Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday number 2 for this one

Dear Quinn,

You probably don't remember your first celebration, here. I can't believe how little you looked back then. You have grown into such a big girl in a year, and what a sweet girl you've turned into. So many firsts for you over the last year. One year ago you wouldn't touch the mini pool with a 10-foot pole. Now, you proudly hang out in it, the fear is long gone. Many stink eyes were handed out a year ago to family and friends (the ones you gave out to Jill were deserved, remember this). Now you grin at everyone as they welcome you in.

You love your puppies, books, baby and ELMO! You like fruit, and would eat it before the good stuff... what a good girl. You've been on a boat, camping, 4-wheeling all before your 2nd birthday (maybe even before your 1st...). Something tells me you won't find yourself short of memorable moments as you get older.
Sunday, for your celebration, we met at Elm Creek park. You were getting your swim on by the time most of us got there. Letting your daddy pull you in and out of the water.
You may or may not have given me one of those good old stink eyes, when I tried to get pictures of those beautifully painted toenails that laid on some of the pruniest feet I've seen in a long while. I forgive you.
After eating lunch, it was time for you to open your presents. With a little help from mommy after each present, you turned to the person(s) who gave the gift, and thanked them. It was very sweet.
IMG_1004A2 Watermarked layer IMG_1010A2
Everyone seemed very envious of your gifts... including me... (shhh.) 
Happy 2nd Birthday Quinndaline! I love you!

Aunt Brianna


My life captured

It's been a while since I've done a post in this series. This time it's a capture of my Saturday. So instead of just one photo, I've got a few.

Sun was the main event for our day. We spent as much time consumed around it as possible. She helped me paint some frames I had put on hold. She helped herself to a nap. Once again, she steals my heart with every photo I see of her.
IMG0884A2 IMG_0888A2 
Apparently pug thinks this cushion is a rug. It's not.
IMG_0974A2 IMG_0976A2 
The kid in Harper gets up, and waits patiently by the gate when the creepy sounds of the ice cream truck music funnel through our neighborhood.
These are the Saturdays that are hard to forget... and that's ok.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From one weekend to the next

This weekend we have many reasons to celebrate, but one that outshines the others. Two of our good friends are getting married!

Because of this wedding, which is up north, we are taking a long weekend to enjoy it. Which to me, is another celebration of it's own.

If I can make it through half of the day on Thursday, then we'll be off to Steve's cabin for the night. Then up to Duluth for the day, and then headed to Two Harbors for the wedding.

Months ago, we tossed around our options for sleeping at this wedding, and decided to go all out and rent a large cabin. We have this cabin Friday and Saturday night. It's got 4 bedrooms AND 4 BATHROOMS! Not to mention a living room and kitchen.

I can't believe how fast time flies by and here we are coming up on the much anticipated weekend.

You may know the couple from here, we know them as Matt and Melissa. I also may have mentioned something here... and can't wait to write about the big event next week. We're going to make the most of this long weekend. We have been taking a trip to Duluth every year now, and since it's just outside of Two Harbor, we get to do both!

Until then, I will have to contain my excitement and get through the work week.


Ruby tagged along with her mama to work on Friday. I was really proud of her as it was her first time. She was more timid than her usual self is, but there were a lot of people trying to get her attention. She'll be back for sure.
Photo 2A2
In other weekend news... Friday Steve wanted us to go fishing with the pups. Not all it was cracked up to be, Ruby barked every time he threw a line out, although, in the end it was nice to get out on the water.
IMG_0643A2 IMG_0652A2
While waiting for fireworks to start we hung out at Steve's aunts house, and my parents stopped by with Greta. We awed over them passing apples back and forth... and back and forth... and forth and back... and from Quinn to me, and me to Greta, and Greta to my mom (as you can see my mom in the background with a chest full of apples) it was adorable.
Photo 1A2
While at home Saturday working on my video from our trip. I got some time to get updated pics of Harper (when don't I have time for that...), Ruby as usual, wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get one of her.
IMG_0674A2 IMG_0726A2 IMG_0730A2
Lastly, my sweet mama, framed my 2nd debut in the local magazine. From the photo contest I entered. What a wonderful gift. The first article I posted here. Shooting for round 3 soon!


Tonight, we're on a mission for water shoes (for me), and nice dress pants (for Steve). I'm not entirely sure why this is relevant info for you, but I'm actually quite excited about it. (To do: Find more awesome things to be excited about...)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

And you thought we were done here

As sure as you are about mac and cheese being quite awesome (let's face it, aren't we all), you were about no more possible things to share about my trip to RI... you were wrong. It took a while, but I finally got the time to put together a video from our trip. Trust me, it's no where close to perfection, not even moderately... I'm quite the amateur at this, but you got to start somewhere, right?


Imagine Dragons "It's Time"
Brett Dennen "Sydney (I'll Come Running)"


Monday, July 9, 2012

Just the two... ok, four of us away

Plans were made, and plans were waffled over, but in the end Steve and I stuck with our original plan, even if it was just the two of us now. Why wouldn't we, it was going to be beautiful out, and we hadn't been to the shithole in a while.

What a difference an hour and a half makes. When we left the cities it was still almost 100 degrees out. 100 DEGREES!! This is MN ladies and gentlemen... when it's 100 degrees that doesn't include the high humidity, so it feels like 107 or worse. The moment I stepped out of the truck in Rutledge a cool breeze crossed my face, and I felt a little slice of heaven. I could breathe.

After settling in, doing some clean up, and mowing the lawn, we headed out for dinner. Friday night was spent a little more settled down than the next day was planned to be. After dinner we came back and started a fire. There was only 30 minutes of rain, and when it stopped, it stopped for good.

Saturday morning, was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. When breakfast was finished we got ready to go 4-wheeling. There was quite a few bad storms this spring/summer and some of the towns around his cabin had pretty bad flood damage, so we kind of wanted to make our way there and see it.
IMG_0433A2 IMG_441A2 IMG_442B2
We took our time, exploring trail after trail and before we could get to the destination we decided we needed to get lunch and head back if we wanted to make it to the good old Endzone meat raffle. So we turned around at the airport.
IMG_0444A2 IMG_0449A2 IMG_0450A2 IMG_452A2 IMG_454A2
Once we got back it was all about the dogs. We took them for a swim in the river, which turned into a swim in the creek due to the current and high waters from the flood.
IMG_0471A2 IMG_0482B2 IMG_0543A2 IMG_0557B2
When we got back to the cabin Steve was off doing all sorts of things that don't interest me. So I sat there... sat there, fruity drink in hand, itching my mosquito bites... everywhere. They were awful. I tried to build a fire, took some more pictures, and then we got dinner ready.
IMG_0589A2 IMG_0590A2 IMG_0625A2
This was one tired pup by Sunday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and firework filled 4th of July break. We have yet to see some fireworks. Hopefully this Saturday!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Damn it feels good to be a Warrior

Once my alarm went off my feet hit the floor, and took me to the bathroom to get ready. And by get ready I mean brush my teeth, fix my face and change... no shower is needed on this day.

Once I slipped on these babies... I felt it.
I knew, I was ready for today.

We drove out to the ski hill, and met up with our batman counterparts.
Not much time was wasted between our arrival and our start time. We put our numbers on, used the warrior potties, checked our bags, and bam we were off.

There were 12 obstacles to accomplish, and 3 miles to get through to the finish line. I skipped 2 because my body would never have gotten me through it, but I did attempt one before giving up. They had water breaks, and snow makers blasting water out at one point, my little piece of heaven.

We finally crossed the finish line, but not before crawling through a mud pit. So if you thought you were clean for most of the race like I did, you were mistaken. Everyone was completely filthy when they crossed the line. Although the only photo there is of us before washing off, I didn't have on my camera. Sorry, these are pretty clean. 

Photo3A Photo5A Photo6A 
photo7A Photo8A Photo9A
Photo2A Photo10A
We definitely went out for post drinks and food.

The entire race, I thought what the f*ck was I thinking (over and over and over), this totally sucks, but once I slipped down the water tarp, jumped the fire and trudged through the mud... it seemed totally worth it. Finished with a high head, and laughed at those poor people that were clean, and hadn't even started yet... cause it was a hot one. Good thing we went at 9:00 am. Not sure I'd do it again at a ski hill, but maybe somewhere else. I'm definitely glad to cross this off the list and say that I've done it. Cheers my fellow warriors : )


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