Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nice ride

The other week we had an offsite work meeting (and a good one I might add). Since the company continues to grow and grow, we have outgrown our own quarters for quarterly meetings. Which then takes us about 16 blocks away to the Nicollet Island Pavilion (a gorgeous place for a wedding, I might add) where our meeting was held for the 2nd time now.

It's not the 16ish blocks there that I have a problem with... it's the 16 blocks after eating, drinking, waiting around until the last minute to go home, and then realizing I don't have a car there and have to walk 16 block back just to get it, and then go home that got me.

So... we rented bikes.

I've been wanting to buy a bike for a while now, and this just confirmed that I need to have one. We rented the obnoxiously bright city bikes. I had so much fun on them, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Photo1A Photo2A Photo3A Photo4A Photo5A Photo6A Photo7A Photo8A


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial weekend

Despite the weather outlook, our weekend managed to start without a hitch. Friday we left early, and made our way to the cabin. Sunny skies, warm temperatures, perfect day.

We sunk into the normal habits minutes after we got there. Chair by fire pit, beer in coozie... coozie in hand, dogs chasing dogs... dogs eating sticks.
Photo3A Photo1A Photo2A
The boys loaded up the truck, and we made our way up the hill for them to shoot, what I believe is called clay pigeons... right? Shotguns aren't my thing, so I kind of hung in the background and waited for that part to be done.
Photo4A Photo5A Photo6A Photo7A
Crystal and Jen, however, were not shy of the guns and made their way up to shoot, and both hit the "target". Nicely done ladies!

Our trips up north, wouldn't be complete without a nasty fire. A good old wood fire just doesn't do it for these guys anymore. Seems there is always something else to burn... like carpet.
After breakfast a little bit of rain came through on our journey through the thrift store, the grocery store, and the bar. It wasn't going to stop us, and apparently wasn't going to stop this guy...
Photo9A Photo10A 
I think we make a good looking group of ladies... men... ? Don't you...
Photo11A Photo12A
We made our way back into town Sunday morning, and didn't waste much time cleaning ourselves and our stuff up and heading out the door. Steve and I made our way to Houlihan's for lunch, and some happy hour drinks. Can't beat a 2-for-1 deal. After which, we went to another thrift store, came up with nothing... and landed ourselves on the Tavern's patio for life music... and beer... what can I say... we like to relax.
Photo13A Photo14A
Hope everyone had a wonderful, and safe weekend! I'll be back this week for some updates, I think. Totally slacking, but kind of enjoying it.

p.s. All pictures from the weekend were taken on my iphone, and dumped through Instagram (find me at "blf"), funny that I didn't pull the Canon out once this weekend... what is wrong with me?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We made a trip up north last Saturday morning spontaneously, and got to spend hours with Steve's niece Quinn. She is such a sweetheart, and as you can see the camera loves her. I couldn't resist.
IMG_9515D2 IMG_9519D2 IMG_9605D2 IMG_9608C2 IMG_9594C2 
The next two pictures were taken when she walked out on the grass and started an impromptu dance.
IMG_9538A2 IMG_9539A2 IMG_9559C2 IMG_9532A2 IMG_9529A2 IMG_9507B2
After a long day of hamming it up for the family, she found a nice spot on her uncle bean to lay down, and rest. 


Monday, May 14, 2012

My kind of day

Although I didn't get to see my own Mama on mother's day (due to a date change, we'll be celebrating our lady on Wednesday), it turned out to be a really good day. Despite my late night Saturday, I wasn't going to let that ruin my chance to have another day in the sun. We were finally blessed with warm, sunny weather both days of a weekend. I know, really?

It was a Sunday of meant to be's.

After Steve suggested Houlihan's for a late lunch, I grumbled about how awesome it would be if they had mimosas... cause most places don't. Low and behold we beat the brunch end by about a half hour, and to beat that they were $2... (and their fish tacos are f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.)
After our lunch, we drove to get strings for Steve's old guitar. I don't think I can type about how excited this makes me, the only other thing that could do that, is either a) this bike I found, (while finding the 5 3 lbs. weights I keep saying I'm going to get...) or b) a piano, which we may just pick up a free one on Craigslist... I want one so badly.
Just needs a little trimming, but it's all tuned up, and ready to go. I've printed off some songs I'd like to learn, and we're ready to roll. Wish me luck. This is one happy girl.
The weather was way to nice to put myself back inside for the day, so I opened up the door, turned on my music, and the patio was my craft room. I pulled out my newly repurposed craft basket... and got to painting.
These little buggers are being used for another task, one that will involve more time and frustration than the frames...


Hummus is one of my favorite passtimes

Seriously, if you asked me a few years ago if I liked hummus, I would have said no... (I hadn't even tried it, or much of it...) It's become a sweet obsession, a secret overload, a boredom filler, and a good friend. Seriously I eat half of a container over the lunch hour ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION. Today being one of them...

I digress.

One would think this post is about hummus, my lack of control, or whatever else sprung to your mind during that tangent of an exposition... but clearly it's about a bachelorette party I attended on Saturday. One hell of a long day, but definitely a memorable one.

Two of our good friends are getting married in July, and last Saturday was her big party with the girls.

We spent most of our evening eating, drinking, attempting to watch the Twins game. Once they lost (again...) we went out for an evening of drinks, singing, even caught in a DDP storm ("Decentralized Dance Party" = weirdest shit/most awesome shit I've ever seen)
I'm still dragging today, thanks Melissa for a fun night out!


p.s. Ignore our commentary in the video, we were blown away with excitement, and alcohol.


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