Thursday, June 28, 2012

You're on the right team

What a week this has been. The only time I had to relax was Monday and I wouldn't call going to two stores after work, making dinner for an hour and getting interrupted by our association president whoring herself out for the election with the cover story about getting new management for our neighborhood to hide the real deal while we were just about to sit down and eat dinner... relaxing... But to each there own.

Tuesday we went to my newly engaged friend's house for a bbq, and discussed the cool and not so cool way to address your new "fiance" and how we determined there is no cool way. Unless you want to peruse the urban dictionary and use there suggestions. We had a lot of fun catching up with some friends we hadn't seen in a long while. Just shows how quickly all of our weekends pack up in the summer, and how fast you lose sight of the others you regularly hangout with the other 7 months out of the year.

Yesterday we had another dinner date with another couple we know. It was good to catch up with them, I rarely see them anymore, and loved the food you made, I could use some more of that right now... We tried to tough it out on their patio after dinner for some drinks, but ended up bringing a fan out like a bunch of sissies. It was like 100 degrees out... fahrenheit.

Today, I'm getting back on that saddle, and meeting a friend to bike around the lake. We did this last week, and all was fine and dandy until I hit the part where I head back to my house solo, up hill and against the wind. We don't need to discuss how this hill, was more of a slight incline, (anybodies grandpa could have attacked that hill better than I did). Or the fact that I was on the easiest gear possible the whole way home. It was hot. I was tired. My legs were jello when I got home. I was pretty sure I didn't have knees anymore. Just these gaps where my knees used to be, and at any moment the rest of my body would topple over.

All that being said, I'm going to get to the real point of this post. Which has nothing to do with food (although I love food), nothing to do with friends (because after Saturday morning I will hate the world, and anyone I'm with will be lucky if I still call them a friend), and nothing to do with a bike (thank god). I signed up with Steve's cousin, sister-in-law, aunt, and some of their friends to do the Warrior Dash. She did it last year and raved about it, and I thought that sounds like fun (statement probably made while intoxicated). I warned her that I'm a bit out of shape, and she said it won't be so bad... I believe my exact words to the team were "I really suck at running, jumping, climbing, crawling, breathing hard, balancing on stuff, yelling while running. I'm really good at standing in place, and complaining. Just so you all know." And the response I got from Steve's aunt was "You're on the right team." So it's a go!

Saturday is the day. We start at 9:00... and it takes place on a ski hill... so that's going to not rock. Wish me luck. I will post whatever pictures I can next week.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We went glamping

Our previously mentioned camping weekend, took a little turn upon my departure from work on Friday. Thank god, it wasn't a large one. We decided that since the rivers were a little out of whack due to the flooding, we wouldn't canoe. Therefore we wanted a change of location. So we picked a spot on the large Lake Mille Lacs to go boating/fishing.

The drive wasn't so bad, once we finally got everything packed and hit the road. We made it and were getting settled.
Photo1A IMG_0348A
Once the sun went down we braved the bugs, and went for a late night cruise. The boys wanted to do a little fishing, and us ladies just wanted to tag along. The light for the back of the boat didn't fit, so we had to makeshift something else... pretty good thinking Steven!
IMG_0354A IMG_0358A
However, the biggest anticipation of all, was the weather for our boating trip on Saturday. It started out a little iffy, sprinkles, clouds... but with a little hope we saw a complete turn around. The sun stayed out all day long. Perfect day for floating... fishing, swimming, tanning, and whatnot kind of stuff.
Photo2A Photo3A Photo4A Photo5A Photo6A
With quite a few hours of sun left, we made our way back to our campsite, and hung around until dinner. Jess made sure we were taken care of in every sense of the word on our trip. Food was planned out, and executed flawlessly. She dubbed our trip as "glamping" cause she brought so much shit with her, it was impossible to call it camping. Camping in style.
While the boys went back out to fish later in the evening, us ladies gathered at the dock so Reka could cast a line, and ended up having a Marty Party. Marty's parents pulled up as we were there, and we offered to keep an eye on him while they went to drink much unneeded beverages in the bar behind us.
While on the dock hanging out with Marty and the girls, I got a call that my best friend Stacy is engaged! We've been talking about this day forever, as they just celebrated their 8 year anniversary! Nicely done Brady, I am so excited for you two! 

Steve sent me a picture of a walleye he just caught that was 27 1/2 inch long! Just a 1/2 in short of keeping it. He was pretty bummed, but he also caught a 14 incher, so he was able to keep that and we made fish tacos with it yesterday! His brother got a 22 in walleye, and couldn't keep it either. I assume the catch is just as great even if you can't take it home.

The weekend was definitely a memorable one, and we've already talked about squeezing in another trip up there this summer. I hope we're all able to do that.


In other news, I found a purrito in my bed this morning.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend extravaganza

The upcoming weekend was going to be spent like any other weekend, up north. However, in light of the ginormous storms they've had, and current flooding conditions, this is not such a good idea.

Instead... we thought a good idea would be to camp and canoe in them... Well, I have reason to believe that we are actually in a pretty safe location. I hope. So the 6 of us, are packing our things up for a camping extravaganza. I'm quite excited. I can't remember the last time I went camping. To be a fair writer I should give you the accurate facts.

1. We're not staying in a tent. Well Steve's sister and husband are, but Steve, his brother, wife, and I are staying in their camper. So what. I'm still going to call it camp(er)ing... that's just fine.

2. I am not entirely sure I am capable of controlling my portion of the paddlework. That's life, and Steve should expect that.

3. I plan to shower tomorrow. Shut up. If there is a shower there I'll probably use it.

4. Upon further review to #3, I probably won't shower tomorrow.

5. There will more than likely be a beer in my hand at roughly 5:00 today.

6. I made pickle roll-up dip for this adventure.

7. Steve ate some of that dip last night.

8. Fact, there are a lot of bugs there.

9. I purchased a set of arm floaties to wear on the canoe... and you think I'm joking.

10. I'm 6 months shy of my 30th birthday, I shouldn't be allowed to buy arm floaties, unless accompanied by a child.

11. I also purchased a device for ladies to pee like men in the woods. I wish I was joking... (they came highly recommended, and if you are a lady, which most of you are, don't pretend like you didn't wish you could pee outdoors like a guy. If not, go try it without this device, and then we'll talk).

12. I could really go for some of that dip right now.

I'm running short on hours of work, so I'm going to finish this lunch, and get back to it. Wish me luck this weekend. If all goes as planned, we will probably crash our canoe, I'll get one hell of a sunburn, and there will be no dip left by 11:00 tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, hope you find a lovely way to enjoy it.

p.s.a I purchased some new patio furniture yesterday (complete impulse) from Target. All there stuff is on sale already, so go check it out.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A couple new steps

I've been back from vacation now a week, and the regular routine is pretty standard at this point. Unfortunately, it's my first full week since about 4 weeks ago... surprisingly it's going quite quickly.

It's nice to be back with Steve to do our evening dinners, patio drinks, and pup time. To make our patio just a tad more enjoyable we purchased our first grill. Look at the domestication wheels just turning here. No more Forman for us. (Well we'll keep it for emergency uses only.)

So this is pretty awesome for us. We broke it in the right way on Sunday, by grilling a large slab of meat... and throwing it away... I may have seen a tear drop from Steve's eye as he did this. The burgers that proceeded this tragedy were perfect. We also made chicken this week, and it was also perfect. Who knew perfection could come so easy?
Check his new loafers. He's pretty excited about those. They are fabulous. Although, I'm quite positive, he'd leave out the word "fabulous"...
IMG_0318A2 IMG_0319A2 IMG_0321A2 IMG_0323A2
He's not the only one to get a new toy this last weekend. I bit the bullet and purchased a bike, finally. It's not my ideal bike purchase, but it will do the trick, until I decide whether this biking gig is my thing. If so, I'll upgrade to what I really want. But for now, please take some time to stare at how cute it is. Love the rack on the back, that was a must. So far it's just been used as a cell phone holder... lame.
Here's to hoping the rest of the week goes by as quickly as the beginning.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rhode Island Trip: Day 5

This will be my last day of our vacation to report (thank god you're thinking. right?). Sorry I had a lot to say from this trip. It's to date the best trip I've taken. Ok, that might be a stretch because Hawaii was awesome when I went, but I felt I really soaked it all in.

Where do I start? I should probably start at the beginning... naturally... but there is just so much to show here.

No real family fights have occured, surprisingly with such close quarters all week, we did pretty good.

Monday morning we finalized our Boston plans. In which, we were planning on taking the train. Not many people would get excited by this, but I was. I wanted to feel as if I lived in the city, and was doing what anyone else would do on a Monday (while not working...).

When we got to the train station, holy lord there was a line of 3 cars in front of us. Not really worthy of a big deal, right... Well, when each car was let in alone and roughly 20 minutes apart... it kind of is. We waited an hour and a half to finally get a spot in that parking lot. A lot that holds over 700 cars. Crazy right? We didn't want to come up with a plan B and have it take just as long, so we patiently waited. While Sue rolled down her window for air, and was quickly reminded to close it cause the air was on. To then 5 minutes later, roll down her window again. It was the never ending cycle of constant disagreement between us. This persisted probably 2 to 3 more times...

We made it on the train, and as you can see everyone was over the moon with excitement...
After numerous stops and teenagers (braces and all) on their summer breaks, gabbing about where to go for lunch, snapping pictures, posting to Instagram. I needed a release... finally, it was our stop.

And we were off. No real destination, except lunch and to walk through Newberry Street.
IMG_0113A IMG_0118A IMG_0123A
We ate at a place called Joe's, it was really good. After our quick lunch, we continued down the street, checking out shop after shop. There was a pet shop my mom insisted we head into, and I'm glad we did when I saw a 12 year old pug in there. I needed a pug fix, and I got one. A couple unnecessary purchases were made, and so we moved on quickly.

Finding ourselves in the Public Gardens (the mini Central Park of Boston), we took in some of the sights it had to offer.
IMG_0143A IMG_0161A 
Bridget, smelling our mother... (the mama made us smell the flowers for one of her pictures. Bridge was just returning the favor) haha.
IMG_0167A IMG_0174A IMG_0183A IMG_0191A IMG_0196A IMG_0194A IMG_0203A IMG_0208A
This little pigeon was paving his own road to domestication. Pretty sure a few seconds after this photo was taken he ever-so-romantically pecked at her face, and mounted her, for like a second. Let's just say he spent more time courting her then the actual deed, and just ran off... typical.
IMG_0221A IMG_0225A IMG_0232A
After the park, we moved through the city, street after street, back and forth, taking it all in.
IMG_0247A IMG_0251A IMG_0253A IMG_0255A IMG_0266A IMG_0278A
Crystal and I decided that today was the day we were going to stop and have an afternoon drink. It must have been the right time and place kind of thing, cause we found Dick's... where they treat you like a dick. Yes. It was so much fun, watching the serving staff boss around their tables. One memorable act of kindness, was when a server called over a young lad from his table. I believe he said "hey wise guy, get over here"... Once the guy got over there, he proceeded to fill his hands with 4 drinks for his own table, and told him to bring them back over there. It was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. Our bartender was pretty nice to us though. He did create my mom a hat that said "On vacation, looking for a one night stand." hahaha.
We made our way down by the wharf and found nice spot for dinner. Once we were finished with the best dinner I've had in a long time (crab stuffed shrimp!), we headed back to the train. Worlds most empty train stop...
IMG_0289A IMG_0298A IMG_0308A IMG_0307A
That concludes our big Boston day. I hope you could kind of enjoyed it half as much as we did! Again I apologize this was a spread through 5 different posts, but it's the only way to satisfy all of the pictures I took.

Hope you enjoyed your past couple weekends, and happy Tuesday!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Rhode Island Trip: Day 4

Even though the titles still say Rhode Island... We're actually in Mass. Sorry for any confusion, just thought I'd keep them together.

So far on this trip we had a structure to our schedule, or a semi-partial schedule. This day all we knew is that we were hanging out in the Cape Cod area. No definite itinerary. AND NO SHOPPING. What? Did I really just say that? We had spent entirely too much time running in and out of shop after shop at most of our stops. This day was for us instead.

We landed on two great activities for the day. A ocean view bike ride, and some beach time.

One block from our hotel was a rental bike store. Could it have been any more meant to be? And we were off.
IMG_0078A IMG_0079A IMG_0072A IMG_0076A
Did you see that? Look again... It's a little shark...
IMG_0086A IMG_0092A IMG_0098A 
After said bike ride was done, we returned the bikes and hopped into the car with all of our belongings to the next town. Sandwich. How awesome is a town called Sandwich. I would love to tell people on the regular that I live in Sandwich.

Which is neither here nor there...

We found our beach, and got our sun on.
IMG_0101A IMG_Day4A  
In the process of getting there we forgot that we weren't equipped with towels, blankets... or anything else comfortable to lay on (it's a rocky beach), so we only stayed for a couple hours and left for lunch.

For lunch we had... what else... but a sandwhich... in Sandwich... who wouldn't. Then found ourselves on the outside of the bakery windows, pointing and awing at what was next in our future.
Back in the car we were to continue our road trip... to Boston!

I squeezed in a much needed nap, which apparently took me almost the entire way there. Woke up just in time to take in a quick view of the city, and their double bridge.
Through Boston we went to Saugus... I don't have much to say about Saugus... except they have this gem... which we ate at for dinner... They have awesome clam chaouda.
In my opinion I just may be saving the best for last. Although I loved every part of our trip, everyday different from the last... I LOVED BOSTON. To be continued...

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