This Girl

My name is Brianna, and I live in MN. I have a place in a suburb just outside of Minneapolis. I work at an advertising agency, and love what I do. But, what about when I was younger you ask. No? Well since you're here, you're gonna get it.

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island... yep. Only Crystal and I were born there. Bridget was born in Minneapolis. Weird. We only lived in RI for about 6 months after I was born, and moved back to MN. I have not been there since.

We were all pretty normal growing up... played with our cats, learned to ride a bike, went to Disney and took dance classes.

Like I said, pretty normal. Did the usual things girls do, went to school, made friends, went to prom and got a license.

After high school, I went to community college and then regular college (See My small exception... for more info on this). I graduated from St. Cloud University in 2007, and almost immediately I had an interview at Periscope. 

June 2008, I purchased a town house. It was one of the best days of my life. Oh, the freedom! I can come home from work and watch my own tv and just relax. Couldn't believe I had done it on my own. If you didn't know, I LOVE decorating. This house was a hole when I purchased it, so my mom and I worked our magic to make it what it is today.

I also added an addition to my house and it's not another room... my pug. Check out more pics of Miss Harper on her page (Harper). She's ridiculous...

Right now, my life is consumed with my family. Being a brand new auntie to Bridget and John's baby girl. I also devote most of my time to my Steven (my woodsman). He is one of the best people I have ever met and everyday is another day to add to our story... Isn't that corny... I can't help it, he's the best. Loves to you!

Some other things I love:
One of the things that I love, that you will come across in my posts is being outside, I love being outside. I can't say it enough. I should specify that this only applies to nice days... If it's 11 degrees out, just because the sun is shining, does not mean it's a nice day. I want to drive around and do ANYTHING. I consider errands on a nice day, a good use of my time. 

Another love, is little trips, even if they are up north for a short weekend. It's a nice way to "recharge your batteries". 

I also enjoy taking pictures. Seriously, it's a bit of a problem and most would agree... I don't go anywhere without my camera. You never know what you will miss. Think back on your past summers, they start to get a little blurry right... I've learned that taking a bagillion pictures helps you remember all the good times you've had.

Music! How can anyone hate music? It adds just the right touch to any moment and any mood. I will peruse iTunes for a while, purchasing and then listening to their suggested albums/artists... just to keep a variety of new music on my list. Any music suggestions, let me know. I am all ears.

I started this "blog" because I like stories, I like hearing them and I like telling them. I love laughing, even if I'm laughing at myself, and I'm the only one doing it... I can't help it, I think I'm funny... You'll see a variety of stories from my past, present and my attempts at domesticating myself for the future. If you enjoy the stories, show your support and click the "Follow" button below my bio. It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself.



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