Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whistle while you work

Things to do while others work hard around me... (I would just like the record to show that I was available for help at any moment... any moment).

1. Watch Harper pace back and forth, and back and forth, waiting for Ruby to come back from a trip with her grandma and grandpa to the store. What did she ever do pre-Ruby days?
IMG_1046A IMG_1074A IMG_1076A IMG_1056A 
2. Walk around the yard looking for things you haven't photographed up there... getting hard these days. Which required following around a few of the locals...
IMG_1113A IMG_1143A IMG_1232A
and their habitats...
3. Receive confirmation, that Ruby should own her own truck. Steve always says that "when" we win the lottery he's buying his dad a new truck, and giving Ruby his dad's... cause really, it's always been Ruby's.
4. Go to the local raffle, and win 3 times... This was a hard one to pull off, as I'm not usually the winning type, but I fooled a lot of people that day.
5. Have your boyfriend win you 2 MORE stuffed animals out of the crane game. Easy peasy.
6. Force your boyfriend to sit down and let you take a couple pictures of him, while you talk to him like a creepy photographer.
7. Only after #6, you can then follow him around, and take more pictures of him, while doing more work.
All in a weekends work.


In other news... 

- We leave in one week from tomorrow for Crane Lake. You may remember my posts from last year, if not they are here and here. It's our little slice of heaven each summer, and it's finally approaching. I need this week to be over.

- Steve's birthday is this Friday!

- I celebrated 5 years at Periscope yesterday. This place rocks, and I couldn't think of a better place to put my time into. Feels good!


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