Saturday, April 20, 2013

Long long long overdue, late, "much anticipated" post?

I have no excuse for where I've been, why I'm posting now... I guess in less words, I've had nothing important to say. Yet, I probably have more to say now than ever. I am not sure if this is one of many posts to come... or one of barely any posts to come... I've recently received a few "where have you beens", "you should post again", "why don't you "blog" anymore"... and by a few... I mean those were literally probably the only statements I heard from 3 people... Well I guess, the easy answer... I'm busy.

One recent addition to this house? No it's not a baby... no it's not another puppy (sadly)... it's much more life changing... THE INTERNETS! So maybe... just maybe, you will see a few more posts from me.

Ok, so back to present time. Why am I posting now? Well, besides the wine, I finally decided to put something out there for you. Share new news, old news. I guess, I finally realized something was missing, and I think it may be a little of this and a little of that.


Where to begin? Well the pups are well and just as cute as they were before (if not more).
Aren't they precious? I hate to move on from these two, but to keep this as short as possible, we should probably switch gears... I could talk about them all day. 


My oldest sister had her second child, Ingrid, in November 2012. She's precious and pudgy!
This is from our photo shoot back in December.


Spring hasn't really sprung this year, I know I know... it's Minnesota, but contrary to popular belief, the weather up here isn't really all snow and cold. This year, yes... but normally we're made of "seasons", and they aren't just Winter, Snow, and Windchill... So mother nature has taken it's toll on most of us at this point... Thankfully I was able to take a couple trips over this hell of a Winter. One was the yearly anticipated trip with the lady to Arizona.


The other being the conclusion of this post... I know, I know... all this time past and we stop here. Hopefully I can get my ass off the couch and 10 feet over to the computer now, and write a little more often. Thanks for tuning back in. We'll see where we go from here.

So, Steven and I took our fist trip together, ever. I am not talking about going up north (of course we do this often), or to Duluth (one of my favorite close get-aways). This trip involves a plane, woot woot, big deal here. We booked a trip to San Fran back in the Summer of 2012. We boarded that plane December 2012. This sounded like a good idea until we looked at the forecast a week before our trip. They predicted a large storm over the duration of our stay... literally the day we got there until the day we left... That'll teach me to push for a vacation again... It went a little something like this.
Alabama Shakes "I Found You"
Imagine Dragons "On Top of the World"
When you expect the worst, the weather actually turns out a little better for you. That's it for this post. Hopefully we part now for sooner greetings!



Crystal said...

YAY!!!!!!! I love the video!! I love that you captured Steve getting his beard trimmed. That poor little turtle was struggling! I think we need to get your cute face in those videos more often! Please, please keep up the blog posts, sweetie!! Love you!

Magnolia_Mom said...

Glad to see you back here!

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