Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crane Lake Summary

A much needed vacation, only to come back to work and need a much needed vacation... 

But this is besides the point. I'm sure you'd really like to see some of the pictures from this trip? What? Yes? Well I'm sorry, I won't be posting them this time, but I'll do you one better...

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros "Home"
Santigold "Disparate Youth"


Friday, August 10, 2012

My life captured

Steve is celebrating his 28th birthday today. He could care less about it, but I am excited to celebrate another year of him! Happy Birthday babe, I love you!



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reuben Sandwich

I want to just start off by saying, 1) I apologize for my lack of domesticated-like posts (a.k.a. recipes), it is not that we haven't cooked anything, we actually cook quite often... I just forget... and 2) this isn't really a recipe, as most already have or know how to make these.

Steve and I went to the store last night to get some things for dinner, and decided on making reuben sandwichs. I have never tried to make these at home, and hoped they'd taste as good, or almost as good as they do at a restaurant. (Usually does not happen though).

We picked up the essentials:

- Marble/Rye bread
- Corned beef
- Swiss cheese
- Thousand island dressing

... and... ah... oh yeah, sauerkraut, we forgot the sauerkraut, Steve had to go back to get it.

We used pam instead of butter because, well, we were out, and Steve had already gone back to the store once, so we figured that would do, and maybe save us a few calories.

We packed as much corned beed on the bread as we could. Which wasn't much as we were working with Buddig meats, very thin. There were no other brands of corned beef at the store, so we'll have to dig deeper next time to find the good stuff. We preheated the sauerkraut in the microwave, as was advised on one of the websites I was looking at. Which I highly recommend. With all the ingredients shoved in the middle, it's hard to get everything as hot as you'd like it. Placed our slices of swiss on there, and put it on the stove. 

Most people would spread the thousand island dressing on the sandwich before, but we are dippers, so we dipped.

I think they turned out pretty well for first timers. We have enough ingredients to make it again this week, so you can bet your ass we will.


Whistle while you work

Things to do while others work hard around me... (I would just like the record to show that I was available for help at any moment... any moment).

1. Watch Harper pace back and forth, and back and forth, waiting for Ruby to come back from a trip with her grandma and grandpa to the store. What did she ever do pre-Ruby days?
IMG_1046A IMG_1074A IMG_1076A IMG_1056A 
2. Walk around the yard looking for things you haven't photographed up there... getting hard these days. Which required following around a few of the locals...
IMG_1113A IMG_1143A IMG_1232A
and their habitats...
3. Receive confirmation, that Ruby should own her own truck. Steve always says that "when" we win the lottery he's buying his dad a new truck, and giving Ruby his dad's... cause really, it's always been Ruby's.
4. Go to the local raffle, and win 3 times... This was a hard one to pull off, as I'm not usually the winning type, but I fooled a lot of people that day.
5. Have your boyfriend win you 2 MORE stuffed animals out of the crane game. Easy peasy.
6. Force your boyfriend to sit down and let you take a couple pictures of him, while you talk to him like a creepy photographer.
7. Only after #6, you can then follow him around, and take more pictures of him, while doing more work.
All in a weekends work.


In other news... 

- We leave in one week from tomorrow for Crane Lake. You may remember my posts from last year, if not they are here and here. It's our little slice of heaven each summer, and it's finally approaching. I need this week to be over.

- Steve's birthday is this Friday!

- I celebrated 5 years at Periscope yesterday. This place rocks, and I couldn't think of a better place to put my time into. Feels good!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Should be a trip to remember

You know those moments when you open your email, and you received one that doesn't seem like you should be on it?

You know, the one where you look at the others on it, read the subject... can't process why they would send it to you, but then you continue on cause maybe there will be something there that clues you in... Only to get to the end of the email and realize when they typed your name in they really meant to type someone elses in.

I know these moments all too well, as auto fill has consumed me when it comes to work emails.

Most of us pass along a reply to the sender to let them know where their error took place... Not this girl.

Upon finishing this particular email from my dad, I called over Steve, told him the deal, and we immediately drafted a reply... -all.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

As if this wasn't enough to keep that smile on my face... I get this one from my mom.

Email 4

She probably wasn't lying about her pants.

p.s. if you're wondering... I knew all the guys on the email list.


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