. Which means I needed more ingredients, and was on my way to Rainbow. I was going there in particular for some really good cheese (I mean really good).

As I perused the store, I was not finding some other items I needed to replace from my Target trip. I grew tired, and frustrated. I had Pam on the texting machine, trying to help me get what I needed.

I am sure I walked more steps than any person in their right mind needed to walk in a grocery store for one visit. I waited for answers. I went back and forth from the bakery end of the store to the cheese more than three times. Frustration set in more. I talked to the meat man about the bakery bitch. He assured me someone was there to answer my questions about some french baguettes. When he came to deliver the bad news, he said he could help me, in which he clearly could not.

I held onto my mini baguettes until I got in line. Another line that seemed to have a problem. Another person I gave my best stink eye to. The point that I finally got the the head of the line I got a text that Pam would get the bread for me on a trip to the store the next day, and asked the cashier if he could so generously take these small baguettes from me, and he looked at me for a second questioning whether he wanted to. I think he smelled rage. He knew at that point, for his own good and theirs, he had to take those mini baguettes.

After what seemed like a day at both grocery stores, and was probably more like an hour and a half. I went home. Clock about to strike 8:00. My evening washed away.

Steve greeted me at the door, ready to help, as I was lugging in the last of the bags. Too late. I only got out about 2 or 3 sentences about how I have stuff I don't need, and am missing stuff I needed, and how expensive breakfast Friday has gotten, how hot it all of a suddenly got, and how tired I was before the tears came on, and I just let it all out. He consoled me as any good man would do.

We put everything away, and made dinner. By which, at that time, I had pulled myself back together.

The baking went really well, and I would say it was a success, as most seemed to really like it. I will have to make that one again.

p.s. And that really good cheese... they didn't have it!

p.p.s. Do not do your grocery shopping when you've a) had a long day, b) are really tired, c) do not know exactly what you need, and d) when you are by yourself, and probably in a bitchy mood.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First shot back up north

Although the weather didn't play the right tune this weekend, we still made the best of it. No rain, and not too cold.

It was time well needed, away. 

I remembered as I was packing that I needed to change into my cabin tee... it sends a good message.
I do have a neck... I swear... SEE!
To keep us warm outside for the weekend, the boys spent a lot of time cutting/splitting wood. We had ourselves a few fires. I spent much time walking around taking pictures of nearby nature. There were late night 4-wheel rides out to the bear hunting spot... and around on the trails. 
IMG_8940A IMG_8942A IMG_8943A IMG_8951A IMG_8955A IMG_8956A IMG_8958A IMG_8961A IMG_8989A IMG_8997A

I hope to get up there in another few weeks, and this time bring the sunshine with!


An update on my Draw Something adventures (if you play you can find me at brifor):


*You know you do it...

**We've all been there...


Plenty more where these came from.


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