Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reuben Sandwich

I want to just start off by saying, 1) I apologize for my lack of domesticated-like posts (a.k.a. recipes), it is not that we haven't cooked anything, we actually cook quite often... I just forget... and 2) this isn't really a recipe, as most already have or know how to make these.

Steve and I went to the store last night to get some things for dinner, and decided on making reuben sandwichs. I have never tried to make these at home, and hoped they'd taste as good, or almost as good as they do at a restaurant. (Usually does not happen though).

We picked up the essentials:

- Marble/Rye bread
- Corned beef
- Swiss cheese
- Thousand island dressing

... and... ah... oh yeah, sauerkraut, we forgot the sauerkraut, Steve had to go back to get it.

We used pam instead of butter because, well, we were out, and Steve had already gone back to the store once, so we figured that would do, and maybe save us a few calories.

We packed as much corned beed on the bread as we could. Which wasn't much as we were working with Buddig meats, very thin. There were no other brands of corned beef at the store, so we'll have to dig deeper next time to find the good stuff. We preheated the sauerkraut in the microwave, as was advised on one of the websites I was looking at. Which I highly recommend. With all the ingredients shoved in the middle, it's hard to get everything as hot as you'd like it. Placed our slices of swiss on there, and put it on the stove. 

Most people would spread the thousand island dressing on the sandwich before, but we are dippers, so we dipped.

I think they turned out pretty well for first timers. We have enough ingredients to make it again this week, so you can bet your ass we will.


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Emily said...

This is totally a recipe, I know pb&j that's about it. Guess what we are having tonight now...

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